CORRECTION: Howard Liebengood Deserves To Rest In Peace

A few days ago I decided to finally look at some things that have troubled me for months:

  1. Ashli Babbitt’s death, and the little attention it’s gotten relative to what it and she deserves
  2. The two suicides of Capitol Police officers in the wake of the January 6th riot (an exceedingly weird and potentially instructive set of outlier incidents around something like this)
  3. The Trump supporters who went to a rally, got caught up with the same type of mob they’d been watching act with impunity on TV for years, and have languished in D.C. jail cells ever since
  4. The FBI and media’s obvious, unjust and clearly corrupted overreaction to a small, hours-long riot populated by unarmed political protesters

There’s so much going on and to account for, and I think we can all agree on that.

And if you know me and my stuff, you know it’s entirely original/organic and I take almost no cues from anyone else. My formula is typically to observe, consider those observations and then write about them. And for months the two suicides, coupled with the media blackout on a cop killing an unarmed woman, bothered the heck out of me.

So I wrote about it.

And at the tail end I figured what the heck, let me dig a little for myself. Crass as it may feel and appear, let’s look at whatever evidence is out there, including about the suicides, and see what we see.

I found pictures of the officer alleged to have killed Babbitt.


Then I found pictures of one of the officers who killed himself.


Well, gosh.


Those look pretty similar to me!

So I wrote about it and it frankly felt pretty heavy at the time.

But I missed something.

Because apparently months ago other internet sleuths connected a bracelet on the shooter to one in another image from that day. And it’s generally accepted now thanks in part to work done by and sources around RealClearInvestigations, albeit without any formal confirmation, that the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt is not in fact Howard Liebengood but someone else that as of now I only know to be identified by face.

And he’s black, which makes me feel kind of silly, but looking at the pictures and even the video, I swore I saw a white guy. I saw the dark hands but just assumed in January they were gloves.

At any rate while there is no formal confirmation, there’s enough of a consensus around this that I need to do a follow-up. I wasn’t sure to call it a correction or clarification but opted for the former because it’s alleged to be more debasing and I have no problem owning things like this.

There are still way too many questions about the media and intelligence community’s hysterical overreaction to January 6th, as well as questions about its origins. (For example, after looking all this for the first time, I hear one of the same “Trump supporters” at the front who told the officers to leave, also tell the others “It’s just a flashbang!” after he watched Ashli Babbitt get shot to death. I’m sure others are already all over this stuff and don’t plan to make this a new rabbit hole that I keep searching in.)

But there’s so much awfulness and injustice attached to this whole thing, and people like Julie Kelly are doing truly remarkable work to bring at least some awareness to it. I do what I can, when I can, with the space and tools I have. Most of the time that means lobbing observations and ideas that I generate 100% organically. This time around I’m not sure what I stumbled on but in order for it to be what I thought it was, a lot more conspiracy has to be going on than I’m interested in even thinking about let alone clumsily investigating.

The better move on my part is just to acknowledge, and also accept, that I got the piece a few days ago wrong.

I’m very comfortably there and moving on now to a defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene, and probably one on so-called “climate activism” being nothing but a series of modern day rain dances that are produced by nefarious political forces and choreographed by academia’s easily-corrupted bad actors.

On the other hand I’m sick, my son is sick, our puppy is in a cone collar and hating life, and I need a new job so there are a few things on the homefront that I’ll be tending to, too. But I got enough reader email and feedback from the people I normally count on to help promote my stuff, to merit writing this update and making it sure it goes on the top of the other piece. Suicide, for me, hits pretty close to home. I didn’t enjoy speculating about a dead man who killed himself, but I also won’t apologize for it. There are too many evil people doing bad things in the media, intelligence community, big government, big tech and corporate America for me to feel bad about getting something wrong and/or doubting their integrity or honesty. But there’s no reason from my seat that Officer Howard Liebengood, whoever he was and whatever he was going through, deserves anything other now than to rest in peace. So for my part I’m retracting my implications that would dredge up news to the contrary, and sharing the new-to-me information that led to that retraction.

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  1. I was going to mention black but thought you had good reason to think otherwise.
    Would be a lot easier if the government would just tell the whole truth to begin with.


  2. God bless you for your mea culpa. And you’re right, if the guvmint would just be open and honest about it all, we wouldn’t all have to be speculative and try to find all the pieces of the puzzle. But that would be doing the job we taxpayers expect them to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. PS. I hope you all get to feeling better, hug your puppy for us. If we all keep talking to one another and testifying to any who will listen about the scamdemic and it’s fallout, we will prevail. Mos tfolks are interested in the truth and if we just keep hammering it, the rest will see the light.


  4. It’s easy to put too much pressure on oneself. You did an excellent job on both pieces. The fact is you’re not a narcissist and corrected your story. That shows great strength.


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