CDC Must APOLOGIZE TO AMERICA For Guiding 100% Of Toddlers Into Masks Outdoors

There are some grudges we absolutely must hang on to.

They’ll run from the “guidance” before they even have a chance to impose it, but the CDC has officially lost all credibility and become a not-at-all funny joke after suggesting toddlers spend the summer outside and in masks.

Remember that Seinfeld where Elaine said she was on a date and the guy “took it out” when he dropped her off for the night?


“Phil” was trying in a very stupid way to get some action. He figured he’d come this far, so he might as well try something ridiculous and hope for the best.

Kramer sees some logic in it. People who claim to appreciate behavior like Phil’s do exist, but they’re thankfully few and far between because they’re insane.

Everyone else knows it’s absolutely ridiculous, and the type of thing that doesn’t get forgotten.

The CDC is Phil, outdoor masking of toddlers is “taking it out,” the legacy news media and “Liberals Who Can’t Quit The Lockdowns” are Kramer, and the rest of us are Elaine, Jerry and George.

The CDC has disgraced itself too many times at this point and this latest piece of “guidance” is the ridiculous overstep that nobody should ever let them live down until they work for and earn that right. Even though they’re guaranteed to amend it before they ever put kids through that, the mere suggestion of it is so egregiously manipulative, unsafe, exploitative and dishonest that they simply can’t be afforded a shred of additional credibility until we understand this decision and heads roll and we get some evidence that they care about science as much as they care about dividing our country, hurting our children, inciting fear and promoting political propaganda.

We all have break-ups with celebrities, corporations and even institutions. I’ve said repeatedly that even though he hates us all with a passion, I still can’t quit Alec Baldwin because I love too much of what he’s done professionally. Amazon on the other hand, a company whose many services I once hilariously thought I couldn’t live without, crossed a line when they booted Parler off the internet. I couldn’t in good conscience abide them anymore so I permanently deleted the accounts I had with them.

As conservatives we’ve all learned to do our own cost/benefit analyses because we’re all forced to endure so much of the left’s trash being shoved down our throats at every turn. Eventually you just realize you’re gonna have to grin and bear a lot of it, but you pick your battles and sometimes you have to draw a line.

The CDC just crossed that line. And if the Republican Party wanted to use that as political leverage, they absolutely could. Because every American would 100% agree with them.

So this is when, from my seat, every American now has the right to say something to the effect of…

I can’t trust this organization anymore because their guidance suggested toddlers wear masks when outside playing sports. I realize they have or are likely to revisit that guidance quickly, but that it came out at all suggests clearly they’re more interested in promoting fear and political theater, than anything to do with science. Until they can provide an explanation for such a science-averse and pain-promoting guideline, they no longer have any credibility, nor do they deserve it.

There is zero science that says kids are in danger or good spreaders to anyone let alone each other, let alone outside, let alone now that anyone who wants the vaccine has already gotten it. (I still can’t figure out who exactly we’re still “protecting” with all this nonsense. If anyone out there has an answer, I’d love to hear it.)

But kids are the least of anyone’s worries in terms of COVID-19, and the most critical of everyone’s concern in terms of enabling their healthy development and futures.

The bad behavior of the CDC can no longer be swept aside, forgiven or forgotten. The organization is clearly run by political partisans who will gladly sacrifice your child’s health and well-being for their own social and political agendas.

That is not okay.

The CDC just did the “here’s our guidance” equivalent of “taking it out.” It was gross, desperate, stupid, obvious, oblivious and can easily be categorized as assault.

There isn’t a chance in hell I’m getting in a car with them again until they let a handful of people try to justify it, and then fire those people publicly and forcefully while telling the world why.

Until or unless that happens, I’ll walk.

And I’ll be doing it without a mask on. Am I vaccinated? Am I not?

If you’re gonna play games, then so am I. And my medical decisions will never be any of your business.

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