Racist Media Goalpost Shift: ‘The Talk’ Became Optional When Black People Became Infallible

Based on recent media reports that highlight black people fleeing law enforcement, it would appear that black parents in America are no longer having “the talk” with their kids.

“The talk,” as most Americans know by now, is the conversation black parents have with their kids about the importance of respecting authority.

You’ll be quickly forgiven if you’re wondering, “But don’t all parents have that talk with their kids?”


Yes they do.

But because the Racist Democrat Party thrives off of racial disparity and disunity, the legacy news media do their part by pushing a narrative that only black parents must teach their kids the importance of respecting the police.

Enter “the talk.”

I plan to have “the talk” with my son when he’s old enough…

Someday, even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you might get pulled over the police. It’s important no matter what the situation that you respect these individuals and the work they do. They’re already extremely stressed. They don’t know you at all. They think you’re a threat because they have to assume as much. So treat them with respect and don’t give them any reason to assume you might be any kind of risk to them. Because if you do, they might kill you.

It’s not really anything earth-shattering.

It never has been.

But ranking Democrat Party leadership, like Jake Tapper and Lester Holt for example, can’t even say “the talk” without looking like they’re about to cry.

It’s such a hardship. It’s such a sad, unfortunate state of affairs when parents have to <<checks notes>> tell their kids that cops are stressed and it’d be a good idea not to mess with them.

Oh woe is me, poor pawns of the Racist Democrat Party.

Woe is you.

Woe are all of us on your behalf you poor, delicate little flowers.

But alas our shared agony can relent at least a little bit because “the talk,” apparently, is no more. It’s no longer important. It’s no longer tragic. It’s no longer a function of responsible parenting.

Instead, today, because Democrats are bigots who look at black people with pity, the new story goes like this…

Black people should be able to do whatever they want and if they end up messing with a cop and get killed or even just badly hurt, then America needs to burn.

That’s the new “the talk,” per the desperately flailing and failing legacy news media and the Democrat Party towel boys they drag around by the ear. And we know this is the new “the talk” because the media can’t stop showing us black people fleeing law enforcement and suffering gravely for doing so. And, per the media’s narrative, this means the cops — not the people fleeing and disobeying them while endangering everyone in the vicinity — are the bad actors.

It used to be that we knew fleeing the cops was a bad idea, and that it could get you seriously hurt.

But suddenly, in the blink of an eye, “the talk” is no longer important. Instead, we just lower the bar as far as we can because white liberals are bigots who fear or hate black people too much to ever speak honestly to, about or around them.

The utterly insane disregard for common sense and decency we’re seeing isn’t something out of our Twilight Zone “new reality” or even a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

These are the modern, racist American left’s last gasps. This is their desperation. This them throwing everything they can against the wall — rank racism, fascism, science-denying, book-burning, propaganda disguised as media, mass censorship and tech purges, telling us science says we have to torture 100% of innocent children to make .00001% of idiot adults feel better about themselves — all the bad behavior you’re seeing, everything that appears to be a threat to us and our nation, is merely the bark of a dog that is salivating over a bone it can never reach and wouldn’t be able to chew if it could.

They’re impotent. They’re getting nothing done but flailing and failing, and soon they and their media handlers will be whimpering off in the distance about how awful our country is because we didn’t listen to them and the 3-5% of America they, in reality, speak for.

Meanwhile, the Republican party — which stands in stark contrast while representing freedom, racial equality, independence and scientific debate and opposing book-burning, fascism, censorship, cancel culture, open borders and efforts to “Abolish The Police” — we are growing gangbusters across all demographics, not to mention we’re now “the cool kids” since the left have hijacked every once-trusted institution and in doing so became pawns and useful idiots to the billionaires and elites they always claimed the moral highground for standing up to. 

They’ve got nothing anymore except a bunch of rundown relics that nobody will care about again until they’ve been disinfected of their leftist poison: legacy news media, academia, Hollywood, “woke” corporate America, sports entertainment, big tech and social media…it’s all for losers, and it’s all a joke, and none of it is to be trusted again in any serious way for probably at least a generation.

And that’s a good thing. It’s unfortunate that we let it get this bad, but it’s good that the course will correct itself.

And it’s good that, I’m sure, black parents, like all parents, are still having “the talk.”

It’s just pathetic, and gross, and racist, how the media hold up “the talk” as this uniquely tragic thing that only black people must endure, and then throw the entire concept away when they decide instead that if black people can’t do whatever they want, whenever they want, then America is racist and must burn.

It’s quite a flip flop and I’m not sure anyone has mentioned it yet.

Out: It’s really sad that black parents have to tell their kids about the importance of respecting the police.

In: Black people can and should be able to treat cops however they want and if something bad happens, it’s the cop’s fault.

That isn’t the thinking of people who respect blacks as equals.

And it’s not an evolution of thought that shows them going in the right direction.

It’s the thinking of racists who look at black people with pity, and it’s an evolution of thought that shows their bigotry just getting more pronounced.

Call it what it is: All Democrats Are Racist, and in their desperation amid their last gasps of racism-fueled power, they’re just getting worse. Virtually everyone sees it. Those who don’t, soon will. And most importantly, so it never happens again, history will capture all of it.

EDIT, 4/29/21 at 7:57PM ET: The original version of this piece had “whoa” instead of “woe” in a few “is me” lines. A diligent visitor took the time to let me know.

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