Media Ignore Democrat-On-Jew Violence Because They Created & Value It

It’s really something to think about how evil the institutional left is.

Think about how hard they’ve worked to paint President Trump, and all of his supporters, as racists.

Think about how hard they’ve worked to make the world believe that we’re all a bunch of white supremacists who are roaming the streets violently beating black, Asian and Jewish people.

The really evil part is that nothing could be further from the truth and, in fact, they and their supporters are the ones not only promoting racism implicitly but executing it explicitly as well.

Remember a few months ago when the legacy news media — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, PBS, The Associated Press — remember when they all colluded to create a narrative that Trump supporters were violently attacking Asians in the streets of America?

Remember how as the days went on and the videos kept coming in, most of the attackers were black?

Remember how the story and narrative at that point immediately went away even though the racist and violent beatings are no doubt continuing today as much if not more so, thanks to the legacy news media seeing it and then turning away, effectively absolving and arguably normalizing black-on-Asian violence?

Remember how the legacy news media spent the last 6 years saying everything President Trump said or did was somehow racist, and that all of his supporters must also be racist or, at a minimum, perfectly comfortable supporting racists and racism?

Remember how much racial fear, anger, hatred, violence, division and dishonesty the media has spent the last decade or so burying our nation in, all because they and their Democrat allies get power from our nation’s racial pain and disunity?

I remember all of it.

Now I’m watching Jews being attacked all over American streets by pro-Palestinian terrorists, and realizing yet again that the media don’t want to cover it at all because there’s no angle from which they can blame Trump, his supporters, or “white America” more broadly.

Jake Tapper announced the Leftist-on-Jew violence today (5/21/21) as the second most important story he’d cover, and then did a very short report in an uncharacteristically ashamed voice that quickly transitioned to a misdirection that had nothing to do with mitigating the pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic violence that’s now pervasive throughout the USA. He teed it up as though he really cares and he’s really going to cover it, but then did everything he could to avoid actually covering it. Still, that’s Resistance Jake’s license to now say “We covered that story.” He’ll spend weeks crying into the camera if it’s reported that a Trump supporter accidentally looked sideways at a person who has brown skin, but when the streets of America start looking like a warzone in the middle east complete with firebombs and truckloads of angry Muslim terrorists, Jake’s got a 2-minute package all ready to go that doesn’t talk at all about the actual story.

And that’s probably all that will need to be said about it on CNN.

The Racist Democrat Party sides with Palestine because American “liberals” are all racists who see brown skin and immediately think “victim” while seeing white skin and automatically thinking “victimizer.” It’s the default posture across every aspect of every liberals’ white supremacist mind, and it doesn’t matter what color that liberal’s skin is.

But I just can’t shake thinking about how utterly evil it is for the legacy news media to bear false witness so aggressively and flagrantly and relentlessly against us, for racism that they stoke, manufacture, support, enable, normalize, often defend and promote, and at times like these, do everything they can to ignore.

This is the latest, and it happened a few hours ago in New York City. It’s a firebomb being thrown by pro-Palestinian terrorists into a crowd of people who aren’t pro-Palestinian terrorists.

A handful of Democrats in politics, corporate America, the legacy news media and big tech may soon throw token statements out claiming to abhor the Leftist-on-Jew violence that’s happening all across America today. But they hate America and they hate Jews, and they love violence and they love racism, and to have all of it happening right here in their own backyard is a dream come true for every last one of them.

So they’ll keep doing everything they can to create more of it.

And they’ll keep insisting that it’s everyone else’s fault.

And I’ll keep questioning how such evil can actually exist right here in plain sight among us.

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