Facebook May Soon ‘Let’ Trump Back On, And He Should Humiliate Them If They Do

So I’m just reading that Facebook will apparently decide on May 5th if they’re going to “let” President Trump back on their platform:

Senator Josh Hawley has the right perspective:

Yeah it’s bad. Blah blah blah.

What I don’t yet see or hear anyone talking about is what he should do if they “let” him back on. And I keep putting “let” in quotation marks because contrary to what the legacy news media and rest want you to believe, Facebook is not that big or that powerful.

Their power and usefulness are both figments of your imagination. They’re a stupid little company founded by stupid little people and the entire world will be fine and go about its business if Facebook disappeared tomorrow.

They don’t “own” anything except the perception that they’re necessary at this point.

They built a sandbox and got a lot of people to play in it, but literally every one of those people will figure out how to go on about their lives, and businesses, without Facebook. The transition from life with Facebook to life without it would be as painful as a cell phone software update that you’re certain for 1-2 days has entirely ruined your mobile experience. And then you forget it even happened.

So Facebook wants to “let” President Trump back on, possibly?

Hahaha. Okay.

First of all, if they don’t, literally every Trump supporter has to delete their account immediately. I mean you should’ve done it a long time ago but I try not to lecture too much and know for a lot of you, you’re bought in that it’s actually really cool and valuable. It’s not. There’s nothing you can do there that you can’t do without it and there’s a reason you lost touch with all those people that you’ve since said “hi” to once and have now again lost touch with but at least you’re “friends” on Facebook. It’s all useless and you’d not only be fine without it, but probably much better off.

More importantly and far more fun, if they do “let” him back on, he needs to post this and only this:

Facebook is run by fascists who terrorize America to support the Racist Democrat Party. I won’t be posting here anymore and we won’t be using any of their services anymore. Now that you’ve read this, you should delete your Facebook account permanently. I’d consider it a personal favor to the United States of America and the America First movement.

That’s it. Or something like it. If they “let” him back then for the love of all that’s holy he needs to kick them in the teeth for ever silencing him, and definitely not grovel before them hoping they don’t silence him again.

Or who knows. Maybe he’ll just go back to doing whatever and letting them censor him and letting the world see how uncomfortable Big Democrat Tech is with both free speech, and reality. There’s some usefulness to that.

But it pales in comparison, from my seat, to drawing a line in the sand and showing the world just how scary and necessary Facebook is not.

He should just, after all this, go back on only to humiliate them and encourage others to leave. It’d be a gamble because if there wasn’t a big exodus right away, the media would use it as fodder to put egg on his face. But it’d be an impact statement that would negatively wound Facebook’s brand in important ways, and would surely result in significantly decreased engagement and likely a not insignificant amount of full-on account deletions.

I just can’t see him going back and playing along as if they should really be able to hold that kind of importance and sway. And I really hope he doesn’t.

“How’d we all survive without cell phones,” those of us of a certain age often ask?

“Just fine!”, those of us who can still think clearly reply. “Maybe even better!”

They don’t own us. They’re not that powerful. We can and should live without them.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon.

They’re all trash. They’re all wannabe communists. They’re all corrupt and they all hate America.

Facebook is going to “let” Trump come back?

Maybe America should stop letting Facebook matter in our lives at all.

There may be a second iteration of the famous “Walk Away” campaign brewing. The first helped Democrats walk away from their party’s racism, fascism, science-denial and hatred for America. This one might help people come to realize just how powerful Big Democrat Tech actually isn’t, and that the perception that they are powerful, and that we need them, and can’t survive without them, is just a facade created by the media because they want it to be reality.

It’s not.

Facebook is a joke. So is Google. So is Amazon. So is Apple. We don’t need any of these in our lives and by simply coming to grips with and understanding that, we can save this country from the war being waged against it without firing a single shot.

They’re gonna “let” Trump come back hahaha…

The drubbing these little wannabe communists get in November 2022 can’t get here soon enough.

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  1. I quit fakebook sometime back. It’s a joke and a they’re nothing more than a big cia backed psyop.

    And go ahead and make the tin hat jokes. They said we had free and fair election too.

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