CORRECTED/UPDATED: Ashli Babbitt’s Alleged Killer Looks Like Officer Howard Liebengood, Who Killed Himself

CORRECTION, 5/26/21 at 11:23AM ET: The piece below remains in its original state but it’s incorrect because it doesn’t include other information that I missed while writing this one. Most importantly: I was mistaken about Howard Liebengood being the likely shooter. There is a correction posted here.


I stumbled on this while closing out a related piece but it deserves its own space and headline.

They’ve been too secretive with their information for us to be coy with ours.

We know that the individual pictured here is alleged to have fired the shot that killed Ashli Babbitt during the January 6th Capitol “riot.”


We know that the investigating authorities refuse to release any information that doesn’t jibe with the media’s pre-packaged narrative:

“Unarmed white supremacists tried to take over the United States government so that Trump could be President for life.”

That’s their story and they’re stickin’ to it.

We know that under any other circumstances, a cop shooting an unarmed woman in the middle of a political protest, however unruly or riotous that protest had become, would be national news for months until the media was satisfied they’d milked it for all it was worth to stoke fear and division across our country.

No Trump supporters expect that to happen nor do most even want it to.

Most of us know that what those few hundred idiots somehow got sucked into that day was illegal, and that if someone does something illegal then they better be prepared to pay the consequences.

But most of also know that the FBI and media are way overdoing it on going after Trump supporters for what amounts to a tiny fraction of the damage and violence committed by the Democrats’ base for years on end with virtually no repercussion.

When a cop says “Stop!’, you stop.

When a lawfully posted sign says “Don’t!”, you don’t.

Ashli Babbitt broke both of those hard and fast truths, and she paid for it with her life.

Was that too heavy a price for her crime?

I don’t know if it was justified technically but morally I would guess the cop who pulled the trigger would struggle with that decision in some unique ways.

Which brings me to the two weird suicides that happened right after January 6th, by two officers who were involved in the riot. That news came out days after January 6th and it was mind-blowing to me at the time.

I mean it’s weird, right?

And it gets weirder when nobody in the media — none of their experts or analysts — seem to notice or talk about it. They don’t have any interest at all in the tragic data point about the two suicides. A data point that has “outlier” written all over it with respect to an event like this.

But obviously something was very, very wrong in that department and with the response to January 6th. It’s just too wild that not one, but two, otherwise proud and honorable defenders of the Capitol would decide in the aftermath of their heroism to end their lives.

So I think about that, and then I go back to the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt and how little they’re willing to tell us about him.

Then I start piecing it together, because what else are we supposed to do when they won’t tell us anything?

Their narrative is that a) Trump-loving white supremacists stormed the Capitol to take over the U.S. government armed with nothing but signs and MAGA hats, b) People were killed, and c) Trump and his supporters must be stopped.

That’s it. That’s the narrative they want to foment, so that’s the one they’re sticking with.

But what if only one person was actually killed?

And what if the cop who killed that person then killed himself in agony over what he felt was a bad decision?

How does that bode for the media’s narrative?

They said that the officer wouldn’t be charged in Babbitt’s death and that part of their consideration were statements made by the officer himself. They made that declaration in April, months after the event. So people reading it could easily assume that the investigators actually spoke with the officer who shot Babbitt. But the truth is, the officer who shot Babbitt could have made statements in the hours or days after, and then killed himself, and then his statements could still be referenced months later in the declaration not to charge him. It makes it seem like he’s still alive but in fact the officer they’re referencing could still be one who’s deceased.

And based on what we know — how strange it is that there were two suicides, that it’s hard to imagine Babbitt being that much of a unique threat given everything else that was going on, that they won’t tell us who shot her, and that they want to protect their narrative — given those four facts, it’s entirely feasible and perhaps even likely from my seat that the officer who killed Babbitt also killed himself.

So what’s next? Next we try to learn about the officers who committed suicide. Lo and behold, the widow of one made his name public when asking for his death to be considered one that occurred in the line of duty despite the man being at home when he took his life.

Howard Liebengood.

Are there any pictures of Officer Liebengood?

Yes. Yes there are.

And go figure, as I sit here playing Sherlock Holmes surrounded by legacy news media and powerful forces who don’t want us talking about any of this…go figure, Howard Liebengood, who killed himself, looks a lot like the officer alleged to have killed Ashli Babbitt.


You can draw your own conclusions. I see similarities around the hair and where it changes colors, the man’s build, the bridge of the nose relative to Liebengood’s uniquely elongated one, the tuft of hair on top, and the glasses.

I could be wrong. And it would suck to sit here and speculate about something that means so much so personally to the Liebengood and Babbitt families, and be wrong. But I’m allowed to ask these questions and imply these increasingly educated possibilities. And it looks a lot to me at this point like the cop who killed Babbitt killed himself, and the media don’t want to talk about that because it’s not good for their narrative.

UPDATE, 11:08AM ET on 5/24/21: I kept looking and found a video of the actual incident. It’s just over a minute long and extremely graphic. You see the officer come out and fire his weapon, striking Babbitt and propelling her into the air and ultimately onto her back where she’d die. The build and hairline and other features of the shooter, in actual motion, only reinforce my suspicion that this is Officer Howard Liebengood, who would tragically kill himself days later.

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  1. Looks like your image was photo shopped onto original footage. Unless the officer is a white man, with black hands? The truth will eventually come out. It’s just a matter of time before an honest, professional, steps up and speaks the truth.


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