Master Class In Speaking Truth To Power As Ben Domenech Exposes Chris Wallace’s Journalism Grift

Ben Domenech visited Fox News tonight and gave a master class in speaking truth to power when he humiliated Fox News’ most insufferable, nepotism-enriched grifter and BlueAnon conspiracy theorist, Chris Wallace.

Wallace had just finished his regular routine of pretending to be totally oblivious to the lavish praise he heaps on America Lasters and the seething hatred he harbors for America Firsters. This time around, specifically, he was pretending to be really surprised at just how well he thinks Biden’s speech went (shocker!), and how well he truly believes in his heart of hearts it will be received by the American people (shocker!).

Wallace, of course, is doing what he and his propagandist pals always do: they tell whatever story they want to be true for as long as they want and then when it’s revealed to be a steaming pile of idiocy and lies, they simply turn the page and pretend it never happened. They fill the air with the narrative they want, facts and reality be damned, and then fill the air with a new narrative when the facts and reality start to outpace their lies.

Tonight, BlueAnon conspiracy theorist and America Last propagandist, Chris Wallace, wanted Fox News viewers to believe that Biden’s speech was really something uniquely remarkable that will be remembered as such and well-received by an American public that’s eager for what Demented Joe is selling.

That’s the reality that legacy news media propagandists like Chris Wallace are circling the wagons to convince Americans is the truth.

But Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist and all-around baller, has a little something to say about Chris Wallace’s history of “waxing eloquently” over Joe Biden speeches, alongside Wallace’s record of getting so many things so spectacularly wrong.


Wallace had all his Democrat talking point ducks in a row, complete with the “Guys this shocks me as much as it shocks you!” inflection that allegedly impartial anchors use when making partisan points. But Domenech swept in with something almost nobody ever has the courage to bring: the intellectually honest truth, up to and including calling out by name the person and/or people who eagerly distort it.

That is what speaking truth to power looks like.

That’s what honesty looks like.

I told a friend that Domenech tonight brought every bit the firepower and fearlessness that I’ve desperately begged our side to find, but he bolted on several levels of diplomacy, facts and clarity that I honestly wasn’t prepared for our side to bubble up so quickly and effectively.

Had I known, I’d definitely have had my popcorn ready.

Next time, Mr. Domenech.

And thank you so much for your work, for your courage, for speaking truth to power, and for telling the intellectually honest truth no matter whose delicate feelings or nefarious plans it might upset. These fights need to happen. I don’t know how many viewers minds were or weren’t changed and frankly I don’t care. That type of change is too small to concern ourselves with right now. The more important thing that happened tonight: people like Wallace need to know that they can’t just keep doing the same things over and over, and not getting called out for them. Domenech’s ability to recall Wallace’s history of failure and present penchant for partisanship is exactly the type of fight we need to see picked more often on our television screens. It’s time to bring awareness to the fact that media bias already is a very real and very important national issue. Fearlessly calling out anchors who recklessly engage in it is the platinum standard that all who have the opportunity should aspire to.

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  1. We knew what Ben was capable of from the gig he did for a week on Fox, before Tucker. This is just an extension of that.
    Goodbye Chris Wallace; 25 years has not made you wiser!


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