White Supremacists Should Go To The Racist Democrat Party Where They’re Valued & Belong

Come on, guys.

You hate black people.

They hate black people.

You hate Jews.

They hate Jews.

You hate Asians.

They hate Asians.

You hate Hispanics.

They love exploiting Hispanics, and are about to hate them for not sufficiently obeying.

You hate gays.

They love exploiting gays, and are about to hate them for not sufficiently obeying.

Meanwhile, we’re not making it up here on the right: we really do love all people, as long as they love America and reject the Racist Democrat Party’s efforts to divide and destroy it. 

So you’re not welcome here. I mean, it’s a free country and you’re welcome anywhere you please. And you can say anything you want. But your values — persistent focus on skin color, longing for segregation, scapegoating of others based on their identity — none of it is going to sell in the GOP and all of it sells like sex in the Racist Democrat Party.

The Democrats have never once in their history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making. And 99% of their efforts over the last 60 years have been to destroy blacks!

Right now in the Racist Democrat Party they’re pitting not only blacks against whites and whites against blacks, but also Hispanics against blacks, and blacks against Hispanics, and Muslims against the LGBTQ community, and women against everyone, and everyone against Jews. And just wait until they find out that Asians blow the doors off everyone across every meaningful metric!

You guys honestly don’t want in on that action?!

Think about all that means, motive and opportunity to assert identity-based supremacy and divide!

If you’re trying to prove that your identity is what people should focus on and yours deserves the best treatment, the Republican Party never has nor will be the place to do it.

People who want to do that find their best results in the Racist Democrat Party. As a matter of fact, there are already a ton of white supremacists waiting for you there. Every white liberal who says we should defund the police, opposes school choice, supports BLM and/or thinks schools — not parents — are failing inner city kids…every one of these white liberal Democrats is just like you. They look at black people with both pity and fear. The only difference is they say they want to knock white people down a few pegs in order to level things out.

But fear not!

Because if they’re successful in their endeavors then all they’re going to do is make it harder for white people to succeed and easier for black and brown people to succeed.

Do the math, guys.

Give that type of environment just a few short years, and do the math.

Do you honestly think white people having to work harder for less, and black and brown people having to work less for more, is going to net anything but a better-conditioned white race living among a lazier and sloppier black and brown population?

That’s not how competition, evolution and/or development work. It’ll work, instead, exactly like the rest of the Democrats’ plans: with exactly the opposite intended effect. So if the Racist Democrat Party succeeds, white people are only going to get generally stronger while black and brown people get generally weaker.

Are you starting to get it?

They’re teaching kids in schools right now to judge each other not by the content of their character, but by the diversity of their identity.

How do you think that’s gonna work out in the long run?!

White Supremacists, “White Rights” people…if you’re in the America First camp waiting for secret hand signals from Jeopardy contestants or anyone else, you’re in the wrong place. Your station among the GOP is, like so many other things, a figment of the media’s imagination.

Trump doesn’t want you. The America First movement doesn’t want you. None of us need you because you’re loud but honestly guys, and I know your numbers are growing a bit (again, you need to be thanking the media and Democrats for that!), but you’re still tiny. We don’t need you even a little bit.

I think my stance on racism and racial supremacy of any kind is pretty clear. But I’m not sitting here now trying to virtue signal over or shame you. I’m just doing something I’ve recently aspired to across the board: speaking clearly and honestly.

You were taught your racism, just like so many other Democrats today. I get that. I’m just saying you’re in the wrong place if you’re waiting for some kind of signal that says anyone else in the GOP shares your views. We don’t. We’re the side that opposes your views. The Racist Democrat Party is the one that values them, and you. The media, like always, have been lying to you and everyone else about where you belong and who values you.

You should get over to the Racist Democrat Party fast while there’s still at least a chance to pass HR1 and codify racism into America’s veins for generations. Because if we get to November 2022 and have free and fair elections, you guys are gonna hate the character-first America that follows.

Photo Credit: The Babylon Bee’s excellent guide to racist hand signals

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