I Self-Identify As Someone Who KNOWS That Taylor Lorenz Is Actually A 12-Year Old Boy Who Deserves Privacy

You can say and believe whatever you want but do not try to tell me that the loosely-oriented feelings I have, which at first glance seem to solve and explain everything, aren’t real.

They may not be real to you but they’re very real to me and, since that’s the standard we’re all being told matters most, I must insist that you respect my perspective even if you don’t agree with it.

Taylor Lorenz, who evidence suggests self-identifies as a grown woman working for The New York Times (and I respect that), is in reality a 12-year old boy. And the attacks on him have been just brutal. No child should endure what Taylor has been put through. He’s barely even had a chance to go on any dates yet and already he’s constantly attacked and berated by adults who should, but don’t, know better.

I’m not going to tell other people what they should do. But from my seat, children like Taylor should have a chance to grow and develop without being humiliated as a national laughingstock by adults who disagree with him.

A lot of journalists and public figures have already spoken up in Taylor’s defense and today my own conscience won’t allow me to stay silent any longer.

Regardless of what he does to private citizens, and regardless of how childish or dishonest his behavior is, and regardless of how much power he’s given as a New York Times employee, if Taylor does something that you don’t like, you’re simply not allowed to say anything about it. There are many for reasons but the most obvious to me is because he’s only a child. You might see a middle-aged woman when you look at Taylor, but I’m telling you quite assuredly that in my world, the one the institutional left has shown me where feelings matter more than reality, all you’re doing is piling on a young boy who doesn’t know better and doesn’t deserve the humiliation.

Something to think about. You might disagree. And that’s okay. But it’s very real to me and if upon giving it some thought it becomes very real to you, well, what can I say: you’re welcome, and the world is a better place thanks to your progressive awakening.

And Taylor, if you’re reading this: I got you young fella. You can self-identify however you want. You certainly deserve that and more, after all you’ve been put through. But whether it’s because you’re actually a prepubescent child who shouldn’t be exposed to criticisms that stem from others’ free speech, or some other similarly excellent reason, I think we can all agree that from this point forward you need to be off-limits. You never deserved any of the negative attention you got. You should only get positive affirmation from people who like and agree with you. Find that, and you’ll be more than prepared for a healthy and well-adjusted experience once you enter adulthood.

Godspeed, Taylor.

We all look forward to seeing you develop over the years, as you’re able and when you’re ready.

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