Today’s Legacy News Media Is An Authoritarian’s Dream & Tomorrow’s Historians Will Humiliate Them For It

I was struck this morning by something Glenn Greenwald said:

The leading advocates for censorship of political speech are US journalists. They are the supreme enemies of the First Amendment (same reason they’re happy Assange rots in jail). It’s an authoritarian dream to get *journalists* to lead the censorship crusade.

I don’t know all of his history but I do know Mr. Greenwald has emerged as one of the most well-informed, articulate and unafraid voices for free speech in the world. (His Twitter is here and his own site is here.)

He’s focused a lot lately on the U.S. legacy news media, and his observation above was in response to news that media outlets are celebrating Facebook’s stifling of President Trump’s free speech.

And he’s absolutely right that our propagandist media is something authoritarians could only dream of.

I wanted to highlight it not because I think most of you don’t already know it.

I wanted to highlight it because it’s a humiliation that Jake Tapper, Lester Holt, Dean Baquet, Glenn Kessler and the rest have probably not thought much about just yet. Because most of them truly believe what they’re doing is morally just, and as such they haven’t slowed down to really consider:

“What if we’re wrong?”

The thought has undoubtedly never even crossed their minds, and so they’ve never once stopped to think about how obvious their bad behavior has become and how easy it will be for honest historians to document and highlight that as a cautionary tale of what not to let happen.

What’s more, in addition to the easy-to-spot media malpractice by way of bias and propagandizing, history will also find the racism, fascism and science denial that the legacy news media fomented in service to the Racist Democrat Party.

Mark my words: “critical race theory” will go on history’s shelf right next to slavery, eugenics and segregation. And the legacy news media that celebrated and supported it while stoking as much racial division and disparity as possible will be branded as key enablers of the Racist Democrat Party’s thinking and behavior.

Our response to COVID-19 will sadly indict entire medical and scientific communities as complicit, which is a shame because as is the case with the FBI and CIA — the vast majority of the rank-and-file are truly doing incredible, honest work.

But that’s what happens when they hijack the leadership roles in these critical institutions, and then exploit the institutions for social and/or political gain. All the good they might be doing will be forgotten or overshadowed by the bad behavior of those in leadership.

And that’s what Jake Tapper, Lester Holt and the rest have done to the media.

There are a lot of great rank-and-file media folks out there. And, obviously, there is a tremendous need for a robust and courageous Fourth Estate.  But thanks to the face of the industry — people like Don Lemon, Scott Pelley and Yamiche Alcindor — none of those rank-and-file among them will matter.

People like Glenn Greenwald, Sean Davis, Sharyl Attkisson and Mollie Hemingway will be rewarded as revolutionaries for courageously standing up to the legacy news media. And there are many more who in recent years have emerged to stand in defiance of the corrupt and disgraced legacy news media. But the entire, larger institution — the united front of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, PBS and AP — these nine organizations are the worst and longest-running offenders, and will become symbols for the myriad destruction and division they worked so hard to create.

They used to pride themselves on “speaking truth to power.” Today however there are no greater sycophants on earth for suppressing speech and freedom than NBC News, The New York Times, and the rest.

There are no greater blights on American progress and unity than CNN, The Washington Post, and the rest.

There are no greater threats to an informed America than ABC, NPR, and the rest.

There are no greater servants to corporate and government interests in defiance of We The People than CBS, the Associated Press, and the rest.

They truly are an authoritarian’s dream.

And the only reason we can all see it so clearly now is Trump’s promise to “Drain The Swamp,” which was in fact a direct threat to their livelihood.

Why? Because this was the swamp’s make-up:

BREADWINNERS: Democrats and establishment GOP
PAWNS: staff, consultants, strategists, advisers & other grifting “career professionals”
SECURITY: corrupt wing of the intelligence community
MARKETING & PR: legacy news media

That was the swamp’s make-up.

And every last one of them were parasites feeding off of a host that didn’t consent and that they couldn’t stop lying to or about: the USA.

The very nation they were duty-bound to inform and protect, they instead lied to, divided, manipulated and corrupted.

So Trump’s promise to drain the swamp wasn’t a threat to America. It wasn’t a threat to democracy. It wasn’t a threat to unity or progress. It was a threat to the parasites who rely on the swamp for survival. That’s when they threw away any pretense of honesty or objectivity, and they haven’t stopped since. In fact they’re only getting worse now that Democrats are alleged to be back in power.

But this is important. Too few of you know why they’re getting worse. Too many of you think they’re getting more brazen because they’re getting more powerful. I say they’re getting more brazen because they’re desperate, and these are their pathetic and hard-to-watch last gasps. Because despite doing everything they could to destroy the guy who actually meant it when he promised to drain their swamp, he and we are still here and we’re quickly emerging to be more powerful than ever.

It absolutely crushes them that we haven’t budged an inch from the same winning message that carried us in 2020: America First, and Drain The Swamp.

It crushes them because they know what they’ve done, they know what they’ve tried to do, they’re now starting to realize how badly they failed and — here’s the best part — they’re starting to get a sense of the retribution that’s coming for them, and vindication for us.

They’re looking for bunkers and exit strategies.

There are none.

Because whatever else they hoped to convince us they are while using flagrant corruption and dishonesty to make their point, history will note that the legacy news media as an institution had by 2021 become something that an authoritarian could only dream of.

If that’s what you were going for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, PBS and AP, congratulations.

You nailed it.

And you’ll be rightly rewarded for it with lots of historians marveling at your proudly-published, well-documented and massive body of “work.”

And now that I think about it, I guess it’s a little great that the legacy news media has become so narcissistic and corrupt. I mean they legitimately think they’re going to be able to serenade historians who haven’t been born yet into believing their lies, the same way they’re trying to convince America to believe their lies.

It compels a “Bless their hearts” sentiment out of me.

It’s bad enough that they think our nation is dumb enough to believe their lies.

That they narcissistically think the same of future generations who will someday audit their integrity, is just more evidence that they deserve every bit of the historic humiliation that awaits them.

Author’s Note: I’ve got an actual plan that would take out the legacy news media as we know it. I’ve written about it endlessly here at LBA and it’s made its way up some important flagpoles. The plan is embedded in this recent piece and this search string should take you to several more writings about it. Briefly, as an update: a few days ago Jake Tapper threatened to ban Republicans from his show. This, unfortunately, means they’re a step closer to doing what I think our elected GOP need to do first. So the clock is now ticking on who will pull the “We’re boycotting you!” trigger first: our elected Republicans boycotting the nine worst offenders in media for lying all the time (aka my plan), or them boycotting our elected GOP leaders for telling the truth. So while I’m happy to speculate about the media’s future as I did in the piece you just read, I do in fact have a plan to thwart them right now and have been refining and promoting it for about a year.

Make sure to check out WhatFinger News for all the best right-minded media content from around the web.

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