Twice-Impeached For Draining The Swamp, Donald Trump Will Become America’s 45th, 47th & 1st O.G. POTUS

I’m really enjoying all the talk about Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Mike Pompeo and others.

I personally liked, and I guess still like, Sarah Huckabee Sanders for the job.

But I like her for the job after President Trump is done.

And folks…this man is nowhere near done.

You’re not hearing much. What you do hear is often through someone else’s filter. But mark my words, because this is exactly what’s going to happen…

First things first, the legacy news media (aka “the Democrat Party”) will get nothing accomplished before they lose all power in 2022. 


We hear about all the craziness they want to do.

We hear about all the craziness they’re trying to do.

But they won’t actually get anything done except some Democrat wishlist spending that’ll mostly get absorbed by their friends and family before it can actually be invested to hurt our nation in any meaningful let alone codified way.

Still, it’s all very scary for a lot of Trump supporters right now. Many of you feel like all hope is lost and they just got away with stealing an election, and now they’re destroying our country and we’ll probably never get it back.

Sadly, the reason a lot of you think and feel that way is because — as usual — that’s what the media want you to think and feel. 

Reality, as usual, is much different.

They won’t get anything done. We’ll have lots to bitch about, but they’ll get nothing done.

And 2022 will start heating up before you know it.

Here’s the really fun part: we haven’t budged a single inch from our Trump-inspired America First and Drain The Swamp messaging (which wounds the media and establishment GOP to the core), and Trump will fight hard for every winning Republican candidate in 2022. And there will be a lot of them; an army of America First patriots descending on Washington D.C. to assume their duly-elected positions.


The media will have to cover the midterms, obviously, and God knows what they’ll come up with to try to frame it negatively for the GOP. But there’s no changing the trajectory at this point.

It’s already over.

The GOP will pummel the media and Democrats in 2022. What’s more, they’ll do it with Trump leading the charge and the exact same platform we’ve been standing on for six years now: America First, and Drain The Swamp.

The day after the 2022 midterms, the media will shift to 2024. They won’t want their audiences to know it, but they’ll be hard at work while drowning in a red wave to ensure Trump doesn’t make it to 2024. 

They’ll fail. I don’t know what they’ll be up to, but I know they’ll fail. I know the 2020 election was a fluke, and it was one earned in bad faith, and I know retribution is coming.

In fact during those two years — 2022 to 2024 — I wouldn’t be surprised if the legacy news media as we know it fall off the map entirely in terms of having any impact at all on voters’ minds. Again, we have no way of knowing what those years will feel like or what the media will be doing to meddle in 2024. Anything is possible. With Biden in the White House, the media will likely partner with the corrupt intelligence community again and — who knows — we’ll probably have to avert our eyes from deepfake videos that the media will let spread for weeks despite knowing they’re false. I don’t know what they’ll come up with or how they’ll respond to the reality that America First is here to stay and in fact holds all the actual power, mandates and all.

But that’s the reality they’re all going to wake up to real soon here. And the key word there is reality. Whatever they respond with won’t matter. It shouldn’t matter now. It does because we let it. But after all of this bad behavior and everything they’ve put our nation through, the drubbing they get and humiliation from the new guard House and Senate majorities could all but neuter them.

Biden will spend the second half of his only term as a lame duck, and Democrats will be in the wilderness trying to figure out if they want abolish Jews, Asians, black Republicans, the police, Shel Silverstein, legal immigrants and/or white people. It might be all. It might only be one of those groups. But the Democrats are gonna have lots to sort out about who to unsuccessfully cancel next, and they can do that among themselves with all that free time starting in 2022.

Meanwhile, maybe for Christmas that year or maybe a little later, Trump will announce he’s running again.

I really hope DeSantis doesn’t give him a challenge because, frankly, I think he could. The guy’s great. 

But I think we probably still have a lot to learn from President Trump, and, not for nothing, but I think he deserves better than that. I know it’s kind of a Democrat thing to say “He’s due” or “It’s his turn.” And I know Trump can take care of himself and doesn’t need us paving a road for him when it comes to primaries. I just don’t see a need for it. And I know Trump is smart enough that he knows exactly how to re-enter the fray, and bring a lot of new voters with him.

And by the way, the GOP is racking up a lot more new voters right now than the Democrats are. It was true in 2020 when we upset them up and down the ballot, everywhere except the stolen top of the ticket, while getting a larger share of the non-white vote than we had in 60 years. And it’s true right now. Americans everywhere are waking up from their media and corporate America-induced slumbers. They see the book-burning. They see the censorship. They see the fascism and they increasingly see the racism. They see the cancellations. They see the embarrassing overreaction to a few hundred Trump rioters one time versus the normalization of tens of thousands of Democrat rioters for years on end. They definitely see that the media are nothing but Democrat propagandists posing as journalists, especially now that they can so easily contrast the wildly inappropriate and oppositional treatment Trump got, compared to the kid gloves and excuses-for-everything treatment the media give Biden. 

People see it and they’re rolling their eyes at anyone still trying to tell them it’s not there. And while just knowing it’s there isn’t enough to make them agree with us (though it often is because knowing it’s there makes peoples’ stomachs turn), it’s still a monumental shift away from the media’s stranglehold on our nation’s social and political activity. 

We’re gaining voters right now.

As Trump re-enters, the base will re-emerge more fired up than ever before. Tell me I’m wrong. You might not be right now. But tell me it’s not all still in there, pent up, just waiting.

We’ll paint the nation with America First red in the 2022 midterms.

The media will start campaigning hard for 2024, but it won’t be enough.

Folks — Donald Trump will run and win again in 2024.

He’ll be the first President in history to…

…well, it’s gonna mark a lot of firsts.

You’ll be bugging out from all the winning and schadenfreude.

Never in a million years would anyone have thought it could be done.

But it will be.

And why am I so sure?

It’s not because of God or faith or anything like that. All that is built pretty firmly into my life, but that’s peripheral to this prediction.

This prediction is based on never counting Trump out, and having a strong sense that he’s right where I am right now: we were cheated, we handled it pretty damn well all things considered, we made good strides and have some strong people in some important positions (GOP-led state legislatures in key states) to make sure no future elections get stolen, our movement is still the most powerful force in the world, and now it’s time to rally the troops and get back to the business of saving this country.

Trump hasn’t drank or smoked a day in his life. No drugs. He’s a phenom that way, health wise. He’ll outwork anyone on either side of the aisle for this job, and he wants it more than anyone else for all the right reasons.

He once retweeted me during the primaries in 2015. I said something like “Most politicians run for office to enrich themselves. But Donald Trump is already a billionaire and is here for just one thing: to MAGA.”

It’s as true today as it was back then. 

So it’s fun to think about all the talent we have, and all that’s coming up, but the only reason it’s so fun is because Donald Trump led our party to a place where we’re tough, and we don’t back down, and we speak truth to power, and we fight for America, and we don’t let the media or anyone else bully us. That’s why we have a stronger than normal field to pick from today, and that’s why we’ll continue strengthening our field in the decades to come.

Because America First isn’t going anywhere, and Drain The Swamp is a finite initiative that we should be able to complete by the end of Trump’s second term. (Heck, by my count we’re a Cheney, Romney, Murkowski and Kinzinger away from successfully draining the GOP’s end of the swamp!) But our movement is here to stay and given all the bad behavior our nation has just watched from the media and Democrats, not to mention the maps and math favored us to start with, plus our pent up ferocity, and the new voters we’re racking up, and the ones they’re losing…these next two cycles are just going to be brutal for them.

They put all their chips on the table. In their desperation, because they know the end is near, they’ve relinquished any pretense of operating in good faith and let the whole world see just how evil and twisted they are in pursuit of destroying this nation. They started allowing crazy stuff like stealth-editing of articles in order to deceive audiences and support their favorite Democrats. (The Stacey Abrams / USA Today thing comes to mind.) (You can DuckGo it if you missed that story.) They banned Trump from all social media platforms. People saw that. People know it’s wrong. They fawn over Biden so much, and he’s so clearly demented and not fit for this job, that people simply can’t look away from the competing ugliness of the media destroying themselves and elder abuse in the White House. And by the way, the entire country is basically wearing an unfortunate, impending sense of doom on its sleeve because a very large chunk of it knows the 2020 election was stolen. I swear that’s one of the reasons these liberals just want everyone to stay in masks for the rest of our lives. They’re ashamed of themselves, and their media, and their fascist friends in big tech and corporate America. They know they’ve behaved miserably and now they just want to hide themselves and everyone else away until hopefully this whole Trump / MAGA thing goes away by itself.

It’s not going away.

And that’s the point of this post.

I wish more people saw this as clearly as I do. Time will net it out. But you deserve to be enjoying yourselves a bit more than you currently are. And some of that freedom would probably do you good because we could use some more people standing up and speaking out and letting their voices be heard. I’ve written forever that we, the conservative American right, are the last adults in the room. That’s why we let them behave like petulant children, trashing us and our country at every turn as they complain about problems that either a) don’t exist, b) they know nothing of, c) they don’t actually want to fix and/or d) their “help” only makes worse. 

We stand by and let them because we’re the last adults America has.

Thankfully, there are a lot more of us than the media let on.

And the media will get that wake up call in 2022. They already know it’s coming. They already got it once and barely avoided it again in 2020. They’re scrambling to get HR1 passed so they can cheat in perpetuity, but Manchin continues holding the line firmly and by the way we haven’t even gotten to Sinema yet, who has also signaled she thoroughly enjoys standing in the way of her party’s myriad psychoses.

Still, it’s wild that we got this close to the end of America. I think most of you understand that. You know that’s exactly where we are, right now. We’re right on the edge of the cliff, teetering, and we could possibly fall off at any second.

But as staggering as that reality is for us, so too will be the one that hits the media and Democrats when we crush them in 2022.

Do you get that?

Our nation is quite literally on the brink. If the Democrats had the support to pass HR1 — a bill that would federalize elections and make cheating a staple — it’s over. The country would be finished. 

And one person, a Democrat no less, stands in the way of that.

It’s wild. It’s scary.

It’s real.

The things that are happening in our country right now are wild, scary and real.

You’re all correct in assessing this to be a uniquely heavy and dangerous time.

But what too few of you get is how well-positioned we are to just crush them in the midterms, and the role Trump will play in that, and how that will bridge us to 2024, and finally — the probability that Trump runs and wins again in 2024.

Most of you haven’t given yourselves the opportunity to indulge that “fantasy” yet. You’ve thought a little about how cool it would be, but “it’s a long ways off and anything could happen.”

I hear you.

But here’s what will happen: Trump will help us win big in 2022, and then he’ll win in 2024.

It will be like nothing the world has seen. 

And it couldn’t happen to more deserving people, on both sides of the aisle.

As for America’s fate, the GOP are starting to call out the Racist Democrat Party’s racist antics. That’s the biggest and most important fight we’ll wage in the coming years. But ultimately, America will do great. We already are. The only reason we survived the COVID-19 attack is a) Trump’s strong economy and b) Trump’s miraculous efforts with Operation Warp Speed. While the Obama/Biden/Democrat play is to weaken America as slowly and surely as possible while claiming without evidence that they’re trying really hard to get things going again (as demonstrated in 2009), Biden this time around will struggle to hurt America as badly as he’d like because Trump built too solid of a foundation. 

Because of Trump, a virus that the Democrats and media would’ve terrorized us with for five years or more is now completely neutralized. The man literally saved our country once already, on two fronts (the economy and the vaccines), and people barely even talk about it. 

But they know it.

A grateful nation absolutely knows it, and that gratitude only grows with each new day of media lies and Biden embarrassments. 

Still, it’s heavy times for sure. But that’s my point. Just as heavy as it feels against our side right now, this is the dark before the dawn, and it’s about to get far worse for the America-hating left. They’re trying every which they can to fend it off and if I hear or see something that makes it seem like they’re getting close, I’ll write about it. But they’re coming up empty with every desperate measure they take. Their narrative isn’t sticking. What’s more, their bad behavior in trying to force their narrative reveals just how untrustworthy they’ve been all along. And the GOP not only didn’t abandon Trump like the media and Democrats desperately wished we would, but we’re carrying the exact same messaging and banners. We’ve spent the last 4 months acting like winners with a winning message and plan, because that’s what we are and that’s what we’ve always been. Meanwhile the Democrats are foolishly believing the media’s lies and way overstepping a phantom mandate they never had to start with.

It’s a perfect storm for us.

And it’s imminent. 

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  1. Excellent, I’m ready and this country is ready. It’s time to flush the democrats and the media down the toilet.


  2. I voted for Trump in both 2016 and 2020. In 2020 it was because I felt most of his policies, achievements and political instincts were spot on. But do I want him to run again? I don’t think so. In the months since the 2020 election, whenever I hear his juvenile outbursts of name calling and other childish behaviors, I realize I’m so done with that and don’t ever want to experience again the constant chaos that surrounded his presidency.

    Yes, in many ways he was a brilliant president. But I’d much rather see him in his current role of supporting like minded candidates and working to get them elected. That’s actually the most important thing he can do. As far as who should be president — I’d prefer someone with Trump’s policies and political savvy, but more level headed and articulate. It remains to be seen if someone with those qualities emerges.


  3. The GOP is the problem. The GOP did not stand behind PDJT. The GOP is corrupt. The GOP does not give a damn about we the conservatives. The GOP is full of corrupt individuals who all get together with their “loyal opposition” fiends in the demoncrat party after the day is done. Supping together, laughing at the plebes who voted them in.

    As a Christian and a vet, I greatly appreciate much of what you and stand for, but the GOP is not our friend.

    We had the House and the Senate when PDJT was elected. And the house and the senate did not do one damn thing that could have bee productive. (Besides put a lot of conservative judges on the bench) And when the demoncrats took back the House, the GOP rolled over and bared their throat like all good beta dogs do.

    We owe the GOP nothing. And we need to start voting accordingly. For what that’s worth.


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