Corporate America’s Years-Long ‘White People Are Idiots’ Advertising Campaign

White people are what, 60% of America? Somewhere around that? (That’s actually a real question because — surprising nobody at this point — the Census page muddies race by giving you stats that, if you add them up, supposedly tell you what race 176% of Americans are.)

But for the sake of argument let’s just say around 60% of America is white.

So if you have to have idiots in your commercials, why not make white people those idiots 60% of the time? And then the other 40% of the time other people of other races can be portrayed as the idiots: 18% of the time Hispanics can be the idiots, blacks 13% of the time, Asians 6%, etc.

If you insist on flooding our homes with impressions of idiocy, does it have to be the white person 100% of the time?

Let me stop quickly to virtue signal that I’m not a “white rights” person or someone who thinks there’s some secret plan to get rid of white people. I’ve personally been jumped for being “too white,” and also for being “too brown.” I reject all bigotry in all forms and have written at length about it. Today I’m addressing part of the now-normalized racism against white people that’s been fomented for decades by a Racist Democrat Party that’s never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and/or disparity of their own making.

I’ve written in the past about “white” having become a pejorative all across the institutional left. I’ve noted that academia decided long ago, in no uncertain terms, that “whiteness” is a disease that needs to be eradicated from America. (And note: when they say “whiteness” what they mean is “any people of any race who oppose our racist and fascist ambitions.”)

But “whiteness” is the scapegoat.

It’s become the pejorative.

And we should speak out against that as readily we speak out against any other bigotry.

Which brings me to today…

Show me a commercial where there is a white person and a person of another race, and the white person is not the idiot.

Just one.

Not five.

Not ten.

Just show me one commercial made in the last 5 or so years where the white person isn’t the idiot.

I honestly don’t think those commercials exist.

I honestly don’t think, no matter how hard you try, you’ll find one.

I know for a fact you’ll find a ton of commercials with people of multiple races. And I know for a fact that if there’s an idiot in those commercials, the idiot will be white. And if this is something you’ve never thought about before then I know for a fact you’ll be at least marginally bothered its ubiquity once you start watching for it.

Almost every commercial on the market these days has people of two races.

And most of the time, one of those people is white.

And every time there’s an idiot, it’s the white person.

And if there’s a male and a female who are both white, then the male will be portrayed as the idiot.

Prove me wrong.

Show me just one ad that proves me wrong.

I strongly suspect you won’t be able to. And the reason you won’t be able to is because they don’t exist. And the reason they don’t exist is because the powers-that-be in corporate America enjoy perpetuating anti-white sentiment as they think their black and brown audiences really like it, and it helps fuel the Racist Democrat Party’s efforts to divide our nation and attack “whiteness.”

I don’t care who it’s targeting or what the rationale is: promoting racism, even under the guise of fighting it, will only lead to more racism. That the sleepy idiots in corporate America don’t know this or don’t care should surprise nobody during this unsavory American moment.

It’s yet another example of corporate America’s casual disregard for American unity, and their explicit attacks on “whiteness” in service to what they think and hope are racist black and brown people.

But I guarantee you just as many black and brown people will have their stomachs turn if they start watching for this.

It’s just gross to look at, once you see it. It’s so obvious and so brutally illiberal and regressive.

And pathetic, frankly.

That’s what most of these high-minded liberals are: pathetic.

I remember being at parties before I got really politically active. There’d often be some hotshot liberal trying to impress everyone with their political activism. And if I heard something I didn’t like, I’d push back. I’d bring an inquisitive tone more than a confrontational one, but because their idiocy is so easy to expose, within 5 minutes the hotshot wouldn’t feel so hot anymore and would usually cede something like, “I don’t actually care about this stuff all that much. It was just something some idiot prof mentioned a while back.”

I don’t know how many times that happened; more than 2 and probably less than 5.

The whole country right now feels like one of those parties.

And the media, Hollywood, academia, big tech and corporate America are the douchebag liberal hotshots getting to regale a roomful of uninterested people with their harrowing love of leftism. But when challenged on their idiotic views, as we’re seeing increasingly from Republicans who are finally hitting their next civil rights stride, the d-bag liberals wither while hoping to shake it off and nobody notices.

Consider this timeline:

Wednesday: Tim Scott says “America is not a racist country.”
Thursday: Entire Democrat base melts down, first insisting that America is a racist country and then trying their best to prove it by making “Uncle Tim” a national trend.
Friday: Both Biden and Harris come out and are forced to say they agree with Scott that America is not a racist country.

That’s how little it takes to box them in today, thanks entirely to how extremely racist and fascist the media and base have become over the years.

How about the Voter ID issue? We’ve been fighting that battle for decades but a few weeks after we finally note how racist it is for Lester Holt and Chuck Schumer to suggest that black people can’t get ID, they lose their nerve and don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk ceded the issue entirely on CNN a few nights ago!


The ubiquitous racism of the institutional left — aka Democrats, legacy news media, Hollywood, academia, corporate America — is rapidly becoming well established, and soon more of their leaders and activists will start running from it. And now is a great time, finally, to mention and give enormous accolades to a guy named Christopher Rufo who is out there helping crush everyone he can find who pushes the Racist Democrat Party’s divisive, regressive and illiberal America-hating drivel.

It’s also a great time to remind corporate America that as fun as it sounds to have you flood our homes with confirmation bias that goes our way socially and politically, how about instead you just stay in your respective product-and-service lanes. I mean, for the last few decades you thought it’d be a good idea to start trashing half the country, all because a bunch of 20-something advertising and marketing communists told you all brown people are racist and white America hates itself.

And you idiots bought it hook, line and sinker.

(The truth, the whole time, was that All Democrats Are Racist and liberal America hates itself.)

Think I’m wrong? Then show me a commercial made in the last 5 years where there’s more than one race, and there’s an idiot, and it’s not the white person.

I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Because contrary to what corporate America wants you to think, I’m not an idiot.


White Supremacists Should Go To The Racist Democrat Party Where They’re Valued & Belong

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  1. I believe that had Obama not been President, this nation would not be experiencing the sudden escalation of manufactured race hate shown on the propaganda media everyday.

    I see commercials with mixed race couples all the time. I’m old enough to remember rarely seeing any person of color in a commercial.

    I work at a casino. I interact with folk of all ethnic backgrounds and colors daily. And to a one, they’ve all been nice, friendly and warm.

    The hate is being amplified. The media and the conmunist demoncrats are doing Satan’s bidding. it will not end well for them. Not well at all.

    I was raised by my parents to judge a person by their skin color lest I be judged myself.


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