Trump’s America First Movement Re-Emerging More Powerful Than Ever

The media spent all day yesterday celebrating Liz Cheney and, it would appear, possibly getting ready for another fight about the integrity of the 2020 election.

For my part, I’ve largely moved on. I think the 2020 election was stolen and our restrained response was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen. It’s what led me to realize that we, the America First movement, the conservative American right, the mainstream of America…we truly are the last adults in America.

So, from my seat, it happened and there was a reason likely beyond our comprehension as to why God wanted us to endure it. But I’ve been certain since January that we were going to make a roaring comeback and it would be predicated on 1) their having synthetically seized the power without the organic mandate, 2) their not realizing it and way overstepping with a spectacularly anti-American platform and posture, 3) our messaging and platform not changing in the slightest because that elusive organic mandate still somehow-mysteriously-we-may-never-have-the-answer-or-know-why remains in our control, 4) that reality will thunderously empower our side as more of us in both the grassroots and D.C. start realizing it in the run-up to 2022, 5) we’re shoring up election integrity where it actually matters, 6) it actually was a relative red wave in 2020 despite all the odds being against us and the media trying to downplay it, 7) that winning America First messaging authored by President Trump is why, and 8) the over-the-top bad behavior of a united elitist front — media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America and big tech — turning the stomachs of basically everyone on the planet who doesn’t bleed Racist Democrat Party blue.

Add all that up, and I found myself not real worried about “the stolen election.”

In fact, I found myself downright excited about what’s to come.

The hardest part has been watching my compatriots endure this misery without the perspective above. The cancellations and destruction of peoples’ lives merely for speaking freely in America is very real. The ugliness as the media and Democrats flail desperately amid what I’ve long surmised are their obvious last gasps, is grueling for everyone involved.

Still, I almost wrote a piece the other day saying if America is truly a Christian nation (I’ve never said it was and in fact to the contrary I believe it’s a nation built on free expression of religion, with Christianity however being the obvious dominant force in the same way that English is the dominant language), but I almost wrote if that’s really what we think we are and want to be, then we’ll forgive our sleepy leftist neighbors who stood by and not only allowed so much of this but also cheered it on.

That’s from a guy who’s written endlessly about kicking them off my lawn if they begged for forgiveness.

That’s how certain I’ve become that their very small force (which is made to appear very big by that united front of elitist powers) is about to get socially and politically crushed in a way not seen since the Civil War.

And the vast majority of them were just idiots, spoiled by American prosperity, seduced by the truly nefarious powers who told them all a) they’re victims or b) they’re oppressors.

I would put my hand on the Bible and swear that in 50 years history will view critical race theory as yet another shameful iteration of the Racist Democrat Party’s commitment to amassing power based on racial disunity and disparity entirely of their own making. It’ll stack up right alongside slavery, eugenics and segregation. And I’ve written about why a million times and forgotten more bullet points than a lot of people create. But I know it’s coming. They’ve called everyone else racist my entire life and I figured out about 15 years ago it’s because they’re pretty committed to America experiencing a lot of racism. I’ve been unpacking that theory ever since and am yet to bump into a single scenario that would disprove it.

These last few weeks have been particularly great as I’ve seen a) Republicans increasingly calling out Democrats’ racism, b) a homerun from Tim Scott previewing what “All Democrats Are Racist” might sound like when coming from a very diplomatic politician, c) the America First movement absolutely pummeling anyone who gets in our way in the first real electoral contests since 2020 and d) the media absolutely melting down and not knowing which direction to look for protection from what’s about to happen.

I believe all of that, happily so no less, without even thinking about or looking closely at the Arizona Audit, for example. Frankly, friends, I’m pretty sure that even if we bubble up concrete evidence of massive voter fraud, the media will immediately dismiss it as “partisan findings.” And kick and scream all you want but if NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT and AP aren’t outraged about it, then neither will be the nation as a matter first of perception and eventually reality.

About half of us, probably many more in fact, will be. And we can burn and riot and loot (don’t, obviously!) and the media would either ignore or blame us.

They’ll never in a million years admit they’re wrong or we’re right on something that big.

You have to be ready for that at this point in the fight.

The Arizona Audit could reveal rock solid evidence of massive voter fraud, and there’s a decent chance it won’t matter one bit because the media will just spin up a dismissal and then all take turns flooding our country with that narrative.

The vast majority of us won’t believe that narrative, but the media will tell us it’s the one that’s taking the country. And when nothing happens and there’s no justice despite the rock solid evidence, we’ll all be stuck with that.

I want to know. And if fraud is revealed, I want dominoes to fall in other states.

But in terms of something actionable happening, I just think we’d do well to prep now to yet again be the only ones who are outraged about something as monumental as a stolen election. If hard evidence ends up coming from the audit, great. But if it doesn’t or even if it does and we’re denied justice, there’s still nothing but green pastures as long as we get to November 2022 and have the free and fair elections our GOP-led state legislatures have secured for us.

Yet more really hard pills for the last adults in America to swallow but in terms of lasting damage to our nation, nothing more than sugar pills in the end.

And they all know it.

CNN spent most of yesterday talking about Liz Cheney. She and Adam Kinzinger are their last hopes to stop the America First movement. It’s hilarious. And they’re all freaking out. Lemon and Cuomo had a serious lovers’ quarrel a few nights ago. Over what? Who cares. Their angst is through the roof because despite all their best efforts to destroy us, we’re re-emerging as if not more powerful than ever. I’ve seen it for months. They’re just starting to.

You will soon if you’re not already.

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