Trump To Become America’s 45th, 47th And 1st O.G. POTUS

He got impeached twice for the crime of draining the swamp. They can say whatever they want about him being a Russian spy or a Ukrainian spy or whatever the narrative-of-the-day is. He did what Democrats and Republicans alike never thought would happen: he came to Washington D.C. promising to do the right thing for America, and then he got to work doing it without any susceptibility to the distractions they put before him.

And for that they continue doing everything they can to destroy him.

What President Trump accomplished during his first term was absolutely breath-taking. The long list of achievements is made more incredible when you consider the brute force he was up against from the America-hating institutional left.

Too many casual Trump supporters take that for granted. There are a good chunk who are kinda sorta ready to move on and see what the rest of the field bubbles up. Too few stop to appreciate just how much character and strength it took to do the hard work he did day in and day out, and how prepared he is to do some more of it while the rest of our side keeps watching and learning.

I was with the “it’s over” crowd just after the election. I figured he’d still be a force, but it was such a long road to him campaigning and going through all this again.

And if I’m being honest, did I even want him to? Maybe it was time to move on, right?

That thinking lasted about a day for me.

Because by December or so I realized he’d definitely still want to run in 2024 no matter what, even though I at the time couldn’t figure out how it would even be possible given everything that’s going on, has happened, etc.

I mean how could he come back from all this? How could he honestly want to? How could he not mess it up in some way; make it too blatantly personal? How could the deep state, media, corporate America and other pro-swamp interests not find a way, however unjust, to finally stop him? How could America accept him after everything the media has done to turn the world against him and his supporters?

It’s downright impossible. It’s not even worth thinking about.

At a minimum, it’s way too soon.


So what do we think about?

Well, we look around at what’s happening now.

Hey, look at that! The Democrats appear to be all bark and no bite! It’s almost like they came into power based on synthetically-generated “voter enthusiasm” and are now learning it’ll take more than a synthetic mandate manufactured by the media and big tech to sell their America-hating agenda. Weird. How could something so unexplainable like that happen? The world may never know.

What’s that over there!? Hey it’s the media not even trying to hide their now plain-as-day propagandizing! Oh, and they’re trying to convince America that a demented figurehead whose presidency is already wreaking havoc the world over is actually a totally competent superhero who can’t miss no matter how hard he tries? Well I’m sure that’s going over well among American voters who are definitely dumb enough to believe them!

Well this is new. Look at that, over there. It’s America realizing quietly but assuredly that most of the lockdown measures had nothing to do with public health or safety, but with promoting fear in order to assert control over us. It’s a sad, humiliating realization for our country. We won’t talk about it much. But “the experts” as dictated to us by the legacy news media, on behalf of a Democrat Party that gets its power from our nation’s pain…they’ve all lost a ton of trust as they try, in defiance of science, to drag this out as long and painfully as they can. Oh no. Look, right there, in front of everyone: they’re doing all of this in part to help their friends in the teachers union. Gross. That’s gross. I don’t even want to look at that. But it’s right there. And everyone can see it. Heck I bet some people can even start smelling this stuff it’s so pungent and thick across the country at this point.

Yep. Sure enough. Look right over there: the whole nation now sees that the bright blue teachers union is full of con artists who will stunt the development of literally every child in the country for their own personal gain. Oof. It’s nasty once you see it and like so much other unsavory behavior from our nation’s most powerful and now-desperate (thanks to Trump) institutions, a lot of America that never saw it before, now can’t miss it if they wanted to.

What’s that you say? Anthony Fauci is now a laughingstock and a punchline? Good to know!

How’s America doing, by the way? Oh…we’re hanging on by a thread and every number is coming in terrible and inflation is here and energy prices are skyrocketing and the only reason we haven’t gone completely into a ditch is because of the strong economy Trump stuck Biden with? Also good to know, and probably understood by more honest people than we realize.

Any signs of what’s to come that anyone sees? What’s that? Oh you’re seeing the America First movement crush anyone who gets in their way, almost as if a large group of very diplomatic and patriotic Americans decided for the first time in their lives — mysteriously after the 2020 election — that it was time to start fighting back more? Well that feels like a pretty good thing! And you say it’s happening all over the country, and those small cliques of liberals who used to bully entire towns are now getting run out with their hats in their hands? Wow. Very cool!

Hey what’s all this I’ve been hearing about the Republican Party finally pointing out just how racist the Democrat Party is? (Not was, but is. Big difference.) Wasn’t it just like 6 weeks ago that we were still sheepishly letting the media and Democrats call us racist over every thing they could dream up? Man that changed pretty fast! It’s about time, too. I was sick of being told that because I judge character instead of color, I’m part of the problem. I was sick of the media and Democrats dividing this nation by race and identity while blaming everyone else for division and disparities. And now the GOP is finally pushing back in a meaningful and sustained way? That’s not really a small deal and is guaranteed to resonate in some serious ways electorally!

I mean, that all that feels pretty good.

Yes they’re still writing executive orders that can be undone with the stroke of a pen. And they’re still threatening to pass a lot of legislation that they don’t have votes to actually pass. But other than that, from a political production standpoint, things look pretty good for us.

So what are they talking about in the news?

Wow. It’s all Liz Cheney. And the 2020 election. And how important it is that everyone believes Democrats and media didn’t cheat. And how much they hate Trump. And Trump supporters. Go figure. I wonder if they’re seeing some of what I’m seeing and, stay with me, they’re getting a little worried about 2022. They already know they’ll lose the House. But how badly? And what about the Senate? And by the way, most importantly, what will the messaging and platforms be?

When I think this through a little bit there’s just no other math: we’re going to crush them in 2022 and the really hard part for them will be Trump leading the charge around our same America First and Drain The Swamp platform.

What’s more, that same messaging will be even more effective after all the bad behavior our nation will have collectively witnessed from the media, academia, big tech and corporate America. Even suburban liberals, while few can admit it just yet, have an increasing sense that they’ve been misled by people who may not in fact be the most honest or well-intended leaders America has. It’s an important start to their journey because it reflects a break from the media’s dutifully-prescribed dogmas.

You can slough it off now because it’s so far away, but watch the energy continue changing in our favor. Watch Trump and the candidates he endorses continue winning. Watch the media continue sweating and doing everything they can, even if it means deifying Liz Cheney, to stop the America First movement. Watch them continue to fail. Watch our movement continue getting more powerful. Watch the media keep lying about it, insisting that there’s nothing to see here and we’re all just a bunch of kooks. Watch 2022 get closer and closer. Watch our candidates one-by-one show the same strength and fearlessness that Trump taught them, with respect to charging forward for our nation and not being bullied by the media. Watch what happens on election night and then watch the elites’ holier-than-thou posture change very quickly when we send an army of duly-elected America First patriots to the House and Senate to thwart the Democrats until the rest of the cavalry arrives in 2024.

It feels like it’s a ways off but, given its monumental place in history, it will all happen at relative lightning speeds. We’re talking about a sea change shift in power unlike any we’ve seen before because, if the Democrats could have, they’d have federalized all elections and ensured no Republican ever won again unless the Democrats wanted them to. We’re definitely on the brink here and as I celebrate what I believe is our imminent victory, I’m mindful of how close we’ve come to losing this country entirely.

But there are a lot of people already sounding that alarm.

For my part I just can’t shake being even more mindful of what a massive victory it will be when we take it back, and the huge implications of our doing so without changing a single stride since the 2020 election that many of us felt we won and were cheated out of. To absorb that type of defeat, whether right about being cheated or not, creates an obscene amount of strength and character. It’s what led me to realize and write months ago that I believe the conservative American right are the last adults in the room that is America. And it’s what leads me to already savor, even before most of us realize it’s happening, just how good it will feel for us to take so much of the power back.

And when that happens America will breathe a sigh of relief, despite the media’s ongoing efforts to create terror. The people of this nation will continue seeing right through the media’s breathless hyperbole, and Trump will emerge unquestionably as the most powerful political force in the world. He will have just finished sending that army of duly-elected America First patriots into the swamp to stand up for us, and the nation will see a healthier and more vibrant President Donald Trump, and his supporters will let themselves start to get excited about the actual possibility…

And then, hopefully for Christmas in 2022, he’ll announce his 2024 run.

It’ll be all-out war from all corners. Who knows what they’ll come up with but it’ll be brutal.

But if we can get through it and have a free and fair election, Trump will win again in 2024. He’ll have a massive new bloc of supporters who will come to like him personally because, after all these years and everything they’ve seen and all the stories that never added up — a lot of people who never liked Trump will finally see that the other side is a lot uglier and meaner, while Trump is a fighter who actually cares about America and its people. (I think a lot of that already happened in the run-up to 2020. We know we grew our numbers with non-white voters, but I also think just more broadly that the media’s overreach hating on Trump helps him more than his reaction to them hurts him.)

I believe what is happening naturally and organically in the culture and the grassroots, and the rot that’s happening among the media and Democrats and rest of the institutional left, and the fresh legs being built under the America First movement with Trump still firmly in charge and able to strike when and how he wants to — I believe this all adds up to something that most of us still don’t even believe is possible.

From my seat it’s not only possible, but likely.

Donald J. Trump will become America’s 45th, 47th, and 1st Original Gangster President.

What a baller thing to do. What a baller way to do it.

And not a patriot among us could ask for a better or more important reason: to Make America Great Again.

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  1. TRUMP is the best thing that has happened to this country! Wake up Libs! BIDEN. Pelosi, Shumer, Nadler,
    Harris and the SCOTUS are abominations. Wake UP. Clarence Thomas the only TRUE conserative!
    I am too old to start a new career only I have to try because my SS is being taxed! We do not qualify for all the freebies. Between my husband and myselg we have worked over 100 yrs!


  2. You forget that the handlers will throw Harris at us first as #47. Perhaps she desires the switch be made around the beginning of Feb 2023, so that she could still run twice herself, though at the rate Joe is going, they may be forced to make the switch sooner. That means that Trump would be #45 and #48 – a much more prestigious and impactful number in US history (think #16 and #32). Perhaps there is still an outside shot, if audits in enough states are allowed to run their course, that he could later this year be reinstalled from “exile” as still #45 and the person we currently call “#46” discarded as having never been legitimate: an “anti-president”, if you will.


  3. Harris could not be president as her parents were in America as foreign exchange students when they had Harris and not citizens. Pelosi, however, would cherish that opportunity as she would be next in line, and not Harris.


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