The Walls Are Closing In: Just Like That, Sour Don Lemon Is Gone From CNN

It’s bad over there on the left. They’re struggling, bigly. And they’ve overstepped, bigly. And retribution is coming, bigly. And as of right this minute, Trump is the conductor and the train is unstoppable.

The worst offender among their most powerful weapon, Don Lemon of the legacy news media, became too hot personally and too cold for his employer. Who knows what microaggressions were at play behind the scenes, but I’ve watched Lemon enough to know that he’s too pissed off to still do this job effectively, and I’ve watched CNN enough to know they’re too scared to keep him happy.

So I pretty much guarantee you that’s the genesis of the split: he’s mad, but not good enough for ratings/revenue anymore to get away with being that mad.

And even if the split is due to something less instructive, like Lemon’s alleged sexual predation catching up with him, his departure from CNN is a noticeable hit to a network and industry whose bad behavior he, more than almost anyone else, helped normalize.

Don Lemon, it may actually shock many of you to find out, still claims to be an impartial journalist. The claims are so absurd that I know I’ve documented at least a few of them over the years here at LBA or elsewhere. Every time he says it it’s such a slap in the face to any and every person who a) speaks English and b) has been watching for more than 15 seconds. And yet he persists. And his has become the posture of the entire industry: they claim impartiality while carpetbombing America with stone-cold propaganda that helps Democrats and hurts Republicans.

It happens now at staggering levels, I argue, as a reflection not of their power or our nation’s vulnerability, but of their desperation. And Lemon’s departure from CNN tracks with them being in a state of turmoil.

So much of what we’re witnessing in 2021 America truly is historic. Don Lemon, for example, very well could be the most painfully dishonest national news media figure who’s ever lived in U.S. history. It’s an indisputable fact that he’s in the running, and one wrapped entirely in his nothing short of senile claims that he is, in fact, an impartial journalist “who is just reporting the facts.”

Nobody else anywhere else is so aggressively partisan and, simultaneously, so aggressively in denial of that partisanship. Nobody.

Don Lemon was the most audacious face of the media’s worst behavior, and he just got run out of its most irresponsible network.

That means a lot of things and who knows what kind of “news” will ultimately be sensationalized around it.

But here’s what it means to me, and what I’ve been saying for some time now: the walls are closing in. Remember that expression? They used to say it about Trump every few weeks. But now I truly do get that sense for them, and I think they’re starting to also. Nothing is working out for them. The writing is all over the walls and their funny little media polls can’t make it go away. They hijacked the 2020 election from cradle to grave and won’t get that same chance ever again. We’re pissed about it. And other than that, other than being a lot more pissed off, we haven’t changed our posture one iota. And that terrifies them. They did everything they could to crush the man who started draining their swamp, and he’s still right here with us fighting as hard as ever. We haven’t budged an inch. They hurt us. They depressed and even deflated some of us. But we’re all still right here just waiting for our next turn, and there’s nothing they can do about it this time. They, meanwhile, rode a synthetic wave to “victory” but lacked the organic mandate to do anything with it, ignored that important fact check, overstepped, and now look ridiculous trying to bully America into all kinds of ugliness that none of us want or frankly will tolerate.

There’s a humiliating social and political correction coming for the entire institutional left. And as 2022 inches closer we’ll see even more Sour Don Lemons getting tossed or choosing to jump ahead of the reckoning.

UPDATE, 5/15/21 at 12:47PM ET: Because we’re dealing with definitely-a-drama-queen Sour Don Lemon, there has to be a twist. Below is the video where he said it’s over. And then an hour later he did another video saying not so fast: his show is over, but he’ll still be at CNN.

If he is staying then to me this seems more like Lemon taking liberties to create leverage amid a situation that’s otherwise not great for him (e.g. forcing him to admit that he’s an opinion host), as opposed to just a sloppy and inevitably disappointing marketing rollout with no real changes. But who knows. It is CNN we’re talking about.



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