How Trump’s Economy & Vaccines Quietly Saved America

The man basically pulled off a miracle with the vaccines, and the economy he built (that withstood literally shutting our nation down) isn’t far behind.

He gets credit for neither one. His supporters barely even recognize the staggering scale of these achievements.

Can you imagine if there were no vaccines?

Or how about this, first: can you imagine another president pushing as hard as President Trump did to get the vaccines?

Do you remember literally everyone — from Anthony Fauci to Lester Holt, Jimmy Kimmel to LeBron James — promising that Trump was an idiot for even talking about vaccines?

Do you remember how insistent they were that it could never happen as quickly as he was pushing for?

Do you remember knowing then, as you still do today, that all of their efforts were solely to cast as much doom-and-gloom as possible over our nation, and that none of it actually had anything to do with public health?

Do you remember that the only thing they cared about at a time when they had already terrified our nation, was humiliating and embarrassing its Commander-in-Chief?

I remember all of it.

Now…try to imagine being exactly where you are right now today, but there are no vaccines.

Half of what I’ve written in the last 6 months has been predicated on the development and distribution of the vaccines. The entire COVID-19 battle was won the second those vaccines “proved effective,” whatever that means to whomever it means whatever it means whatever to. I honestly don’t care. I know these people aren’t gonna listen to me but if the whole universe of them agree that the vaccines are effective, that’s great news.

Because to people who are still able to think clearly, that means this whole thing is over.

And by the way you can not trust the vaccines and not take them, and still celebrate their development as the nail in COVID-19’s coffin. Because the obvious question that I started asking a few weeks ago is, I believe, the same one the CDC and Biden administration realized a lot of the nation was asking. And there’s no good answer to it: if the vaccines are available to anyone who wants one, then who exactly are we still protecting by forcing the entire nation to compromise its quality of life in service to a tiny population of people who choose not to take the vaccine?

Once the vaccines were developed and “proven effective,” that’s it. Game over. As long as they’d be available to the people who want them, “the experts” — the people who deemed the vaccines effective — are out of excuses to continue lording over our lives with lockdowns or anything else.

Now imagine if we didn’t have them.

Seriously. Stop to think about where our nation is right now, who’s in charge, and if there were no vaccines developed or on the horizon.

Imagine the 2022 election being 18 short months off as Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden, wearing 37 masks between the two of them, talk from the Rose Garden about how devastating these next two winters will be for our nation.

Imagine no hope in sight, and the only people you can count on being Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and a legacy news media that’s all too eager to help stoke fear, depression, division, failure, destruction and pain in service to their America-hating social and political agendas.

Can you imagine it?

I can, and it’s terrifying.

Trump’s vaccines are miracle drugs that could have very well literally saved our nation, and hardly anyone even knows it happened.

The economy he built that miraculously withstood the actual shutting down of our entire country, is also truly astounding and underappreciated.

I trust economists as much as I trust weatherman (or their creepy, climate scientist cousins for that matter) but if there are any out there who know what they’re doing, they’ll be able to model the scale to which a marginally weaker economy would’ve cratered at exponential levels. I know Americans can survive on a lot less than we assume is “necessary.” I know most of us, even those who are convinced this country is a racist deathtrap where children constantly die of starvation, even those types here in America can cut corners and not feel it too badly. But the bigger economy — the market where peoples’ life savings were wiped out at the onset of the lockdowns — that recovered exactly like Trump said it would and that meant a lot to a lot of people.

The entire nation was still being smothered with the Fauci/Democrat wet blanket of perpetual fear, division, misinformation and manipulation. So people didn’t really stop to appreciate the gravity of the good that was happening. But the entire life savings of the middle class was wiped out, and Trump’s economy bounced right the hell back right in the middle of all the craziness and replenished the middle class’s more-important-than-ever nest eggs.

That’s not a small deal but because our national conversation is led by enemies of American progress and unity (aka the legacy news media: NBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, AP, etc), you’ll never hear that story.

And you’ll never consider the flipside, where a flimsy-by-design Obama or Biden economy is all we have to rely on.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine not having the rock-solid economic boom that Trump stuck Biden with, and Democrats getting to play games with yet more “good crises” that they’d never give up?

It all reminds me of Trump releasing the transcript from the Ukraine phone call before the media could even write their first pieces on the nontroversy. He completely foiled their plans to deceive and manipulate our country, but they went ahead and stuck to their same script anyway. The entire transcript was out there for the world to see, but the media decided to soldier on and spent weeks trotting out witness after to witness to <<checks notes>> tell us their opinion of the transcript we’d all already read.

It was incredible that they were able to get away with it, but they did. We all knew the transcript said “The sky is blue,” but the media spent 8 weeks or so bringing out surprise witnesses to give their impression of what “is” meant, in that context. It was remarkable.

That’s not the case with the vaccines, or the strong economy. He foiled them with both in ways they can’t get around. They’ll lie and spin like they always do, but the script they were hoping for has been torn to shreds. The Democrats and media would’ve both loved for COVID-19 and its collateral devastation to be a 5-year story, or more. They would have loved for our nation to be completely locked down, masked, depressed, unemployed, divided and afraid for years on end. They would have loved for our economy to have completely cratered out and for all but a few corporations and institutions to survive. If they could still be doing all of it right now they absolutely would be. And the only reason they’re not is because Donald Trump, when nobody was looking and for all the right reasons and without really getting any notable credit for it, twice saved America from the media and Democrats whose plans were to divide and destroy it.

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  1. Bro’ (say brah) I think you’ve finally lost me. Verily, the truth a man speaks is in no way dependent upon his intellect (the village idiot can tell when the sun shines), but I can listen only so many times how you call Baal Gates’ experimental, untested, unapproved genome manipulators, “vaccines”. There can be only one of two explanations: ignorance, or complicity. I find both abhorrent.
    There ain’t no fixing stupid, I am not following you to perdition, I am leaving without paying you the courtesy of reading this essay to the end. I pray your Patriotism overcomes your Bolshevik programming.


  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    History will tell the real story of President Trump’s four years as President of the U.S.

    Every entrepreneur’s journey to success is different. Each one of us must look for, or create, opportunities to sell or promote. Most importantly, we need the courage to forge ahead with what we believe, even when others around us tell us it won’t work.

    To excel, you mustn’t listen to the naysayers. Instead, continue to have patience and perseverance. Be inspired by these famous people who followed their passion and created their success.

    The Democrats were left at the station of hate. Just think what could have been instead of where they took the country.



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