Dem Party Leadership Like Jake Tapper & Lester Holt Will Defend Fauci No Matter What

That little sociopathic rat, Anthony Fauci, seems to have his fingerprints all over the COVID-19 virus.

And I’m not just talking about the massive, historic, utterly shameful collateral damage he and his ilk unnecessarily caused our nation. Forget about their racism for a minute and what “Critical Race Theory” will do to their already-doomed legacies. Think just about Fauci and all the other bad actors from the science and medical communities who went along with the destructive COVID-19 “mitigation efforts” because they were too afraid to stand up.

Every last one of them will be shamed by history not just for their fear, but for their apathy despite the myriad carnage they just stood by and watched unfold.

The masks were never, ever, in any way even remotely useful.

To the contrary, the masks are responsible for our nation becoming meaner, dumber, more afraid and less safe. (I really need to write a follow-up to this one which made those points, held up reasonably well, and went as close to viral as anything I’ve written. I have to add “less healthy” now, too, given all we’ve learned about masks since I wrote that piece about a year ago.)

The “6 feet of social distancing” was utterly stupid guesswork. It was entirely arbitrary and predicated on nothing except flailing guesswork like this:

“We need to make some rules but we don’t have any idea what we’re doing so let’s just guesstimate that keeping people 6 feet apart will maybe kinda help things a little.”

That’s it.

That’s the careful, rational, judicious thinking that goes into decisions made by “experts” whose only real answer when you press them on their logic is “follow the science.”

And yet look at what they did to our country, to your family, to your life, to your kids, to your job, to your neighborhood businesses, to the quality and service exactly none of us get now that every person in the country thinks they’re a hero just for showing up to work.

Think about what they did to every child in America, all in service to a charade designed to do nothing but exacerbate fear and create pain.

These people are clowns.

They’re not physicians. They’re not scientists. They’re not epidemiologists.

They’re frauds.

They’re a disgrace to the entire academic institution and every honest scientist who paved the way for them.

And history will note as much.

They’ll be named and shamed not unlike the Nazi doctors whose utter disregard for human life and suffering, in service to nefarious political agendas, earned them the historical ire they’ll forever carry. (You just don’t get to use “science” to exact pain and suffering, and get away with it. That’s pretty time-tested and these assholes aren’t going to be an exception even if, disgracefully, our own “media” is in on the action.)

The devastating cost of Fauci’s mask mandates and lockdowns won’t be known for years to come because he and his ilk are corrupt, and will do everything they can to suppress the truth for as long as possible. (You should read this detailed accounting from the great Sharyl Attkisson, wherein she notes that she made a lawful and just request for Fauci’s public documents over a year ago. By law they have to respond to such FOIA requests within 30 days. It’s been over a year and she’s gotten nothing.)

They’re corrupt. They’re bad actors. They’re evil.

But their time will come.

And when it does, a few things will probably become crystal clear.

Because like many of you, I at this point have no doubt at all that Anthony Fauci funded the lab in Wuhan that created the COVID-19 virus. I have no doubt he somehow leveraged taxpayer money to secure that funding. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the COVID-19 virus was in fact developed alongside Fauci’s notorious “gain of function” research, specifically to hurt fat people — aka, Americans. It also wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they released this virus purposefully because it was the best way to hurt Trump, and they knew the media and people like Fauci would gladly go along with helping them destroy Trump and the nation that elected him.

None of that would surprise me one bit.

In fact at this point I’d be extremely surprised if anything other than that happened.

These people have given us no reason to trust them, their “science,” that they put our health ahead of their politics, or, frankly, that they like, trust or respect us very much either.

So I look at the evidence, and who we’re stuck counting on to gather more of it.

Sharyl Attkisson can’t do this alone and even with a lot of help from The Daily Caller, Fox News, The Federalist, Daily Wire, one-man wrecking crews like Glenn Greenwald and others — it means nothing if it’s confined to the still-very narrow echo chamber that big tech and the legacy news media have relegated us to.

Unless NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, WaPo, NYT and AP get outraged about it — not fake outraged, but actually outraged outraged — nothing will happen.

Nobody will blink. Nobody will care.

Because other than the occasional electoral upset that they can’t do anything about, nothing happens in this country unless the legacy news media wants it to.

I used to say that video evidence could emerge of Barack Obama and Joe Biden doing cocaine off the body of a naked young boy, plotting out loud about how they plan to use the intelligence community to spy on Trump, and the media would make sure it was swept under the rug before dinner. They’d have a whole new cast of Democrat “heroes” lined up to replace the disgraced ones, and they’d be leaning heavily into their “both sides” narrative while talking about the importance of healing over retribution.

The same exact thing will happen if we learn that the Wuhan lab Anthony Fauci funded with taxpayer dollars did in fact manufacture COVID-19 specifically to hurt Americans. And at the exact same moment, all the data could come out showing just how destructive the mask mandates and lockdowns truly were, with zero discernible mitigation results to point to. This could all happen at the same time, on the same day, and the media would just turn the page and accuse Matt Gaetz of something he didn’t do.

I always say writing is like math: you show your work, and show your work, and factor in variables, and show your work, and eventually you might spit out a conclusion that reflects effective calculations. Today I set out to write about the increased scrutiny needed on that sociopath Fauci’s ties to the Wuhan lab. But by the time I’m wrapping up, I’m back to none of it mattering because the media still dictate what our nation talks and cares about.

So even when we “win,” with them at the helm of our national conversation, we still lose. Because they frame the conversations we have and if they don’t like the direction one takes, they simply turn the page to something else.

And so just like that, instead of focusing on Fauci and the lab, I’m back to where I’ve been for so many years: we have to do something about the media. I’ve seen our side inching up on my plan which involves elected GOP politicians boycotting the worst legacy news media offenders, holding up examples of their bias as the reason, and asking those media outlets to atone for their biases and explain what steps they’re taking to ensure fewer in the future.

We need our elected Republican officials to pick a very public fight with a group of the media’s worst offenders, tell the world why they’re doing it, and then refuse to engage with those outlets on anything other than their bias and what they’re doing to correct it. That action by itself will cut the legacy news media’s credibility in half while simultaneously neutering their ability to turn the page and frame the discussion. And by targeting a larger group (I listed the 9 I think should be targeted, above), we cut off their ability to circle the wagons in defense of each other. They’re all in the same boat, exposed for their bias, and being put in timeout until they address the very real issue of media bias among their own ranks.

This is how you disrupt the media’s stranglehold on the national conversation, and their communication channels more broadly. They don’t care if you and I boycott them. They don’t care if we call out their bias. All they care about is engagement from our elected Republicans, because that engagement accounts for fully half of their perceived national credibility. And if the next time we catch the intelligence community spying on our candidates. Or the next time we catch their candidates destroying evidence. Or helping their dirtbag, drug addict kids secure shady deals with slave-owning, genocide-committing communist governments. Or if you want any accountability at all when we find out just how egregious Fauci’s role in all of this really was, or if you want free and fair elections and trials and the right to speak freely, if you want to be able to oppose the public schools teaching your kids to become racist and not get cancelled for it…if you want any of these things then we have to do something about the legacy news media.

The midterms and even 2024, unless they can rig it with another COVID-like crisis, will take care of the power levers in D.C.

We are, I firmly believe, on pretty safe ground at this point with respect to that.

But something still has to be done about the media. They’re the most powerful arm of the America-hating Democrat party and modern left, and they’ll be the most resilient and disruptive for as long as continue letting them be.

Something has to be done, and I still think my plan is the best one.

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