Marco Rubio Again Confirms That We’re Right To Keep Passing Him Over For Promotions

He really means it when he’s talking about his love for America and liberty, but Marco Rubio is just wholly unfit to stand up to the left and/or fight for us and our nation the way we need.

His persistently milquetoast approach to so many of the most critical issues suggests he lacks the courage and/or strength to fight the racism and fascism we’re up against.

Last night I stood up and cheered as Tim Scott told the right story, using the right language, to indict the right people on the right issues.

Today Marco Rubio shows up to ride coattails so cater-made you could sleep on them. But because Rubio doesn’t recognize the importance of this moment, that’s exactly what he did. He slept. Or he might as well have.


Tepid uncertainty about the difficulties getting an ID is not the Republican message in 2021 America, Marco.

Casual annoyance with being falsely accused of racism isn’t a thing we’re doing anymore, Marco.

A moment of faux outrage for the actual racism being foist at Scott (for example) is no longer enough, Marco.

How on God’s green earth could an allegedly ready-to-fight elected Republican like Marco Rubio show up for his press hits today so spectacularly unprepared to actually start crushing them at this critical time on this critical issue?

Elected Republicans at a bare minimum must be ready to articulate all that’s wrong with the media and Democrats’ objection to voter ID. The full circle is right about here:

Democrats don’t want to shore up election integrity because they prefer keeping lanes open that allow for cheating and fraud. Obviously they can’t say this out loud, so they look for another excuse. This is where it gets really unfortunate, and racist. Because this is when they point to Americans who happen to be black and say, “But what about them? They can’t get an ID!” At this point everyone in our nation should be disgusted and appalled. But because they’ve been doing it for so long, and because so much of the media has helped stoke this racist lie, much of America just lets them get away with it. But it’s time to start telling the truth about what the Democrats have been doing all along on this issue and so many others. Because it’s the same thing when, for example, they say “Math and science are racist because black kids aren’t doing as well in those subjects.” What the Democrats are doing is putting black people in a dishonest, negative light. They’re lying about them, and telling the country that their black skin means they’re uniquely incapable of doing basic things. They then hold up that dishonest deficiency — that racist lie — and exploit it for political gain. Do you understand this? They’re creating a racist lie about black people, then using that racist lie to get what they want politically. They don’t care that they’re actually manufacturing racist lies, or creating more division with those lies. In fact they value the division. They value racial disparity and discord. These, to the Democrats and the legacy news media who do so much of their heavy lifting for them, these create “good crises” that they can further exploit. Their objection to voter ID has nothing to do with combating racism. To the contrary, their objection to voter ID is a flagrant manifestation of racism on their part. That it’s in service to defrauding our elections is really, really bad. But it should be an afterthought at this point compared to the racism they’re manufacturing and then exploiting for political gain.

Republicans, especially smart and powerful ones like Rubio, better get their act together and start taking this seriously. You can’t just skate by issues and moments like this. As I noted last night, the thing most likely to derail our defeating today’s iteration of the Racist Democrat Party will be ill-prepared Republican elites who try to join this fight but end up looking like nerds who can’t high-five.

Somebody’s gotta sit these people down and explain the moment, opportunity and duty to them. Because watching Marco Rubio basically sleep through this is a perfect example of what not to do.

He needs to hear about it, and so do his colleagues.

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