Disgraced U.S. News Media Will Spend Next Two Years Pretending Liz Cheney Matters (She Doesn’t)

It’s their oldest act: tell the story they want to be true, no matter how dishonest it is, and then keep telling that untrue story based on “the evidence” that it’s all anyone is talking about. Even though they’re the only ones actually talking about it.

They decide what stories they’ll focus on.

They write the headlines and shape those stories.

They direct the narratives around the twists and turns that “develop.”

They control the flow of information and, as such, purport an ability to describe the national mood.

But it’s always a lie and it’s always based on bad faith, bad data and bad intentions to mislead and divide America and its people.

And the next lie they’re going to tell is that people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger actually matter among the Republican Party.

Just like any time you turned on a panel discussion during Trump’s first term you’d find four liberals who hate Trump and one Republican who hates Trump, now you’ll start seeing Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in the news as if they’re the best representation of today’s GOP.

They’re not, obviously.

They’re who the media want to be the best representation of the today’s GOP because while Donald Trump promised and started following through on draining the swamp, establishment grifters like Cheney and Kinzinger work diligently to protect it. They’re the pathetic last-stands of the GOP’s “Never Trump” coalition who are convinced that the media will make good on their promise to confiscate power from the voters, and return it to the swamp where it belongs.

Then and only then, Cheney and Kinzinger are convinced, can we go back to that nice state of affairs from 6 years ago when the Republican Party only pretended to fight back against the DC establishment, but in reality was one of its most pathetic enablers.

That’s the world that Cheney, Kinzinger and their America Last allies peers in the media want more than anything else. They don’t see Trump and the America First movement as a threat to democracy or healthy American progress. They see Trump as a threat to the swamp they rely on for survival.

Consider: as a salesperson in corporate America it always amazed me how decision-makers would ink big dollar deals as a thank you for a few hundred dollars worth of dinner and drinks. Or donuts. Donuts, for crying out loud, could actually help close deals more consistently. It was insane to me. These people who are empowered with so much company capital and decision-making authority would wield it all around somewhat casually for people who spent just a few hundred dollars on them. It was mind-blowing to me. Yes there would be some value involved in the product or service being delivered, but so often the decision would be tied also to something so stupid and small but that was of personal, off-the-books value to the decision makers.

That’s how the media, grifting “career professionals,” corrupt wing of the intelligence community, Democrats and (before Trump) too many Republicans saw the swamp: they’d gladly sell off America’s interests or sell out America’s trust just to enrich themselves with a few pennies more of this or that that enriched them personally. It’s so pathetic and small but it’s how these people who are entrusted with great power too often operate.

And that embezzle-the-scraps red carpet is now rolled out for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to spend the next two years living like rock stars among the institutional left and other billionaire elites who want to destroy the America First revolution.

They’ll fail. And it will be hard to watch and at times very frustrating. But this is their plan and it’s really no different than everything else the propagandists in our legacy news media do: they decide on a story that fits their narrative, then keep pumping that story into the American conversation with exactly the same language and spin across all of their networks and newspapers. It’s not true. It’s not what’s actually happening in America or what matters to Americans. But they’ll dominate the news with it regardless, wholly ignoring or burying other news that really matters, and hope by the time they’re done that enough people will agree with them to move the dial at the polls.

They don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. They were already cratering in terms of their ability to move public opinion. And after what they pulled in 2020 and all that they’re pulling since, the flagrant lying and book-burning and censoring and fascism and racism — the red wave that’s coming in both 2022 and 2024 will utterly destroy them.

And for their last act the absolute best they could come up with was . . . Liz Cheney.

If that’s not evidence of their desperation and failure, I don’t know what is.

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