Should Kids From Single Parent Homes Be Treated As Special Needs Students They Are?

This is an idea that hit me recently and while I don’t have a ton of specifics to share, I know it’s an important part of America’s most progressive, united and powerful future.

Two parent homes where the mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity more than anything else in the world breed accountability in kids as they become adults.

I’ve written on this endlessly and even embedded its most simple iteration in the name of this website: Love Breeds Accountability.

I’m not talking about the love one gets from a President, Senator or Congressperson.

I’m not talking about the love one gets from a community, New York Times reporter or corporate identity logo.

When I say “Love Breeds Accountability” I’m talking about the love of committed, 2-parent families where the parents stick it out for each other and their kids, even and especially when things get tough.

I’ve written the caveats but people close to me have told me they’re important, so I keep including them…

Caveat one: Of course plenty of great kids come from single parent homes and plenty of awful kids come from two-parent homes. But generally speaking and according to universally-agreed upon and well-documented research, when it comes to parenting, two are generally better than one.

And that’s a critical construct to get your head around when you’re looking at something like racial disparity in America. Because in 2021 America we have a dying “institutional left” that for decades has hijacked the conversation by lying about racial disparity in America. A united, elitist, billionaire-embedded front consisting of legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, big tech and corporate America have all worked together to help Democrats divide our nation by race and, they hope, consolidate their own power while stripping all Americans of all races of ours.

In service to that effort they’ve worked hard to perpetuate the myth that America is systemically racist, and that’s why Americans who happen to be black have worse statistical outcomes across every meaningful metric.

It’s a lie.

Americans who happen to be black have worse statistical outcomes because 72% of them come from single parent homes.

Meanwhile, Americans who happen to be of Asian descent out-perform everyone in every meaningful metric, and only 17% of them come from single parent homes. Going right down the line and still tracking in perfect alignment with all the other metrics (education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime) about 23% of whites come from single parent homes, and 53% of Hispanics.

In America, Asians do the best, then whites, then Hispanics, then blacks.

In America, Asians have the fewest single parent homes, then whites, then Hispanics, then blacks.

America doesn’t have a white supremacy problem, unless you’re talking about the one emanating from liberals and their allies all across the institutional left who believe their own negative assumptions about brown people mean they’re experiencing “empathy.” The vast majority are hellbent on the idea that what they’re doing is actually good, and only a few among them actually enjoy the part where they also exploit those allegedly pathetic and uncivil brown people for their own social and political gain.

Regardless, at the heart of what ails America and Americans who happen to be black specifically are single parent homes. And having written about it for years now, I’m often left conceding that I don’t know what to do about today’s casualties of leftism. I don’t know how to help those who have been led to believe that their lives are useless and hopeless because America is too racist to give them a shot. I don’t know what to do for all those teenage mothers who can’t decide if it’d be cooler to get an abortion or be a single mom who has to drop out of school because she’s “so adult” now.

What I talk about all the time is trying to mitigate tomorrow’s racial disunity and disparity by simply being honest about this particular problem. I note that if LeBron James and Jake Tapper and the rest of the Racist Democrat Party’s most powerful leaders talked a fraction as much about single parent homes as they do so-called “systemic racism,” then at least a few kids today would hear them. And those kids would aspire to take family seriously, and wait for a time and partner who will do the same with them. And then if they have kids of their own, they might be more likely to honor that commitment. And their kids might grow up with two parents and, as a result, have a better example of love and honoring our most important commitments, and more resources like time, money and energy. All of that could happen for God knows how many children and families just because the right people talk honestly about the problem.

But they refuse to. In fact it’s worse than that. At this point in the institutional left’s pathetic, primitive, crass, racist, fascist attempt to destroy America, they’re actually out there trying to convince each other and the world that even talking about two-parent homes is racist. In academia right now they teach that two-parent homes are a product of white supremacy. Van Jones’s “Color of Change” is a political action organization funded by the biggest names in corporate America, and they work tirelessly to combat the “myth” that two-parent homes make a difference. Instead, they argue that “fatherhood involvement” is just as good and they use as evidence a pseudoscience “study” conducted by the Obama-era CDC.

Those details are granular but the big point is this: two parent homes more than anything else, generally and statistically speaking, create more opportunities for and accountability among kids as they become adults. The black family in America has been under attack by the Racist Democrat Party for the last 60 years and, as a result, it’s basically destroyed and now barely 1 in 4 black kids grow up in 2-parent homes. Want to know why black women are so revered? It’s because the institutional left — legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America and big tech — they’ve given black men permission and even motivation to abandon their families and instead live hopelessly in an America where they’re led to believe it’s okay to fail because they were never really going to succeed anyway. The message for the last several generations has basically been, “If you can’t get lucky in sports or music then you’re out of luck in America. All you can do is vote Democrat and hope enough people start doing the same so we can save you.”

That’s the message they’ve pushed, and it’s been wildly successful as evidenced by the statistics and devastation to people, families and communities we’ve tragically come to accept because it’s so ubiquitous.

I know single parent homes are the main driver of disparity.

I know disparity is the main driver of racial disunity.

I know the Racist Democrat Party thrives off both because they’ve  never once derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making.

I know the institutional left — legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America and big tech — have become a united force helping the Racist Democrat Party foment racial disparity and disunity.

I’m not entirely sure what to do for all the people they’ve already destroyed, for whom any semblance of freedom is already too polluted of a concept for them to even know what to do with.

But I have a new thought on how to help mitigate this issue tomorrow, and it’s centered on treating this problem with the gravity it deserves.

I think at some point in the future we need to find a way to treat kids from single parents homes as the special needs students they are. There are a million moving parts to this not the least of which is, my second caveat on this conversation: we’re not trying to scold or punish parents today who split up. That’s not the government’s job as protectors of our freedoms, and it’s not ours as Christians or any other assumed arbiters of moral fortitude. A big part of what I think needs to be said is that we’re not scolding parents today who split up, but we are encouraging parents tomorrow to do less of it.

That’s it. That’s how simple the message is. And if enough powerful people said it, then more kids will hear and aspire to it. I know it sounds simple but for the love of all that’s holy, some things are. Sometimes to move a pile of bricks, you’ve just gotta start lifting them one at a time. And we know that single parent homes are a huge problem, especially among Americans who happen to be black. We know that disparity among Americans who happen to be black is staggeringly high across every meaningful metric. We know that disparity is being scapegoated by the institutional left to create yet more racial disparity and disunity. We know it’s tearing our nation apart. The least that Americans of good faith and integrity can do is say out loud that when it comes to parenting, generally speaking, two are better than one.

You and I have no problem saying it. But go have that conversation with any activist Democrat, and they’ll melt down calling you racist and insisting that a) single parent homes don’t matter or b) talking about their value won’t help because, we can only assume, they believe black people aren’t good listeners or fully capable, functioning members of society. (Maybe they still think they’re only 3/5s as capable as the rest of us!)

But as is with the case with COVID-19, they want to prescribe every society-crushing imposition they can think of before even considering the most obvious and simple remedy.

With COVID-19 that would’ve meant protecting the most vulnerable while letting the rest of us achieve herd immunity (probably without even knowing it since the vast majority of us, like probably close to 90-100% of kids by now, got infected and didn’t even know it happened). But instead they stuck the most vulnerable in the most vulnerable positions possible while forcing the rest of us to endure myriad collateral devastation all under the laughable, humiliating precept that we would “Mask Up. Stay Home. Save Lives.” Our mitigation efforts were never about stopping the spread. It was about slowing it so that we wouldn’t have ventilator or hospital bed shortages. Every epidemiologist worth anything knew that the virus was going to spread when, where and how it wanted to. And our only hope was slowing it down enough so our healthcare systems wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Does anyone else remember when that was the goal? I do, but admittedly even I had forgotten because they so effectively slow-walked their creeping campaign of American destruction.

If they cared about actually solving problems instead of exploiting them, they’d have taken the simple and common sense approach to this virus that we actually knew a ton about very early on. And if they cared about mitigating racial disunity and disparity, and helping more Americans live more richly and independently, then they’d be talking about the devastating effects of single-parent homes on the kids who grow up in them and our nation more broadly.

Since they won’t, we — America’s truly civil rights and progress-minded; the Republican Party — will continue doing so. And as part of that conversation, I’m floating for the first time somehow embedding the reality of this crushing problem into our education system. I realize the people who need it most won’t get the help and those who want it least will likely exploit it the most, if it’s not planned for and executed carefully. And I don’t know what those plans and that execution might yet be. I just know that it’s a serious problem, and it deserves serious attention, and I do believe many of those kids have needs that their peers who come from two-parent homes don’t. I don’t know how to address those needs in the classroom or schools, but I’m convinced that the more we talk about the challenges single parent homes present for kids, the fewer we’ll see in the future. If we can talk about them more and simultaneously help kids who come from those situations, that seems like a pretty good idea that’s worth thinking about. Especially since come November 2022 we’ll be more powerful than we’ve ever been and by January 2025 we’ll be able to level that power from every branch of government with a team that’s now well-versed in how to navigate and crush the swamp.

It’s time to start thinking about more ways to help Make America Great Again. This is the very early iteration of one such idea.

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  1. Middle children have special needs too.
    And ugly men. They should be given a hot woman because they deserve one and hot women need an ugly man to treat them right and solve their self-esteem issues. The ugly man should be old enough to be her father to take care of those daddy issues.
    Ridiculous enough yet?


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