Trump’s Vaccines Saved America Not From COVID-19, But From Media & Democrats Who Weaponized It

Can you imagine where we’d be right now if there were no vaccines?

Seriously. Stop to think about it. Whether you’re comfortable with the vaccines or hesitant about them, set all that aside for a minute.

Imagine an America where there were no COVID-19 vaccines.

Can you picture it?

Can you picture how much heavier the wet blanket that’s still covering our nation would be?

Can you picture Biden and Fauci standing up in front of the cameras, day after day, lamenting that we “shouldn’t be fooled by the lull in summer cases because these next two winters are going to be very dark and deadly for America”?

Can you see it?

They’d be slow-walking vaccine production, turning the entire effort into a giant slushfund for all their favorite players, and dangling dates years out that we’re supposed to attach hope to and wait for.

They’d easily pepper the nation with another 100,000,000 mail-in ballots for the 2022 midterms, and probably the 2024 election as well.

“You can’t expect people to go to the polls when they’re all so scared of this deadly virus!”

If the Democrats had it their way, COVID-19 would be a noose around America’s neck that we lived with, in fear, for years if not decades.

If they could take over the entire country and world on the pretense that any new case of COVID-19 is an affront to all of humanity, they absolutely would.

And the legacy news media — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, PBS and The Associated Press — these pro-swamp, anti-Trump, America Last propagandists would be leading the charge.

It’s the media who drove all the hysteria in the first place, which then gave cover to bad actors from academic medicine to assert their worst-case-scenario authority, and ultimately forced the Trump administration and America to go along.

Trump’s first action was a reasonable one: ban travel from the hotspot. For that action, you’ll recall, the media and Democrats called him racist. But shortly after that they decided to weaponize the virus in the other direction, swearing an oath it would appear to report every detail as negatively as possible and with as much hostility as possible toward President Trump and his supporters.

The rest is history.

They’ve weaponized and exploited this virus, for which there’s a 99% survival rate, for well over a year. The only thing we know about the number of people who actually died from COVID-19 is that the number they’re giving us is junk science.

We know COVID-19 is extremely transmissible (almost as if designed in a lab by scientists who wanted that).

We know many or even most people who get it will have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

We know they’re counting everyone who died with COVID-19 as having definitely died from COVID-19.

Add all that up and it means the number of people who were actually killed by COVID-19 could be as low as, frankly, 0.

We just don’t know.

I’m sure it’s not 0. It could be 100,000. It could even be more! But we have no way of knowing because the number they’re giving us is junk that counts people who died of heart attacks but also had dead, leftover traces of COVID-19, as being COVID-19 deaths.

And why do they want to inflate the number of dead?

Because they want us to be afraid and follow their orders.

And why do they want us to be afraid and follow their orders?

Because they want to control us, and they don’t like us thinking we get to control ourselves or own lives.

What we just allowed them to do is mind-blowing but I maintain it’s not because we or America are weak, but rather because we’re the adults in the room and we let the petulant children of the racist, fascist, America-hating media and left run roughshod on our country. But while the media don’t talk about it much, we did crush them in 2020. Republicans were supposed to lose all over the place but the only place we lost, mysteriously, was the top of the ticket. But we picked up House seats which was absolutely not supposed to happen, and we kept the Senate too close for them to do anything meaningful. By 2022 and 2024 we are going to flood the country with a red wave and send an army of duly-elected America First patriots to the House and Senate. These next two election cycles will rock the country and world not unlike 2016 did. Get ready for it because your enemies in the legacy news media and Racist Democrat Party sure are! They know what’s coming and they’re desperately trying to find a way out of it. The only people who don’t know what’s coming seem to be elected Republicans, some of whom are oblivious because they’re stuck in media-created bubbles, and others who prefer not to brag about this because they don’t want to jinx it.

I’m just not worried about that because I know not only will every America First patriot come out with even more force as these cycles heat up, but just like we did in 2020, we’re expanding our party across all demographics. And this is due in part to the wildly bad behavior we’re all seeing from the creepy, weird, racist, fascist, America-hating institutional left: legacy news media, corporate America, Hollywood, academia and big tech.

People watch what these stalkers and psychopaths are doing and get a pit in their stomachs. Just like people who knows masks are useless will wear them anyway because they don’t want to get yelled at, people see and hear what’s going on in the news, and the way the media is telling the story, and they know it doesn’t add up. They know these massive institutions — from NBC News and The Associated Press, to Anthony Fauci and the CDC — people know these massively powerful forces are playing games not only with their lives and businesses, but with their children’s lives as well. I think most Americans have long suspected COVID-19 was being blown way out of proportion and now there isn’t an intellectually honest person alive who can’t plainly see the lengths they’re going, including with the teacher’s union, to drag this out and maximize the pain it causes.

So think about all of that and try to imagine an America where there were no COVID-19 vaccines.

Imagine an America right now where the only thing that existed was the threat of COVID-19 as dictated to us by institutions that we know can’t be trusted anymore, and the fear perpetuated by a legacy news media and Democrat Party that would drag the lockdowns and mask mandates out for years if they could get away with it.

Imagine that America right now. Your life, your family’s lives, your children’s, your friends, your neighbors, the strangers you see at the store and the workers who all live their lives now in constant isolation and depression and anger — all of that hopelessness, pain, inhumanity and fraud would be perpetrated on all of us in perpetuity and our only recourse would be anger or more pain that we create ourselves with civil disobedience that would likely be mocked by the media and largely unnoticed where it matters. The upcoming elections would be in serious jeopardy because they’d be terrorizing us with promises of “variants” newly-infecting everyone all over again, and they’d be able to manufacture whatever evidence they needed to foment that fear. Imagine going into this summer knowing there’s no end in sight, and the people in power get to decide when we put this behind us, and they want nothing more than to lie to our faces while dragging it out as long and painfully as possible.

That’s the very real America we’d be living in right now if it weren’t for Trump’s vaccines. So say what you will about them and as should’ve been the case from the onset, assume your own risks and make your own decisions. If we had a media and healthcare community that weren’t led by political actors who wanted to help their Racist Democrat Party friends by punishing President Trump and the nation that elected him, then from the very beginning we’d have told the most vulnerable to protect themselves with N-95s and getting healthier more broadly as obesity is a real problem in America and also a serious comorbidity for COVID-19 that we knew about from the onset.

But they didn’t do that.

Instead they shut down every business, every school, made us all stay home, and then forced us all to become walking advertisements for fear and submission by wearing masks anytime we left the house. It doesn’t matter that the virus is 3,000 times smaller than the threads in your mask. Science doesn’t matter. Public health doesn’t matter. The health and well-being of our children, fully 100% of whom are at zero real risk, doesn’t matter. All that mattered was weaponizing and exploiting the virus for social and political gain. And they’d be dragging it out for years on end, with tears in their eyes, insisting they wished there was an easier way but unfortunately, “just for a little while longer,” being depressed and crushing our nation is “your patriotic duty.”

Whatever you think of the vaccines — whether you plan to get one or not — we shouldn’t miss this opportunity to be mindful of just how evil and destructive the media, Biden, Fauci and the rest would be if they had that chance, and how much we owe President Trump for thwarting them.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jake Tapper, Nancy Pelosi, Lester Holt, Anthony Fauci — they salivate at the idea of controlling our nation full of rednecks and rubes with pain and fear. None of them would’ve ever done what Trump did to make the government actually accomplish something so important, so effectively. It never would’ve happened because nobody else in Washington D.C. would’ve been that uninterested in deriving power from American pain. They all get seduced by some of it eventually. Not Trump. The man was laser focused on getting things done for our country, and kicking the crap out of people who got in his way.

If people who got the vaccine start dropping like flies then I might re-think it. But as of this moment, I’m looking around at our country and I can’t help but notice and appreciate how much further along we are than the media or Democrats want us to be, and how Trump’s vaccines are the only thing that stopped them from, possibly very literally, stealing not just an election but the rest of our country and world for at least the rest of our lifetimes. The Trump vaccines thwarted that, and unless evidence emerges that show they’ve done damage that outweighs that usefulness, I’m over here celebrating the great President Trump and the incredible — miraculous, really — thing that he did to stop the pain that the media and Democrats hoped to spend years using to enrich themselves while weakening us and our country.

It’s just crazy to think about and I can’t stop being grateful and appreciative.

Because imagine, if you can, where we’d be if we didn’t have the vaccines to throw back in their faces.

Trump’s vaccines saved America not from COVID-19, but from the media, Democrats, unions and corrupt corporate interests who would’ve gladly kept us depressed, afraid, and dying slowly as a nation until there was nothing left.

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  1. Good article, a perspective that is definitely worth considering.

    However, the end of one paragraph is not yet precluded unfortunately.
    “The upcoming elections would be in serious jeopardy because they’d be terrorizing us with promises of “variants” newly-infecting everyone all over again, and they’d be able to manufacture whatever evidence they needed to foment that fear. Imagine going into this summer knowing there’s no end in sight, and the people in power get to decide when we put this behind us, and they want nothing more than to lie to our faces while dragging it out as long and painfully as possible.”

    Absolutely a possibility still, especially if they play their cards right regarding antibody dependent enhancement. Deaths aren’t a prerequisite to fear mongering (although their gravity shouldn’t go unappreciated). They can always walk out the “understaffed hospitals” meme like they did last year a few months after hospitals and other healthcare systems cut staff due to the decrease in elective care. They can go back to counting bed capacity as “staffed beds” and could easily collude to restrict hours worked by staff to r”educe covid fatigue” just to worsen the numbers. Too bad the staff still won’t be allowed to publicly disclose workplace policies or we’d all get to know why staffing levels suddenly drop.


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