Democrat Elites Deny Their Base Primary Elections, But It’s Okay Because They Let Kids Control Media & Publishing

They have the worst aim in the history of the world but nobody really talks about it because the legacy news media, which selects and narrates our national conversation, doesn’t want to be humiliated by reality. And who could blame them?

They say they want to end racism by insisting everyone become as racist as they are.

They say they want to respect science by insisting everyone do rain dances to stop the ubiquitously-changing climate from changing.

They say they want to protect free speech by banning criticism of the media and other powerful figures.

They say 100% of children, all of whom are completely innocent, need to needlessly suffer so that .000001% of idiot adults aren’t mildly inconvenienced by their newly-established and wildly unhealthy hypochondria.

They say the best way to fight fascism is to show up to places where people are saying things you don’t like, and violently break up the peaceful assembly while attacking any who were there to listen.

They say black people can’t do math and science and so that makes math and science racist. But that, obviously, is ridiculous. Because if someone says “blacks can’t do math and science” then it’s not the math and science that are being racist.

But such is their miserable aim.

Such is their miserable aim as they teach young children that all white people are evil racists and all black people are perpetual victims of that racism. This, their good faith operators claim, will help end racism. (Their bad faith operators know better, and understand they’re only creating more division, disparity and destruction — because the Racist Democrat Party always has, and always will, thrive off of each.)

At every turn, everything the Racist Democrat Party touches gets lied about, used up, exploited, destroyed, discarded and then maybe someday recycled for more of the same.

They waste, divide and destroy.

Nothing more.

And as I watch the rest of the world wake up to that reality as 2022 looms and this nightmare is about to be over, I’m afforded a moment to comment on something else. Something that doesn’t really hurt or affect the rest of us, unlike most of what the Democrats do. This is just about their own little world, internally.

Because their aim when it comes to appropriating power is no better than it is with ending racism, respecting science or enabling freedom.

Think about it.

Everywhere you look in these leftist institutions, the hierarchy has been flipped on its head.

The New York Times newsroom is now run by interns who crybully the seasoned veterans into submission.

The Atlantic staff couldn’t even handle having Kevin Williamson, one of the most soundly-reasoned writers they’ve ever employed, on their team.

Employees at Simon & Schuster have become censors, demanding the company submit to their fascist will.

All across corporate America, sleepy little over-medicated 20-somethings are scaring the entire company into submission with their psychotic, Children Of The Corn-like commitment to the gag.

And “the gag” is that the feelings of these very young, very inexperienced, and very sensitive little humans — many of whom, by the way, can’t even decide what gender they are — “the gag” is that they are actually the ones who should be running things, making decisions and guiding the best course for the business or organization.

This, per Democrat elites like Jake Tapper, Ed Bastian (Delta CEO) and Nancy Pelosi, is the right way to do things.

Those young people who have no experience and are way too sensitive and probably on a variety of drugs we don’t know about because we’re not allowed to ask — we need to stop everything else we’re doing and make sure there isn’t even a hint of discomfort they ever experience in any way. And the whole world needs to bend and cater to their delicate and drug-addled sensitivities and perceptions of reality. This is the right way to do things. This is healthy and progressive.

But here’s the really interesting part. The Racist Democrat Party’s most powerful influencers love giving the wrong people power in these areas that hurt the rest of us, but refuse to give them any power where it matters most: their vote.


Think about what the Democrat Party establishment, along with their legacy news media allies, did to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination.

He was the clear winner among the people, running away with it, in both 2016 and 2020. But there wasn’t a chance in hell they were actually going to let the people decide. Because the Democrat Party establishment always picks their own candidate. Always. And their passive, subservient, weak, scared little base knows it.

Here in Republican Country, on the other hand, We The People decide these things for ourselves. Sure the GOP establishment tried to stop us, but the rot and corruption doesn’t run nearly as deep on the right as it does on the left. So our powers-that-be were still no match for us. On the Democrat side, the opposite was and remains true: the people are no match for the powerful.

That’s probably why the elites on the left like to force the rest of the world to go along with their insanity, and pretend that the people who least deserve power should instead be afforded the most of it. This is their way of making up for all the corruption and abuse of power they commit when and where it matters most.

We’re not terrible people for stealing and/or meddling in otherwise free and fair elections, or for hijacking the media and academia and subverting science and health all in service to leftist causes. None of that makes us bad people because, look: we’re letting the kids run the show in all these newsrooms and businesses! They’re so wise and we know it. We’re letting them lead. We’re good people. Look!

That’s exactly how utterly stupid, and reckless, the modern left’s many 13th Disciples are.

The 13th Disciple Complex is how I describe people in powerful positions who, instead of just doing their jobs, try to manipulate and/or engineer outcomes that they think serve a greater purpose. Jim Comey’s many humiliations with respect to his on-again, off-again Hillary investigation was a great example. He knew he was gonna let her walk. His people knew that. They hated it. He decided to throw them a bone. The whole world saw through it. He tried to redeem himself by becoming even more anti-Trump and manipulating and abusing his power even more. The whole thing was a disaster for everyone involved, especially our nation. And it was all because instead of doing his job, Jim Comey took the lazy road and indulged his 13th Disciple Complex.

John Roberts’ many “mysterious” SCOTUS rulings are another great example, because they become a lot less mysterious when you realize he’s submitting to what the media has convinced him is an unruly mob, as opposed to actually just doing his job.

These leftists, many of whom are either entirely Godless or so narcissistic they may as well be, believe their personal feelings and will should subvert their duties, our nation’s rule of law, and — most dangerously — our collective trust.

They don’t trust us. They don’t trust black people. They don’t trust anyone “under” them because they’re all bigots who think freedom is just a silly and overrated ideal that wasn’t AKSHULLY responsible for enabling the massively fertile land of prosperity and opportunity they’re all bathing in.

Of course they’re wrong and they’re about to get a beating not seen since they had to atone for segregation. (Watch for “critical race theory” to go down in history with all the same shame that segregation, slavery and eugenics also earned the Racist Democrat Party.) But it’s worth noting as they circle the drain that among their many failures was a deep misappropriation of power. They denied the people their most sacred right to free and fair elections, while trying to atone for it by giving power to people who didn’t deserve it and whose misplaced ownership of that power would net only yet more destructive, regressive and illiberal results.

As usual, the Racist Democrat Party elites didn’t care because they know they’ll always protect themselves from the hell they unleash on the rest of us.

What a clown show. And to think that literally every once-trusted and powerful institution we have — the legacy news media, academia, titans of corporate America, so much of the scientific and medical communities, the entire public education system — they’re all peppered with bad faith actors who subscribe eagerly to their roles as 13th Disciples. They all legitimately think they’re doing good things. They all legitimately think they’re part of something important that history will reward them for.

Bless their little misappropriated hearts, amid the misappropriated power they can’t seem to figure out, in the name of misappropriated “good trouble” that only exacerbates all the problems they purport to combat.

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