Real ‘Experts’ Would Put Vulnerable People In N-95s & Unmask Everyone Else

This has been true from the beginning, by the way.

The virus has a 99% survival rate. And it goes way up from there for the relatively young and healthy.

The only reason we didn’t put the most vulnerable in N-95s from the beginning is because the people who were screaming that the sky was falling wanted to make sure everyone else started screaming it with them.

They weren’t actually interested in doing the logical, simple, obvious thing.

I mean we knew from the very beginning that the vast majority of us wouldn’t even know we got it, and that the next largest population of us would have only mild or very mild symptoms.

Only a tiny percentage of us would become noticeably sick.

Only a tiny percentage of them would become seriously sick.

Only a tiny fraction of them would be hospitalized.

Only a tiny fraction of them would need ventilators.

And only a tiny fraction of them would die.

(And spare me your “Nearly 600K people have died from COVID-19!” junk. They counted everyone who died with as having definitely died from and friends that’s a lot of things but “honest” or “science” aren’t any of them. The 600K number is junk science. It means nothing to me in terms of being “good data,” and it shouldn’t to you either.)

This virus was never nearly as big of a threat as the powers that be wanted us to believe. And they wanted us to believe it so they could hamper-and-bludgeon President Trump while punishing the nation that elected him. Still, go figure, his ability to move mountains for the vaccines is nothing short of miraculous. You won’t find a better example of his America First (“We’re getting this done.”) and Drain The Swamp (“Get out of my way.”) commitments intersecting to do so much simultaneous good. The media, Democrats and Chinese Communist Party hoped to drag this out for 5 years across America. But Trump’s vaccines thwarted them!

And yet they’re still dragging it out. There are vaccines out there now for anyone who wants one. The vaccines, we’re told repeatedly by all of “the experts,” are absolutely safe and absolutely effective.

So who are we still protecting?!

Is there truly a large population of Americans who are high risk for serious complications from COVID-19 and can’t take the vaccines? I know there are plenty of people who don’t want to. But we’re no longer in danger of hospital bed or ventilator shortages. And that, we were once told, was the reason we needed to change our way of life. It was to protect each other not from getting the virus, but from getting the virus and not being able to be treated due to overcrowding in hospitals.

That threat is gone.

And I don’t think there’s a person out there who doesn’t know exactly why we haven’t heard a word about that threat in close to a year or more by now.

It’s the same reason they’re still terrorizing our nation despite vaccines being available to anyone who wants one.

And it’s the same reason they decided that rather than protect the relatively tiny population of vulnerable Americans, they’d instead just shut the entire country down for a while and see what happens from there.

It never had anything to do with health or science.

It was always about fear and control.

And yet more proof is that they could right now tell the rest of the country to open up, and let those people they’re so worried about — the .000001% or so of Americans who for whatever reasons can’t or won’t get vaccinated — let them choose to wear N-95s if they want a mask that actually provides a degree of legitimate protection. Or let them choose not to. But let the rest of us get back to our lives already and stop playing this stupid game, destroying our country, stunting our childrens’ development, dividing us, making us meaner, dumber, madder and sicker, all in the name of “science” that you exploit and abuse for purely political purposes.

Again, the fears we were all initially seduced by — lack of hospital beds and ventilators — are gone. They should’ve put the vulnerable in N-95s from the start and let the rest of us get and spread it as fast as possible so we’d develop the antibodies and approach herd immunity with or without the vaccines. (Reminder: the same people who say that’s crazy talk just told you that your 3-year-old must wear a mask outdoors this summer.) Heck, we’re probably already a lot closer to herd immunity than we realize because we have no way of knowing who already got the virus/antibodies, and didn’t even know it happened. But there are millions if not tens of millions if not hundreds of millions for whom that was the case.

They didn’t, at the beginning when it made the most sense, do N-95s for the vulnerable while telling everyone else, for public health safety reasons, to go on about their lives as they normally would.

They’re not, at the end when anything less is psychotic, doing N-95s for the vulnerable while telling everyone else, for public health and safety reasons, to go on about their lives as they normally would.

They’re not doing it because they’re not interested in public health or safety.

They’re only interested in promoting fear, and using that to control us.

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