America Lasters Posting Their Ls: More Proof Jourmocrats Know They’re About To Get Crushed

America-hating Washington Post propagandists and racist, fascist, elitist snobs who teach journalism at NYU are terrified that they’re about to lose power.

And they should be.

The revelation comes from a question that Washington Post propagandist Margaret Sullivan shared with her readers. Jay Rosen, a racist Democrat who teaches aspiring journalists at NYU how to weave Racist Democrat Party dogma into their careers, tweeted the question because he, too, shares the concern.

That’s a lot of Racist Democrat Party concern!

Let’s go in for a closer look.

So the question is, does this newly-hired Washington Post editor understand that “the United States is on track to become functionally an authoritarian White Christian nationalist state in the very near future? And if the answer is ‘Yes,’ what is she prepared to do about it?”

What strikes some people is probably the questioner’s knee-jerk inclination toward news organizations prioritizing political action over the integrity of impartiality that has long defined and in fact enabled the institution. He might as well be asking what his newly-elected representative will do about the potholes. It’s that indistinguishable from a question a voter would ask of a politician and that’s wrong on several levels by itself, including the part where neither Sullivan nor Rosen — alleged professionals in and around journalism — so much as flinch at a reader’s casual inclination toward political activism trumping the actual work of a news organization.

But that’s not what strikes me the most about this question, or the fact that it’s being held up as important by heavy hitters like Sullivan and Rosen.

What strikes me most is what remains after you unpack the left’s language.

Because first things first, let’s not forget that this questioner, and Margaret Sullivan (the propagandist to whom it was posed), and Jay Rosen, and all the rest of the Democrat activists — from the ones in the base, to the elected, to the ones posing as legacy news media anchors, journalists and reporters — they all believe in their heart of hearts that Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Burgess Owens, and every other black conservative is part of the plot to make America a “White Christian nationalist state.”

Right? I mean let’s not completely dismiss this guy’s very real fear just because he’s unable to articulate it without jacking up the language. Let’s instead take it apart piece by piece and see what we end up with.

We know that when the left say “white” they don’t mean “caucasian.”

They mean “conservative.”

When they say “authoritarian” they don’t mean “dictatorial.”

They mean “as per the law.”

When they say “Nationalist” they mean “patriotic” and when they “Christian” they mean “person who isn’t disgusted by all religion.”

So what are they really saying here, knowing what we know about the language leftists and their media allies use?

As per the law, patriotic conservatives who don’t hate all religion will soon be firmly in charge of America.

And that terrifies them.

As well it should given their hatred for this nation, its successes and its peoples’ independence.

And it also tracks with what I’ve been saying since January. That even if we don’t do what we should in terms of taking out the legacy news media (there’s an easy way that I’ve written about for over a year now), and even if we don’t launch the next critical civil rights push that our nation desperately needs (we may be en route but have a long way yet to go), even without those things, there’s still a massive reckoning coming for the institutional left. Between the bad behavior during Trump’s first term from both the media and Democrats followed by their 2020 election debacle and subsequent book-burnings that literally everyone is right now watching them engage in, all the bad behavior and broken trust around COVID-19, the Biden disaster, the institutional left’s full frontal exposure as having hijacked the media, big tech, academia and corporate America — it all adds up to voters just pulverizing them in 2022 and again in 2024.

We’re just not going away, and we won’t stop, until the job is done.

We elected Trump to drain the swamp, he got to work doing just that, and they tried to impeach him twice for it. We’re not going to let off the gas just because they found a way to weaponize a virus and meddle in a single election. We’re more pissed off now, our restraint especially compared to their lack of it is truly an awesome display of just how powerful we truly are, and the weight of that power is about to be felt all across their every delicate sensibility and institution.

So they’re right to be afraid. That they jack up the language and words they use to articulate that fear, doesn’t matter. They know they’re about to lose power in a very big and painful way, and this is just the first of many signals to that end — America Lasters Posting Their Ls — that’s to come.

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