NBC News Host Says People Who Don’t Salute The Flag Should Get The Hell Out Of America

He’s doing his best to feign outrage about Trump supporters questioning the integrity of the 2020 election. He still thinks he has his finger on the Republican pulse, and believes if he questions our patriotism, it’ll be a really effective attack.

So he yells and flails and shouts his unrighteous indignation into the camera until he’s satisfied that he did a good job.

But when your outrage is feigned, your facts are thin, you’re operating in bad faith and you’re wrong — well, you’re bound to slip up.

Enter NBC News’ Joe Scarborough.

While trying to attack Trump supporters he also says that people who don’t proudly salute both the American flag and American exceptionalism, should leave.


Whether it was his intent or not, NBC News’ Joe Scarborough just told every Black Lives Matter activist who refuses to salute our flag and every Democrat who laments the idea of “American Exceptionalism” that they should get the hell out of our country.

If the implication is that there are immigrants who would come here and proudly do those things, then it must also be true that Americans who won’t, per NBC News, should move to Africa or Europe or some other part of the world.

Maybe he wants white Trump supporters to “go back to Europe,” black Trump supporters to “go back to Africa,” Asian Trump supporters to “go back to Asia,” and Latincks Trump supporters to “go back to Latinx.”

It conjured memories of something I wrote back in July 2019. The title was “If You Think ‘Black Lives Matter’ Must Be Stipulated But Still Claim To Love America, You’re A Liar & Coward.” You can read that piece by clicking here.

Only not in that piece, nor any others, did I suggest people who don’t like America should leave it.


Because I’ve been conditioned by the media to believe saying such things is out of bounds.

Do I think people who hate this country should leave it? Hell yes. Would I rather literally scrape all the skin off my own body using a dull spoon than listen to another black person trash America because of slavery 200 years ago while touting their “proud African heritage” for a continent where actual, real, legitimate slavery still thrives today? Yes, of course. And it’s evident in so many of the pieces I write exposing the Racist Democrat Party’s rank and universal hatred for this nation and anyone who loves it. But you’re not allowed to tell people who don’t like America that they should leave it, because the person you say that to might have brown skin.

And the media (racist Democrats, all) both pity and fear people with brown skin. And that means, in the minds of racist Democrats, that brown people need to be treated differently and we all need to be careful not to say things that might offend them.

That’s why racist Democrats decide, for example, despite the facts and reality, that Jews are automatically in the wrong and Muslims are automatically in the right. They see brown skin and immediately think to lower bars because they either pity or fear the person they’re looking at. Religion doesn’t play any part at all. Democrats couldn’t tell you the first thing about Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religions. All they know is adherents to Islam are more often brown, so that’s the religion they’re going to defend even through its rabid Jew hatred, throwing gays off of buildings, not letting women drive, love of genital mutilation, and centuries-long ambitions toward genocide to name a few. And this isn’t an “all Muslims” post, for anyone who needs to hear that. I drink, smoke and swear with Muslims and the vast majority, despite what the media want you to believe, hate Jihad and radical Muslim extremists as much as you do. Just like the media lie about Trump supporters, they also lie about black people, gays, women, Muslims and everyone else they try to segregate by identity. But no, not “all Muslims” are bad and not by a long shot. Christianity was once the world’s bad actor from a religious standpoint. It may be again someday, to Jesus’ sadness. Today however Islam is infected with the world’s ugliest and most threatening religious strains. And everyone knows it even if it’s hard for some to articulate and the powerful forces of the institutional left try hard to muddy these matters while stoking yet more division and hostility.

But I heard an interesting point on the radio this morning that does a lot of heavy lifting on this conversation: you always see all these tiny Muslim children holding guns and shouting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” You never see the same from Israeli or American kids. Certainly not proudly, the way we see from far too many terrorist cells peppered throughout the Muslim world. So if you want to know which side is right, that’s a decent barometer to check.

Are you going to start seeing more of that kind of ugliness from Israeli and American kids?


Are you going to start seeing more of it from white and Asian kids who are being taught by the Racist Democrat Party that their races make them bad people who need to knock themselves down a few pegs for their allegedly pathetic and incapable black and Hispanic peers?


And all of it’s terrible and all of it’s exactly what the Racist Democrat Party wants. And all of it is exactly what the legacy news media — ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, PBS, The Associated Press — all of these pro-swamp, America Last propagandists work hard for Democrats to help create as much American pain, suffering and disunity (racial and otherwise) as possible.

It’s worked very well for a long time because the conservative American right are the last adults left in this country, and we’ve let the institutional left — legacy news media, Hollywood, academia, big tech, corporate America — commit their racism and fascism in plain sight. We’ve stood by and watched it happen. We’ve let it happen. We’ve let them abuse and humiliate and bully and silence us. We’ve let them take over our schools and our neighborhoods. We’ve let them take over our universities and most trusted institutions, like the FBI and CDC. We even let them shut our country down for a virus that has a 99% survival rate, and steal an election in part by weaponizing the alleged threat of that virus.

Now we’ve had enough, and we’ve shored up election integrity where it matters most, and we’re still looking into 2020 by way of the Arizona Audit and more that will likely come after it, and Trump still runs the GOP, and the media look hilarious when everyone on every one of their shows knows Trump owns the GOP but these same media outlets can’t seem to find a single person from the GOP to come on their air and explain why.

Not one.

Literally every person on CNN primetime in the last 2 months or so has ceded that President Trump does in fact still completely own the GOP. They pretended it was a fight for a minute during the Liz Cheney newscycle, and they’ll pretend it’s a fight again when Adam Kinzinger gets his next weeks-long media run for something he says or does that won’t matter even a little bit despite Jake Tapper and Lester Holt working hard to convince America it’s all that matters. But ultimately every person on CNN primetime’s air comes out saying two things these days when it comes to the Republican Party:

Donald Trump is in charge, and I’m still really mad about that.

That’s it. That’s all you get at CNN primetime now. Not shocking, right? But think about it.

Hour after hour, all night long, just a string of people all ceding that Trump’s in charge and that makes them furious.

We’re talking about one of this country’s two major political parties, and CNN can’t even bring on one person who legitimately represents that party’s views.

It’s actually very funny once you notice it. It hit me the other night because I’m back to keeping CNN on at all times. I just love liberal tears that much and when I know things are going pretty good for our country and movement, I’m on CNN pretty much 24×7 because it’s fun to hear them meltdown.

Anyway, consistent with their desperation which I’ve written about for months now, NBC News’ Joe Scarborough is flailing all over the place and making a fool of himself in the process. That he’s also telling the vast majority of his viewers and those he’s now aligned with socially and politically to “get the hell out of America,” is just what happens when you’re too mad and desperate to think about what you’re actually saying.

And that’s where the legacy news media, big tech, corporate America and the Racist Democrat Party find themselves. Hollywood and academia will weasel out because neither matter that much from a power standpoint. But when history indicts the worst actors of our time, those four — the media, woke corporations, fascist big tech and the Racist Democrat Party — will be at the top of the list.

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Sidenote: I watched some stupid Will Ferrell movie several years ago when it came out, called “The Campaign.” It annoyed me at the time because they were pretending to go after both Democrats and Republicans, and they even made “the good guy” a Republican as an early and deceptive olive branch to conservative audiences, but the true evil guys in the movie were parodies of the Koch brothers, at a time when the conservative right felt the Koch brothers were firmly on their side. Now think about Trump. He came along and guess what the Koch brothers did? The same exact thing as George Soros and other pro-swamp, America Last billionaires: everything they could to stop him. Trump truly is, and remains, the leader for the people against so many powerful forces who for so long got fat and happy lying to and about us. So when I watched “The Campaign” the first time, it annoyed me and was before Trump’s ascent. When I watched it a few weeks ago, wow. I actually loved it this time because a Trump-like figure (politically speaking) is the hero of the movie: ending wars, ending NAFTA, resisting the powerful corporate America and Communist Chinese Party interests (like slave labor)(Hi LeBron!), etc. They made the movie before Trump was on the radar and they made it to appear to attack both sides but, as usual, do the most damage to Republicans and the conservative right. And that was obvious when I first watched it. Watching it again after Trump’s ascent, and seeing the parallels between what he stood for and how everyone was out to get him, made me actually love the movie. What’s more, it made me think if its creators knew Trump was coming, they’d have probably done things differently to make sure viewers never got a chance to see those parallels.

My point is, Trump has already changed history in some incredible ways that nobody talks about and he doesn’t yet get credit for. Movies that were lousy yesterday are today, undoubtedly against the wishes of their liberal writers, glowing testaments to what can be done when someone with the integrity of a Donald Trump goes to Washington. The forces for good and truth are simply too powerful for the forces of evil and dishonesty. And as hard as it is to be on the side of good and honesty when the forces of evil and dishonesty seem so dominant, we must hold this line because we’re the last ones doing it. And changes are coming. People who never agreed with us before, and still don’t, get a pit in their stomachs watching the media, Democrats, corporate America and big tech all work together to silence Americans and prolong lockdowns and divide and hurt us. People see it and the media and Democrats know they’re going to pay big, and keep paying big, for likely decades to come.

Make sure to check out WhatFinger News for all the best right-minded media content from around the web.

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  1. tell the two globalist traitors brian l roberts and bill gates to shove their companies up the axxes. they are a major part of the problem, not the solution. get em gone.


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