Today Joe Biden & Jake Tapper Convinced Me NOT To Get The 2nd Vaccine Shot

Let me start by saying I knew from the jump that the hysteria over COVID-19 was driven by an American legacy news media eager to hurt our then-President and punish the nation that elected him.

I remain highly skeptical about the number of people who have actually died from it as opposed to with it, and I’m confident at this point saying I believe the Chinese Communist Party manufactured this virus specifically to spread quickly and hurt obese people (that’s us, America) because they knew, explicitly or not, that the American media would eagerly help them exploit the virus to go after Trump. 

Having stipulated all that, I was more than happy to sign on to getting the vaccine. From my seat, the people who fear the vaccines weren’t much different than the healthy people who fear COVID-19: fully bought into a world of fear that’s as sensational as it is useful to those selling it.

But I’m watching how desperately they want everyone to get vaccinated and my big question the last few days has been to protect whom, exactly?

Others who won’t get vaccinated? Is that honestly why we’re still indulging this national humiliation of lockdowns and mask mandates?

We’re doing all of this… (?!)

still… (!?!?)

just to protect people who won’t get vaccinated? (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!!??!!?!?)

If that’s not it, then what is it?

The vaccines are available to any adult who wants one. 

There’s no longer a threat of hospital bed or ventilator shortages.

Some of you may recall that’s the purported reason our country allowed this entire charade to start. How long has it been since you’ve heard about that concern? How long since anyone has told you to wash your hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer? Why do you think it is that none of the “follow the science” crowd, including that sociopath Anthony Fauci, have ever once suggested America lose a little weight to help stave off the negative health consequences of COVID-19? I lost a ton of weight in the last year in part because I didn’t want to be a fat, vulnerable American. I figured that out myself. But “the experts” and the “follow the science” crowd who allegedly care so much about Americans, and are willing to put us through so much hardship so we can all help each other…these geniuses don’t even have the guts to say “By the way, lose some weight!”

Instead they say “Shut everything down and stunt the development of literally every child in America in every possible way. Do this for a year or more. Shut down businesses permanently. Wipe out peoples’ life savings. Turn everyone against each other and drape a wet blanket over our nation that deprives us any semblance of community or humanity. We’re gonna have to do all that and more to defeat this thing. But we know you can handle it because this is a crisis, and we know you’ll pull through for each other.”

If they cared about you, or science, or health one bit then they’d have told us to lose some weight.

Do you understand and follow that? The “follow the science” crowd crushed us and our nation for a full year as part of alleged mitigation efforts. They destroyed our lives and our communities and our children. They said it was all in the name of science and all to help protect people from this awful virus. But they never once said out loud that it hurts fat people more than others, and so fat people should lose some weight.

Nobody ever said those words.

Why do you think that is?

It can’t be a good reason nor can it involve them liking, respecting and/or trusting our nation very much. If they did, then in addition to destroying our country and lives, they’d have taken the difficult and courageous step of saying “Also lose some weight.”

It’s the same thing with mitigating disparity for Americans who happen to be black. They refuse to tell the truth and talk about broken homes because a) they fear black people too much to upset them, b) they pity them too much to expect much from them and/or c) they don’t actually want to solve the problem because they derive power from its existence.

They’re liars and fascists who thrive off American pain and disunity.

Still, despite all of that, I was perfectly comfortable getting my 1st shot a few weeks back and was all set to get my 2nd tomorrow. But today I’m listening to Jake Tapper, Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats desperately insisting that unless everyone, even children, get vaccinated then we can’t go “back to normal.”

Excuse me?!

They’ve pushed me over the edge several times this past year, and this is yet another instance of it. 

I’m not sure if it’s just political for them, or if in fact there’s something else going on with the vaccines that they’re not telling us, but it’s absolutely absurd to suggest that children need to get vaccinated before we can officially “go back to normal.”

It’s a bridge too far and frankly freaks me out.

There isn’t a shred of science that says what we’re doing is in any way actually related to science.

I repeat: the vaccines are there for the vulnerable, and anyone else who wants one.

So who exactly are we still protecting?

That’s a real question.

Unfortunately I can only come up with one answer, and it’s not a good one.

Everything that we’re doing now is to protect a tiny population of adult Americans who choose not to take the vaccine.


All of it.

It’s all theater but the purported reason for it is “protecting the most vulnerable among us.”

The most vulnerable among us can and should’ve already gotten the vaccine. 

So I repeat: who exactly are we protecting?

Are we really doing all of this — the masks, the lockdowns, destroying a generation of children and any semblance of a childhood they might’ve hoped for, and now effectively forcing vaccinations on the entire country lest they continue holding us hostage — are we really doing all of it for a tiny population of adults who have made their own decision not to get the vaccine?!

We’re really punishing somewhere in the neighborhood of 99.9999% of the American population for a tiny fraction won’t get vaccinated? 

Or maybe we’re to believe the vaccines in fact do not work, and that’s why the people who got them aren’t actually protected and won’t be…until everyone else gets one? Is that the clinically insane rationale we’re going with?

I’m out.

It was all theater to start with and their pushing these vaccines on kids now, as a prerequisite for “letting” us “get back to normal”…I’m out.

Way to go, Jake Tapper and Joe Biden! I was completely on board and have the receipts to prove it from the first shot. But because you’re both so insanely bent on everyone getting this, and at the same time you’re unable to tell us why as anyone who wants to be protected with vaccines already is, you’ve sufficiently scared me out of playing along anymore.

And you scared me out of it because you’re acting like unhinged psychopaths. Your desperation is so apparent and it couldn’t be more obvious this has nothing to do with “health” anymore. You’re holding our country hostage while punishing it and all of its children in service to a handful of adults who for whatever reason should get vaccinated but won’t. And your desperation pushing the vaccines despite the only possible reason being such an entirely irresponsible and dangerous one, concerns me that something else might be going on.

From this point forward, whatever you assholes and idiots tell me to do, I’m comfortably and confidently gonna do the opposite. 

Still not tired of winning.

Oh, and before I forget: Trump 2024: Stick It To The Man.

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  1. Sociopaths my friend, sociopaths. And power hungry ones at that. The folks who scream my body. my choice when comes to abortion are telling those of us who don’t want the jab, that we’re bad, bad people who don’t care about anybody but ourselves.

    It should a personal decision not forced by shame and coercion. But the propaganda just keeps on ramping up.


  2. “We’re really punishing somewhere in the neighborhood of 99.9999% of the American population for a tiny fraction won’t get vaccinated?”

    Okay, dude, I told you before: Stop dissing the people who actually did their research before they decided these untested, unapproved genetic manipulators masquerading as vaccines are a dangerous con job. You are not being forced to vaccinate to protect me, you are being forced because it makes a hell of a lot of money for some people. We shall not even discuss ulterior motives here…
    You cannot even prove this cividiot virus exists, the manufacturers themselves admit their untested, unapproved genetic manipulators masquerading as vaccines do not actually protect you or anybody else, and if you read the package inserts, there are various serious warnings, by the makers themselves, about the toxicity of these things.
    Do you remember the “measles epidemic” of 2018/19? Then already they demanded we all vaccinate, so some parents asked other parents to keep their children home for a week after vaccination, so they don’t shed their viruses on the other kids? Remember how the vaccinators screamed at us that “shedding is a myth”? Now go read Pfizer’s own warning about shedding on pregant women! Just search for “pfizer warns shedding pregnancy” Don’t use Google, or at least compare it with, say, duck-duck-go results, the difference is shocking!

    I often enjoy reading you, I like your style, you are often witty and usually relevant, but you need to read more things you disagree with, it’s how we learn. I shall not pollute your thread with my links, but I implore you follow the link under my name, where I describe how important RNA is, and how Lockdown attacked our social coherence by breaking our RNA communion, then imagine Baal Gates adding “designer RNA” to your genome.

    Please read up on Koch’s Postulate, it’s just four phrases, then compare the “reality” of the covidiocy virus to scientific reality, and you will see the lies for what they are.
    So stop blaming me and mine for not blindly following where Baal Gates leads, it’s rude and intellectually dishonest, and possibly species-threateningly dangerous.
    But I’ll keep accepting your article notification mails, we agree on many other things.


    • Sorry to be this person, BUT ACTUALLY, “if you read the package inserts” you will find they say “This Page Was Intentionally Left Blank” as they do not have package inserts because they are not approved products and are therefore not required to. The various warnings were in their clinical studies and are very real.

      I remain unconvinced that any nefarious alteration exists in these shots simply because I don’t believe life is that exciting. I believe the motives behind this whole campaign are primarily for science and money (alternatively shaken from a stick depending on audience). I think there has been a long-standing goal of manipulating protein synthesis via RNA that would have needed more time for ethical research than could be afforded by the intended beneficiaries. Alternatively our overlords decided medical progress had stalled to an unacceptable point or had unreasonably plateaud. Rather than allow for it to produce organically, why not simply make RNA-platform development a new moonshot?

      By prompting competition between major manufacturers, optimal delivery mechanism, dosing amount, and dose scheduling can be discovered. By bringing multiple RNA-platform options to market the inevitable adverse reactions can be, via big data, traced to which schedules of which doses of which delivery mechanisms triggered which reactions in which patients with which demographics and preexisting conditions. Research that should’ve taken decades to be gathered with inevitably less reliable data can now be obtained within one or two years. We may have just ushered in a new age of medical science allowing us to tackle a whole slew of previously unbeatable problems. Or we may have started a slow-burning fuse on prion diseases which won’t manifest neurodegeneratively for another half-decade or so. Do you self-isolate in the forest in the meantime to hopefully avoid contamination or embrace your potentially cancer-free society that doesn’t know what a heart attack is and guffaws at the ideas of bioterrorism and deleterious effects of ionizing radiation? Probably neither, life generally isn’t that exciting.

      Yet another perspective is to believe this is a divinely orchestrated slow-passing of the torch from the USA to China already in the works for four decades. That’s the history China will write in that future anyway. From that perspective, Trump’s presidency was a sales pitch on America’s behalf. Effectively pleading that America still has plenty to plunder.


  3. Hi there

    Check out Dr Carrie Medej. She as a director of a medical clinic was invited to a meeting in Georgia where they explained what is in those shots. You are making the right call not to get this one. ( I have had all the others) but this one is not for helping people. Check her out if you are interested.

    I enjoy reading your emails

    Thank you Helen



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