Chris Cuomo Test Drives New Version Of ‘All Lives Matter’ And Lemon Libsplains ‘No’

Fredo must be reading tea leaves or hearing about Democrats’ internal polling because he apparently, and suddenly, has a big issue with the term “systemic racism.”

He appreciates its value, per his telling.

But Cuomo thinks the term “systemic inequality” is much more comprehensive socially and, ultimately, will bode much better politically for Democrats.

This is Fredo taking out for a test drive the “All Lives Matter” response to “Systemic Racism,” and Lemon doing the only thing he ever does these days: laugh at and lecture Cuomo while pretending to be wildly in bro love.


I counted a few spots that were indistinguishable from “All Lives Matter” and every one of them made Lemon laugh because when you’re simply saying “Everyone is always racist against me,” as Lemon persistently does, all you have to do is laugh at literally any response anyone says.

Cuomo eventually says the quiet part out loud without ever saying the important part. He tells Lemon that they won’t win new voters by calling everyone “RACIST!,” but misses the important part about no cable news duo in America doing more to foment racism than Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

And I can’t write those words without noting for new visitors that I see racism as a very real issue that does command a great deal of attention, but I believe it emanates not from the conservative right as the institutional left would have the world believe, but from the same place it always has: the Racist Democrat Party, whom the institutional left work diligently to keep afloat.

But sparing you another 1,000 words on the Racist Democrat Party (feel free to click around this site for how that conclusion has evolved over the years), this was hilarious and Fredo, already perceived to be in the CNN doghouse for a variety of failures — breaking quarantine while infected with covid and maskless just to walk around the new neighborhood he’d be moving into at some point, threatening someone with violence for correctly identifying him as the “Fredo” of the Cuomo family, colluding with his credibly criminally-accused brother to leverage CNN audiences for help averting multiple legal consequences from nursing home deaths to sexual assault allegations — he’s already made everyone there look worse than they normally do, and he isn’t likely to make any new friends at CNN by suddenly telling the truth.

Especially not if the poor bastard has no idea that the reason they’ve failed to make the case against systemic racism is because they and the others crying most loudly about it are also far and away America’s worst purveyor of it.

Eventually everyone will get the memo, just like they slowly but surely always have throughout the Racist Democrat Party’s shamefully racist history.

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