Let Stephanie Hilferty’s CNN Appearance Be A Cautionary Tale For All D List Local Republicans

CNN is trying out a new strategy where they find anyone with an “R” next to their name who’s stupid enough to go on their air, and then letting that stupid person with an “R” next to their name go on television to humiliate our party in the eyes of CNN’s literally tens of viewers.

Enter do-nothing wannabe celebrity, Stephanie Hilferty, a local state representative from Louisiana with an “R” next to her name.

Stephanie got her opportunity to become a useful idiot for CNN because she at some point recently was near another Republican who said something to the effect of “We have to teach the entire history of slavery: the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Well there is no “good” to slavery except the example it sets for what not to do. And everyone knows that. But Hilferty needed to make sure everyone knew that she knew that everyone knew that, and so she spoke up (again, paraphrasing):

“There is no ‘good’ in slavery.”

Okay. Thanks, Miss Hilferty! We know. But thanks!

But for that simple, stupid exchange, which effects nobody and means nothing, CNN’s crack team of very important producers and talent tracked Stephanie down to come on their air and tell her harrowing story.

I’ll include the clip a little later once they posted it, but you can find it yourself I’m sure with a few clicks a little later this morning. But she spent a solid 5 minutes with a star-struck look on her face because here she is, little D list local state Republican “making it big” on CNN, all the while Hilferty had zero clue — I’m not making it up, zero clue — that she was just being used to trash the entire GOP.

She seriously didn’t even know it was happening.

She tried to explain however briefly that, in fact, she’s not a hero because the person who said “the good, the bad and the ugly” while referring to slavery quickly corrected himself. Thus, he knew and everyone else knew that it was just a rhetorical flub more than something that reveals any kind of racism or evil, imagined or otherwise. But Hilferty said something on that call and CNN heard her say it and next thing they all know, she’s on their morning show with John Berman to talk about how racist the GOP is and how special she is for standing up to them.

She was hilarious trying to talk around it and hold herself up as a real rising star in the GOP for all the “great work” she’s doing. She went on and on about herself and her work as if anyone cared about anything other than the flagrantly obvious exploitation they already had lined up and unfolding for her. She honestly didn’t have a single clue what was happening and it was sad and hilarious watching her be used so obviously and be the only person in the room who didn’t know it was happening.

It was sad and pathetic and should be a cautionary tale for all D list local Republicans who think if CNN comes calling, it must mean good things are afoot for them.

I can assure you that they are not.

Stephanie Hilferty just became not a rising star in the GOP, but a cautionary tale of exactly how to fail your way right into the Racist Democrat Party.

Have a nice fall, Stephanie.

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