How To Isolate, Marginalize And Destroy The Corporate Legacy News Media

There’s a pretty simple way to finally crush the legacy news media and having spent the better part of a year writing about it, I’m gonna pitch it again because it feels like it’s been a while.

First and foremost, we all know the legacy news media has become the greatest threat (definitely domestic but possibly anywhere) to American progress and unity. They select only stories that they think will bolster their pro-Democrat, pro-swamp, anti-Republican, anti-America agendas. It never has anything to do with the interests of America or Americans. It’s always about their anti-America narrative more broadly. After they’ve selected the stories, they characterize them in ways that further bolster their partisan narratives. As new elements of the story emerge, they dishonestly suppress or sensationalize those elements based solely on what better serves their flagrantly partisan agenda. And when the story they pushed turns out to be just as ridiculous as the America First movement had long insisted, the media simply turn the page and pretend it never happened, dragging our nation instead into the next dishonest story and narrative.

It repeats from there. It has for at least 20 years. And there’s no sign that it will stop.

In fact, to the contrary, we’ve watched the American legacy news media behave this past year in ways that are indistinguishable from state-run political propaganda outlets complete with censoring, lying, book-burning and rounding up and “cancelling” thought leaders from the opposition.

We all know it’s a major problem. And, increasingly, many of us realize the scale to which we’ve been lied to all these years. Increasingly, the mainstream of America — conservative American patriots and the America First movement more broadly — we’re realizing that, in fact, we truly are the mainstream of America and everything the media, Hollywood, corporate America, big tech and academia have fed us for years has been a lie. 

So we know the media lie about the news they produce as it’s nothing more than a weapon for their social and political propagandizing. We know they lie about America as the version they want us to believe exists, is in reality nothing more than the version they hope to create. The true America is the one we all know and believe in: patriotism, individual liberty, nuclear families, equality, rule of law, and character-over-identity.

So if we know all that, and they know we know it all, and they’re still not changing and in fact they’re only getting worse, what can we do to stop them?

The answer is pretty simple, as it turns out. 

I don’t know who the leftist is who talks about “isolate and marginalize and freeze” or whatever the formula is. But there are elements of it that I strongly endorse when it comes to combating the media.

Because nobody on the planet does more for the America-hating and Racist Democrat Party than the legacy news media. Not even the Racist Democrat Party can hold a candle to all the heavy lifting — opposition research, messaging coordination, communications strategies, political lobbying and public outreach — done on their behalf by the legacy news media. 

They’re the most dishonest force on the planet, entrusted and relied on more than any other to be fair and impartial, and committed more than any other to blighting America’s progress and unity in service to a Racist Democrat Party that’s long thrived off of our nation’s pain and division. 

Let’s just all agree at this point: something has to be done to stop them.

And the answer, as noted, is pretty easy.

We need an America First caucus of strong, articulate, elected Republicans to target/isolate a group of the media’s worst offenders, marginalize them, and then freeze them in place so they can’t do anything that matters to us except respond to the attacks. Nothing else they say or do at that point will matter anymore to our half of the country, unless they’re addressing the very real accusations of bias that our America First caucus will publicly accuse them of.

It can’t be just one outlet because the others will circle the wagons to defend that outlet.

We have to select a specific group, and then have a group of our elected Republicans announce that effective immediately they can no longer in good faith engage with these organizations because their employees and leadership have proven to be dishonest, partisan brokers who do exponentially more to divide and hurt America than to unite or inform it. 

It’s the easiest thing in the world. We have more than enough ammunition to ding every liberal media outlet in the country for years, if we wanted to. We just need a few examples of bias from each outlet. It could be any of the myriad examples they give us each day from the words they say, to the headlines they write, to the emotions they insert, to the stories they leave out…all day, every day, all they do is flood our homes with partisanship.

Pick a group of the worst offenders. Pick a small sampling of their obvious bias in action. Announce to the world that because of their bad behavior, you’re not treating them like serious news organizations anymore. The terms to re-engage are for these outlets to account for the bias we’ve already shown them, and ensure us that they’ve fixed the problem. And while that conversation is happening, the America First caucus who waged the fight can continue strengthening their position by constantly adding to the list all the new bias that inevitably crops up from the outlets they target.

Right? Because the media won’t stop at first. They’ll try to circle the wagons to all defend each other, but if all the biggest names are part of the story then they lose the credibility to tell the story anymore, or any others while this is happening. And that’s the point.

Some time will go by and more of America will begin to learn that a large portion of the GOP aren’t even talking to most of the legacy news media outlets anymore.

These duly-elected Republicans won’t engage with these companies in anyway because the outlets were too biased, and Republicans had enough.

That story will get out there. And it will be hard to suppress for very long because a) we’ll be talking about it a lot, b) the caucus will grow, not shrink, as momentum builds, and c) those allegedly powerful news outlets will lose a ton of their clout because they can no longer get Republicans on their air to talk to them.

That, after all, is where most of their credibility comes from. America doesn’t trust NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, PBS, NPR or The Associated Press because we just decided they’re the ones we’re supposed to trust. We gave them our trust because they spent years trying to earn it, and it was always predicated on getting both sides of the story and then reporting the news without inserting their own views. They no longer do that and haven’t for decades. So why should we continue giving them that “both sides of the story” part they lie about giving? That’s the part that we need to take away from them if we’re going to truly marginalize and ultimately destroy their stranglehold on our national conversation. It needs to happen with blunt force and without apology or looking back. These major institutions that worked for generations to become America’s most trusted news teams, are in 2021 nothing more than America-hating propagandists for the Racist Democrat Party. That’s all they’ve been my entire life and now, desperate amid what I believe are the institutional left’s last gasps, they’re in overdrive trying to divide and destroy our country.

It’s time our elected Republicans stop helping the media throw gasoline on the America Last fires the left constantly build and enjoy watching rage.

They don’t deserve our respect, time, patience, forgiveness or even at this point a chance to improve. Entire divisions need to be reprimanded, fired and otherwise shamed and humiliated for what they’ve done and allowed to happen. They need to be beaten down, forced to admit what they are, and then forgotten about until one day they come back and surprise us by actually doing their jobs the right way. Then and only then should any Republicans even think about talking to them again. But until then, it’s war and it’s time to pull the trigger on this one. Jake Tapper recently said he doesn’t want to have Republicans on anymore if they support Trump. If we let the media beat us to this and they boycott Trump-supporting Republicans first, all hope isn’t lost by a long shot, but it will be really painful for a lot of America First patriots to watch. A battle we could easily win in what’s clearly a war for the future of America, will have been lost because we were too lazy, afraid of or dependent on the media to actually fight back.

We’re going to ultimately win but it would just be great if it wasn’t by the skin of our teeth, and we actually took some meaningful action to thwart our most powerful adversaries. This is how we fight back in a meaningful way that will actually do lasting damage to their brands and negate their ability to effectively swing back. 

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  1. The problem we have is that roughly half or more of the so called “Republicans” are Republicants and will give into their baser instinct of corruption and grift as opposed to standing up for the people who put them in office.
    They won’t fight for anybody but themselves they’ll go on the media shows to promote their own self interests in the end. And they’ll do it gladly, just to keep being allowed to ride the gravy train.


  2. You can’t kill The Globalist Corporate News because the Globalists own everything , and don’t care if they lose money , they just want to brainwash people …
    It was The Communications Act of 1996 that allowed more than 6 media of any kind to be owned by one Corporate Entity..

    This has been a plan all along …that is the proof …


  3. Easy, you say! All that is needed is a few elected officials to execute the plan? Find me a few with backbone enough to do it. Can one even find just one politician with enough spine to stand up to the media and execute the “isolate and marginalize and freeze” attack and sustain it long enough to have the desired effect? Doubtful. If there were the kind of elected representatives needed to pull this off, America wouldn’t be in the mess it finds itself right now.

    American citizens can help by cutting the cable. Making the companies that poison us poor is something that we can all do without fear of retaliation, without expending much effort, and with immediate results. Make the media poor by not utilizing their services. Cut the cable and spend that wasted time enjoying your family, participating in local government, or simply enjoying the free time to relax in peace and quiet.


  4. You do know, these are few and far between, if they even exist.

    “We need an America First caucus of strong, articulate, elected Republicans …”


  5. “Some time will go by and more of America will begin to learn that a large portion of the GOP aren’t even talking to most of the legacy news media outlets anymore.”

    Seeing how the most visible GOP’ers also tend to be those with a camera/microphone fetish, I seriously doubt this will occur.

    ProTip: There is no future for conservatives continuing to hitch their wagons to RINOs.


  6. I’m waiting for the Spark! The Spark that finally sets off the parents of these children who are being abused by the Tolerant racist promoting left.
    I’m Waiting for the guns that are in people’s homes to just jump up and start shooting randomly at anyone who crosses a property line or disagrees with MY point of view.. Inamminate objects only function when a Human picks it up. Otherwise it’s furniture.
    I’m waiting for teacher’s who put their ideology in front of their teaching abilities to be ransacked by the responsible parents who are NOT racists and don’t want their children to be, either.

    I’m waiting for the haters of America, tlalib, omar,(intentional lower case), Pelosi, Murphy, Bloomenthal, Widen, Biden, Psasaki, and other Leftist thinkers, to be publicly Humiliated for their racist lies and Communist leadership and be razed by the people who refuse to be talked down to.
    I’m waiting for the Black population to understand that they, Not Government, are the one’s who will pull themselves out of ‘Poverty of Self’. That, the Left leaning GOVERNMENTS Are the one’s keeping them in a ‘projection of disability’. That, They have to believe in their Own Honor and Not the Racism spewing Givers who tell them they are Not intelligent enough to Rise.
    I want Religious Liberty! The Constitutional Right to laugh at the Aethists and the Aethist to laugh at the Religious.
    I want ALL Lives to Matter! Because IF it’s Only the Black’s or “Government Sanctioned Racists” who have value…I have no other choice but to preserve MY freedom as I see fit!
    I find the term ‘Social Justice” to be the most ridiculous words put together as a compact of human existance. I find the term to be intolerable and demeaning. NO One’s life is more important to me than my family’s. Understand that when making decisions to confront me!
    Understand that when YOU come at me with Hate in your heart, I will respond in like terms, only more furiously and with more conviction.

    I revere the Flag of the United States to be my ICON! The Constitution to be my Guide.


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