CNN’s Don Lemon (Awful At His Job, Gainfully Employed, Black & Gay) Says Tim Scott Only Gets Respect Because Of His Race

Don Lemon is the single greatest caricature of fake news on the planet. He’s terrible at his job, persistently has the lowest ratings across all of cable news (not just prime time), is credibly accused of sexual assault with legal action still pending, finds new ways to be hated by everyone every few months, isn’t smart, isn’t insightful, isn’t convincing, isn’t thought-provoking, isn’t good looking, is too sensitive, is too slow, too angry, too boring and too jaded to even begin to warrant having a public-facing job in broadcast media.

But he’s also gay, black and a member of the Racist Democrat Party.

I don’t know as much about Tim Scott as I know about Don Lemon. Senator Scott is among a handful of Republican politicians whom I’m hopeful but not optimistic about. (So many of these Republicans have let me down so many times, it will take a lot before I’ll blanket endorse any as being “great” by my standards.) But I do like what I’ve seen so far from Senator Scott, and that’s saying something since I’m pretty critical of these guys. Moreover, his response the other night to Demented Joe’s sleepy State of the Union address far exceeded my expectations for laying down critical rhetorical markers ahead of 2022 and 2024. He’s an accomplished United States Senator who was elected by the people of South Carolina and, if he fails to perform for them (the way Lemon does for CNN), he’ll surely be fired as a result.

Senator Scott is black, and he’s an America-loving Republican.

If you had to pick which one of these two is coasting along based on his identity rather than his talent, which one would you pick?

I wouldn’t even bring this up if Don Lemon hadn’t beaten me to it in such a grotesque way.


So last night, for citing correctly that America is not in fact “a racist country,” Senator Scott got to watch the Democrat base launch a racist attack with the help of Twitter and big tech as “Uncle Tim” trended all across social media. (A racist invective meant to resemble “Uncle Tom.”)

Then tonight Senator Scott gets to hear Don Lemon tell the world that the only reason Scott gets any love is because he’s black.

I think every Republican in the country has this memorized by now, but for any who don’t know yet: if you want to see real racism in America, just go watch how the Democrats treat black and brown Republicans.

Well, I’m tired of it. And for Lemon to think he can so casually get away with it when he’s throwing stones from a paper-thin glass house? I don’t think so.

So Don, I’m gonna tell you this honestly and I’m gonna speak it clearly so even you can understand…

You’re terrible at your job. And the only reason you have it is because you’re gay, and you’re black, and you’re an America-hating, racist Democrat. Your entire existence is wrapped up in you being gay and black. That’s it. That’s literally all you have. You fall asleep and wake up with it every day. You find no respite in love. You find no escape in work. You’re a lonely, emotionally crippled, aging mama’s boy who’s spent his entire life on the Democrats’ plantation and now doesn’t recognize freedom and wouldn’t know what to do with it if you found it. Your entire life, and all the people you’ve let consume it, is meaningless except the part where you’re black and gay. It’s all you have. Other than your mother and perhaps one or two friends who have been around forever but don’t really like you anymore and you know it, nobody else in your life cares about you in any way and the only reason they pretend to is because you’re black and gay.

I’m sorry you had to find out this way. But you’re surrounded by bigots who care more about your identity than your character. It’s of your own choosing and, for younger people whom you’re teaching to grow up with the same bigoted and hateful heart that you have, it’s of your own making as well.

It’s disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself, but history will do it for you even if you never get around to it.

Still, yes, it’s entirely possible that some Republicans around Senator Scott look at his skin color and believe his presence will help them politically. I have no doubt that calculation exists for some. I’ll even cede that most like the idea of a black Republican telling our story, because people like you invest so much into falsely accusing us of racism. So sure. I’ve got the truth on my side. I can be honest about that. It’s a factor.

But here’s the kicker, Don: while some people might plan strategically around Senator Scott’s skin color and others more casually see some value in that optic, there isn’t a person alive who thinks you’d have your job if you weren’t black and gay.

Not a single person anywhere on the planet.

Not one.

Not even your friends and allies.

With your talent, and your mind, and your social agility, wit and stage presence, you’d be selling insurance or working steadfastly among a small team of not-very-consequential coders if you were straight and white.

Yes some people might factor in Senator Scott’s race while staging political speeches and action. Sure. But literally every person alive factors in you being black and gay when trying to figure out how you continue failing laterally despite an obvious inability to generate good content let alone revenue.

Again, sorry you had to find out this way, Don.

But here’s some good news!

You’ve been right all these years to feel lonely and confused, out of place, unappreciated, misunderstood and like your life is meaningless. You’re being used. You’ve been taught to hate. Those feelings of anger, loneliness and resentment are you trying to wake up from it.

Keep fighting, Don.

With hard work and determination, maybe someday people will appreciate you sincerely — independent of your identity — the way they appreciate great Americans like Senator Tim Scott.

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