Columbus, Ohio Taxpayers Extorted For Millions By The Shittiest Parents In Their City

I can’t even spell their dead daughter’s name and I’m not gonna bother looking it up or trying to. Let’s just call it the first example of her racist parents doing painfully racialized things because racist Democrats taught them it made them more valuable.

If you want to raise kids the right way, it takes more than coming up with a uniquely unfamiliar name that has a series of upper and lowercase letters and apostrophes that make learning it as tricky as wearing it.

But having been taught by the Racist Democrat Party that their skin color is the only thing that matters, that’s about as much effort as far too many black parents put into raising their kids.

There are plenty of lousy white, Hispanic and Asian parents too.

But Americans who happen to be black knock the cover off the ball when it comes to failing their kids.

The reason starts with the legacy news media, corporate America, academia, Hollywood and the Racist Democrat Party all working together to convince black people that their lives are worthless, hopeless and useless. They want them to believe that America is a ubiquitously racist hellhole where they don’t stand a chance of being successful because too many evil white people are using up all the resources that they deserve and are entitled to. They want to convince black people that their only hope right now is survival or maybe getting lucky in music or sports, and that their only allies are the powerful Democrat elites who lie to them about America and profit off their pain and failure. The greatest achievement of these powerful elites is the utter destruction of the black family. While plenty of great kids come from single parent homes and plenty of terrible kids come from 2-parent homes, generally speaking, when it comes to parenting, 2 are much, much, much better than 1. Because two parents mean not only more resources including money, time and energy — but two parents staying together and raising their kids, even and especially in the face adversity, provides an example of what it means to honor one’s most important commitments. And to kids who watch that happening, it looks and feels a lot like “love.” And that, more than anything else in the world, is pretty damn powerful. It’s infectious. It matters. And kids take that power with them throughout their lives, and into adulthood, and it makes them accountable. I’m not scolding parents who got divorced but for the love of all that’s holy if we want to see less disparity for kids and fewer adults who do poorly (because as kids they grew up with so much disparity), then we have to be able to have this conversation out loud.

But as we speak the Racist Democrat Party and their allies all across our most powerful institutions are manufacturing the destructive lie that having two parents in a home actually isn’t a big deal.

Worse than that, they’re actually saying it’s “RACIST!” to even talk about the value of the nuclear family.

You couldn’t script a more effective plan if your goal is to stealth-destroy a nation by breaking up its families and segregating and enslaving its people based on race. Because nothing empowers kids to become healthy and productive adults more than good parents. And there’s nothing parents can do for their kids that’s more important than honoring their commitments to each other and the family they started together.

But Americans of all races increasingly break that commitment because we’ve let “the experts” and the “follow the science” crowd convince us none of it really matters and you’re better off just casually starting families, letting the chips fall where they may with raising your kids, and then blaming someone else when it doesn’t work out.

Want some proof that the “experts” and “follow the science” crowd hate America and think you’re all idiots? They’d rather destroy our nation and its people with masks and lockdowns than tell the truth about obesity and COVID-19:

We care about you so much and know you can handle hardship to help your neighbors. And if we all work really hard and pull together, we can beat this! You’re gonna have to suffer. Literally every child in America is going to have to sacrifice a large chunk of their social, psychological and physiological development. And we have no way of knowing just how damaging this will be to them in the long run. Businesses will close. There’s gonna be a wet blanket draped over our entire nation, diluting peoples’ joy and stripping them of their humanity and community connections. People’s jobs and life savings will be lost. Depression, suicide, drug use, domestic violence, murders, unhappiness, loneliness….it all needs to increase exponentially in order to beat this thing. We need a new President. We need something close to a civil war over masks and the divisions we’re stoking by sending so many mixed messages over something so stupid and making it so political every step of the way. All of this needs to happen in order to beat this thing but we can do it! We will follow the science and trust the experts, and we can do it!

They’ll go to all those lengths and create all that carnage and division and destruction, but they won’t tell America the truth:

By the way, also, we’re too fat. Seriously. It’s a real health concern at this point and you need to start doing something about it. All people. All races. It’s unhealthy. I know we live in a society where we’re pretending it’s not. But it is. So in addition to destroying our nation and sacrificing the health and well-being of literally every child in it for well over a year at this point, we’d also like to respectfully ask — if it’s not too much trouble and you promise not to get mad at us — we’d like to also suggest that you start taking better care of yourselves. Because that, too, will help “slow the spread” and “flatten the curve.” And maybe if you take this like adults and help us out a little, then everyone else won’t have to suffer so much.

“Well it’d be no use to say that because people wouldn’t listen,” says the bigoted liberal who looks dismally at the world around her, utterly convinced that nobody can do anything as well as she can and/or without her exceedingly low expectations.

The media and other Democrats won’t even mention the debilitating effects of obesity because a) they don’t like us, b) they don’t respect us and c) they don’t actually want to solve the problems that plague us.

They think you’re stupid and they don’t want to actually solve the problem, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better evidence than their aggressive lurch toward destroying our nation as quickly as possible without ever once also suggesting Americans do something to curb that which made us so uniquely vulnerable to the virus.

And the exact same thing is true with respect to the destruction of the family, and specifically the black family. It’s the most obvious and easily-addressed source of disparity and subsequent destruction, but they won’t even mention it because they derive power from black failure.

The Democrats want your kids as early as possible and they want you to have as little to do with raising them as possible. They can do it better. They know it. You’re a hopeless rube who will teach them God knows what about being independent, respecting science, combating racism and loving America.

“It takes a village,” you idiot.

Or in the case of the dead girl whose name I can’t spell or pronounce and am not gonna bother trying, it takes the foster family we put her with!

But that poor girl. Her entire life was a horror story scripted perfectly by Jake Tapper, Nancy Pelosi, Lester Holt and Joe Biden. They got exactly what they wanted from her, and more. If she had only dropped the knife a millisecond before the shooting, she’d be the perfect encapsulation of what they want from every American citizen.

  1. Believe the lie about how awful America is
  2. Fail hard
  3. Blame everyone else
  4. Terrorize the community around you amid your desperation and hopelessness
  5. Get killed for it by police who are just doing their jobs
  6. Become a symbol to help perpetuate more of the lie that got you killed

That, when everything goes absolutely perfectly, is the Racist Democrat Party’s optimal scenario.

But sadly also, in that same scenario, the dead girl’s shitty parents are also victims.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: America is a racist nation, but that racism stems from the media and Democrats who purport most loudly to combat it.

They hate America and they don’t think very much of black people, either. They either pity or fear them but it’s usually a combination of both. One great piece of evidence is their steadfast commitment to discussing black disparity, coupled with their absolute refusal to talk about single parent homes and the blatantly obvious and clear impact they have on the disparity. In fact today, as noted and documented many times across this site, academia and organizations like Color Of Change (Van Jones’s current grift) are saying the very idea of 2-parent homes is itself racist, and the absence of 2-parent homes has nothing to do with black kids failing so spectacularly compared to their Asian, white and Hispanic peers.

It’s utter insanity.

And to keep that same insanity going, the city of Columbus, OH is about to pay off the dead girl’s parents for nothing other than being the shittiest parents in the entire city. Good parents and families all across Columbus, OH will now be extorted by the Racist Democrat Party to help finance a lie that creates only more division, disparity and destruction in their city and others. Because the payout to the dead girl’s shitty and entirely absent parents is, when they inevitably get it, designed to do nothing but stoke the lie that somehow the police are responsible for her death.

The media, academia, corporate America, Hollywood and the Racist Democrat Party have done everything they can to destroy black families and convince them that those families never really mattered much anyway. In fact these powerful leftist forces have convinced a lot of America to take the low road and stop honoring their most important commitments, but they’ve been extremely successful terrorizing Americans who happen to be black. So much so that fully 72% of black kids today grow up in single parent homes.


That’s an insane number.

Compare it to 53% of Hispanics, 28% of whites and 17% of Asians.

Single parent homes, more than any other issue or data point we look at, create statistical disparities that follow disproportionate numbers of blacks into adulthood.

Americans who happen to be Asian blow the doors off everyone across every meaningful metric: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime. That Asians statistically outperform everyone else across every meaningful metric, including white people, is not a product of America being a racist nation.

It’s a product of Asians in America, more than anyone else, staying together to raise their kids. And those kids then going on to be more accountable to that family and, by default, the entire world around them. I’m not going to lecture about “the collective” or talk about “productive members of society” but it’s past time we restore some honesty to this conversation and recognize out loud that the collective is better when there are more productive members of society and parents doing their jobs is the only healthy and organic way to get there.

But Democrats hate that kind of honesty. It’s why they’re doing everything they can to pour as much money as possible into making sure you don’t have to do anything as parents except hand your kids over to them. They want them as early as possible, for as long as possible, as dependent as possible on the food and healthcare and anything else they can ensnare you with.

Their immigration policy right this very minute is basically this:

“If you want to come to America illegally then you have to give your children over to the drug cartels so they can smuggle them in without you. You can meet up with them later, probably. And whatever happens to your children in the meantime is probably a small price to pay for getting to come to America illegally.”

That’s it. That’s their illegal immigration policy. It got lost in the shuffle like so many other things, but as yet another example of the Racist Democrat Party’s commitment to enslaving brown people by breaking up their families, just look at their actual illegal immigration guidelines.

They hate families. They love power. They love segregation and slavery. They want black people to fail. And to make sure more black people keep failing and fewer start being held to account like literally every other race, the taxpayers of Columbus, OH are going to dish out millions of dollars to the dead girl’s shitty parents for nothing more than being exactly the pathetic, miserable failures that the Democrat Party hopes and dreams of for all black people.

The worst part is that the lily-white liberals in Columbus probably think it’s really healthy and helpful. They think it’s more important to “send the right message” than to discuss important things honestly. Lily-white liberal Democrats are all racists who are too afraid of black people to have honest conversations with or in front of them. So while most of Columbus will be outraged, it’s a pretty blue area with a lot of lily-white liberals who think their racism is okay because it gets them pats on the head from Coca Cola, Apple, Facebook, Chase Bank, Nike and other important civic leaders who have no ulterior motives at all and have long been the appropriate guiding lights for society’s progress and morality-enriched endeavors.

So count on it: paying the dead girl’s shitty parents millions of dollars “sends the right message,” per the white liberals in Columbus, OH.

And I guess they’re telling the truth.

Because they’re Democrats. That means the message is, and always will be, “If you’re black then you’re less capable than everyone else, and therefore you need special treatment.”

Message sent.

Congratulations, Racist Democrat Party. Mission accomplished, yet again!

It’s time to start telling the truth. And I’m not gonna apologize about not looking up the dead girl’s name and not having patience to keep indulging this nonsense. These were lousy parents doing exactly what Democrats want them to do, failing their children at every turn until those children lose their way entirely. This one goes off in a way that gets her killed by the police. Another girl’s life was saved and the shooting was absolutely just, but “justice” doesn’t actually matter to racist Democrats. So instead they’re going to continue ignoring all the problems that really demand some attention, and instead use taxpayer money to make millionaires out of the worst parents in the city.

All this to perpetuate a lie that will only ensure more division and death.

Names barely even register anymore because the story is always the same: hopeless black people who come from shitty families getting killed by police while acting out their hopelessness in defiance of the law.

I know where the hopelessness comes from. I know who’s responsible. I know ridiculous names and shitty parents and multi-million dollar payouts for doing a shitty job and misappropriating blame and accusing anyone who talks about the real solution to the real problem of being “RACIST” — I know it all, and it’s all I’m gonna talk or write about at times like these.

The rest of the details don’t matter anymore and I won’t pretend they do.

I’ll pray for her, and her family, and all victims and casualties of the Racist Democrat Party’s evil plot to destroy black people and control America with whatever pain they can produce, direct and inflict on us all.

But I’ll stop pretending that I need to slow down for any details besides the ones I wrote about. It’s all very tragic. I’ve known about it for a long time. And my focus is on exposing the powerful forces who enrich themselves off our nation’s division and pain — not on indulging the fantasy that the dead girl’s life was anything other than wasted from cradle-to-grave by the Racist Democrat Party.

That’s what it was and I can’t bring myself to memorialize her in any way as long as the media and Democrats, who are more responsible than anyone else for the plight of her family and those like hers, enrich themselves off of her memory.

I won’t contribute to that. I’d rather not say her name at all.

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  1. This all started in the USA with women’s rights. That’s what you’re going to run headlong into with discussions about 2-parent families. You’re going to be unreasonably painted as chaining women to the stove.


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