Americans Can Now Safely Spit On The Media’s ’17 Intelligence Agencies Agree’ Argument

Here’s the thing. You can’t actually hold Jake Tapper and Lester Holt accountable for the Russia collusion hoax they spent years using to cripple our government and divide our nation.

It’s not actually their fault, you see, because as journalists they were just following the story.

And maybe you didn’t hear, but the entire U.S. intelligence apparatus is alleged to have all agreed with the media’s take on the Russia collusion hoax.

I mean what should Jake Tapper and Lester Holt have done? Just ignore these agencies? Just ignore the Steele Dossier? Just ignore these wildly serious allegations made by powerful and supposedly serious people?!

They couldn’t do that.

They had to chase the story down. They had to report “the facts” as they were slowly leaked out from those 17 intelligence agencies. America’s legacy news media leaders — NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, PBS, NPR, AP — they couldn’t just ignore this story that all of their intelligence community counterparts were telling them was such a bombshell and so important for our nation.

They had to spend years chasing it down and hyping it up and using it to divide our nation and hurt its duly-elected President.

They had to.

And now that we know it was all a lie, and that the people who fed the media their narrative and allegedly “bombshell” leaks (which one after another turned out to be nothingburgers), now that we know those very powerful people were all lying the whole time and manufacturing evidence that didn’t actually exist in order to tell the public a story that wasn’t actually true…now that we know this, the media can’t cover that story either. I mean they don’t want to hurt their friends in the 17 intelligence agencies, or any of their anonymous sources who continuously humiliate them with bad information.

And why should they care anyway?

I mean it’s not really a big deal if the entire intelligence community colludes to disrupt and meddle in our elections while punishing our nation and its people if we manage to elect someone they don’t like.

There’s no story there. Real Americans don’t care about that sort of thing and real journalists don’t waste time on it.

Besides if there were a story there then “17 intelligence agencies,” from whom our media take their most consistent and orderly direction, would be in agreement and insisting that the media make it a story.

Instead, what’s the story that the “17 intelligence agencies” are pitching now?

Oh yeah: America is racist. All the way and only. Everyone in it. All black people are all victims and all white people are the reason why. You know it’s true because America’s totally trustworthy and honest “17 intelligence agencies” agree, and the media will spend the next several years reminding you of that.

What a clownshow. Draining the swamp of its deep state douchebags will be one of the last and most rewarding things we get done in the coming years.

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