Conservatives Should Try To Drive The Walt Disney Company Into Bankruptcy

We need a corporate America scalp and Disney’s will do.

I can count on one hand the content they’ve turned out, since their inception, that I’d actually even care about my own son getting to watch. I realize a lot of families are pretty bought into whatever Disney’s one-stop-shop product is (Disney Plus, I believe?), but let’s be honest: those families, too, can probably count on one hand the content they truly enjoy and/or find irreplaceable from a development standpoint.

Most of it’s just garbage.

And it’s a garbage company for a bunch of different reasons, not the least of which is their persistent love and promotion of leftism and its America-hating adherents.

I’d just love to see the America First movement, which is already fighting back in some critical ways that we never have before, step up and take one of these America-hating, regressive, racist, illiberal Democrat companies out.

I’m not even sure if we have the heft to do it financially with a boycott. And I know because the legacy news media is just as corrupt as so much of corporate America, even if fully half the nation cancelled their Disney subscriptions and vacations and whatever else tomorrow, the media would either ignore it or spin it like they always do to make our side look bad and theirs look good. So we as usual can’t count on the media’s version of “public opinion” doing us any favors, regardless of the reality on the ground.

But maybe we should ignore all of that. Maybe we should start paying less attention to whether or not the media will be honest about what’s happening, and/or whether or not we can be certain Goliath will fall when we cast our stones.

Maybe it’s time we just start doing some of this because it’s the right thing to do in our own lives, and hope that others will follow for the same reason.

I grew up in a house with no cable TV. My mom was convinced TV was mostly junk anyway, and it only got worse with cable, but we also knew it was an extra expense and that likely also was a factor. Still, she had me pretty well convinced that Nickelodeon, for example, was nothing but low budget, low IQ junk. I was so jealous of my friends who had cable and could sit around watching that line-up of stupidly useless shows. But in the back of my mind, I also was grateful that my mom wasn’t a big fan of any of it. It made me feel a little better protected and cared for. I knew deep down I wasn’t missing anything of any real importance, or anything that would help me excel in school or life. Ultimately, not having cable, and the reasons why, made me a better person.

It’s very easy for me to find that same mindset with respect to the once-respected Walt Disney Company and I have no doubt my son, as he becomes an adult, would find the same appreciation for not getting to indulge in something that would ultimately be a net negative in our lives. And I think any person who considers themselves part of the America First movement should consider embarking on the same journey and mission. This post at my tiny website won’t get the ball rolling I’m sure, but at some point we on the right have to pick a single target and see what kind of action we can compel from them. It might be nothing. They and the media might laugh at and/or ignore us. And if that’s the case, okay then. But it will be useful for us to know that, I would think, so we can better understand just how little they actually respect us. That’s a pretty important detail to understand, especially when it comes to a major corporation that you can’t stop casually throwing your money at every month. And I have a feeling we’d put that newfound realization to even better use for our families, and our country.

Let’s find out just how tough The Walt Disney Company really is. Let’s get a movement going to abandon them entirely, all at once and seemingly out of the blue, and see what happens. Let’s see how the media and investors and everyone else responds. Because whatever the response is, generating it will be good for America, good for your family, and will cost you and your kids exactly nothing in terms of real value or quality of life. Stepping up and doing something about the left’s stranglehold on so many institutions, including corporate America, could alternatively add tremendous value and quality to your life and your family’s.

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  1. No Disney channel here! And most everyone has divorced Disney. It started when they fired Americans and hired Aliens and…prices went sky high before that. We have given up thoughts.of ever going to anti American Disney ever again and judging from conversation with family and statements as such I would estimate 120 or so from our reunions haven’t been in 10 years and won’t go again. It cost too much and feels dirty after all they have done to America!

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  2. Family values of A boys love of his Dog in “Old Yeller..Heroic Sacrifice of Fess Parker and Davey Crockett swinging “old Betsy” on the Ramparts of the Alamo …Walt Disney had Patriotic dreams of the greatness of America….Fast Forward to present day America..I wonder what the hell happened ?


  3. The last time I went to DisneyWorld was in 1975 and Disneyland was in 1983. I believe the last Disney movie I ever watched was on Disney’s Wonderful World of Color it was Flight of the Navigator in 1988.
    Once they started having Gay Days at DisneyWworld I lost all interest.


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