As White Democrats Are Revealed To Be America’s Biggest Bigots, 2022 Looks Great

The Racist Democrat Party has never once in its ugly history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making, and their base of white “liberals” in 2021 couldn’t be more helpful in that shamefully persistent endeavor.

This is because what most “liberals” describe as empathy is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own.

They look at black people, for example, through a lens of pity that deems that black person to be less capable than they are, and therefore in need of their help.

This is why they say, for example, that math and science are racist.

Or that getting an ID is too hard for black people.

Or that if their own kids were in a bad school then of course they would still expect and demand good grades, but those black and brown parents just can’t do the same good job that those privileged white liberals can.

They look at black and brown people like charity cases who are too violent or stupid to hear the truth, and instead must be fed lies and treated like children by their guilty-but-helpful white hand holders.

Charity is good. It’s useful. We should applaud those who engage in it.

Painting an entire race of people as “less capable” than you are and then committing your life to acting out that racist belief is a lot of things, but charity isn’t one of them.

This is why eagerly stupid proponents of “critical race theory” will be remembered by history with all the shame that their Racist Democrat Party predecessors achieved for slavery, eugenics and segregation.

Got that?

Critical Race Theory.

They’re all massively destructive products of the spectacularly stupid and consistent Racist Democrat Party.

And people are fast waking up to that unfortunate reality.

Nearly every Republican I’ve heard speak in the last week has talked about “racism.” Only, for once, they’re not merely and clumsily swatting away bad faith accusations made by their media and Democrat Party attackers. Instead, at this point in our nation’s history, the GOP is again talking about “racism” by calling out the Democrats’ which sits in plain sight and has for decades.

In what feels to me like the blink of an eye, our side has finally picked up that ball and started running with it. And it’s one of the most important social and political revelations of our time, right alongside the 2020 Red Wave that nobody wrote or talked about but absolutely happened.

The Democrats were supposed to clean up in 2020; up and down the ballot, just wipe the floor with Republicans. It wasn’t just their fake polling that was saying that. That’s what political prognosticators — good faith political prognosticators — had been assuming, safely frankly, for years. These people are able to look at maps and forecast who’s up and who’s down and who’s got what cooking and make reasonably accurate assessments about the direction each election should swing, broadly. And 2020 was, per them, always set up to be a very good year for Democrats.

2022 and 2024, they’d note, look better for Republicans.

But look at what actually happened.

The media won’t tell the story because all they do is lie on behalf of Democrats in an effort to scare and divide our country. So, like they always have and always will, they’ll instead do everything they can to suppress that story and convince our nation that the opposite is true.

But the conservative American right is in fact the dominant, mainstream force in this country. And we always have been. You’ve been right all this time. And because the dishonest, corrupt, bad faith and often evil actors on the left have hijacked every institution we used to trust and turned them into propaganda arms for anti-America leftism (legacy news media, academia, corporate America, big tech, Hollywood), with all of those massively powerful and now laughably partisan institutions gone by the wayside, the conservative American right — the truth tellers, the free speakers and thinkers, the ones who don’t burn books or beat people up for their speech — we are now comin’ in hot as the dominant force in the counter-culture, too!

It’s wild. Nobody sees that it’s happening because you’re all all kinds of depressed and scared and mad and sad and blah blah blah. But Trump will be back out communicating more clearly and frequently with his own new media vehicle soon, and the 2022 races will start heating up before you know it.

In 2020 we won the largest share of non-white voters in generations. This despite the media’s incessant lying and attempts to create the opposite effect. People are awake. I even recently theorized that the vast majority of Americans who happen to be black are likely just as wide awake as the rest of us.

But who tells that story? Who even allows us the opportunity to hear it, or to unite, or to share experiences and values and ambitions individually and for our nation?

Who would ever allow it?

The media desperately want the world to believe that America is full of white people who are all evil racists and black people who are all pathetic victims of that racism, incapable of even existing in polite society until those awful white people are dealt with.

This is the message the media works hard to spread every day.

If the absolute opposite is true, which it is and we should assume as much at this point whenever the media makes a claim, but if the absolute opposite is true, why on God’s green earth would the media tell that story or allow anyone else to?

Clarence Thomas’s beautiful story, about going from impoverished beginnings to the Supreme Court, was pulled from Amazon with no explanation. None. Nobody cares. Nobody says anything.

They did it because they don’t like telling stories about black people succeeding in America unless those black people agree with them that America is a racist hellhole.

And everyone knows it. And a lot of people know the documentary got pulled, even though the media and Democrats and big tech think they can do these things and nobody notices.

People do notice.

People are waking up.

And the American left, who hate our country and love racism and fascism — these people are just gross, evil, racist, fascist, book-burning, science-denying, America-hating communist wannabes.

Yes, wannabes.

They’re not the real thing.

They’re not turning our country or government into the real thing.

They’re threatening to. They’re trying to. They’re getting away with the government equivalent of “microaggressions” when it comes to asserting their authoritarian rule. But unless they can come up with another COVID that will allow them to commit massive election fraud in 2022, their party is about to end.

And by the way, the cavalry we’re bringing is not your grandfather’s Republican party. To the media and Democrats’ shock and horror, and music to our ears, virtually every candidate we’re bubbling up at this point is firmly and proudly committed to our America First movement, and its leader, President Donald J. Trump. (I never used to use or like the word “leader.” I do now, talking about Trump.)

But even Hannity’s not telling this story. Or Carlson. Or the AM talk radio people. Nobody is. And I don’t know why. Because it’s the absolute, God’s honest truth.

We absolutely crushed them in 2020, against all odds, everywhere except “mysteriously” at the top of the ticket. They got to steal the election and get away with it, and now they’re all ashamed and want to live their lives behind masks and know they don’t have a mandate and aren’t getting anything done except Executive Orders and humiliating themselves on the world stage in front of people who know how weak they are, and how much the media now lies to tell a different story. The world knows this is happening. Everyone does. And we haven’t changed a thing on our side: we’re still full-steam-ahead with our same agenda and, frankly, a lot of the same people. And we have all the juice and power. We hold the cards. They’re not going to get anything meaningful done in the next 18 months. Nothing.

And then the cavalry comes. And they come wielding “America First!” messaging while the Democrats and media are trying to explain why “Abolish The Police!” and “”Open Borders!” America Is A Racist Hellhole!” really are consistent with the mainstream of this country and the direction we all want to go.

Pain is coming for them. Bigly. Nobody is telling that story. Too few on our side seem to know that it’s the real story. Too many on our side remain too intoxicated by the narratives the media put forth. I’ve written often that the stories they want us to focus on never reflect the real news, and are always there just to help push the broader narrative:

Republicans and America are bad. Democrats and those who hate America are good.

But I’m taking yet another step back and looking at it even more broadly now. Forget the series of small stories they tell us to focus on in any given day or week. Think about the massive, enterprise story of our nation right now. Everything they’re telling us is a lie. The state of our nation’s fear, divisions, animosity, hopelessness…it’s all a lie.

We are, in fact, a nation of good and happy people who are largely unaggrieved by life at all let alone predominantly. We are proud of our nation, we like each other, we’re proud of our history, we think families are important, we don’t think sex needs to be front and center of every conversation, we don’t think it’s good to judge people by skin color instead of character, and we know most of what the media says is total bullshit.

I think the vast majority of America aligns with that profile. And I think it’s a profile that’s only being adopted by more Americans, despite the media and Democrats best efforts to divide us and destroy our country.

I wish more people were telling this story. But since few are, and I keep hearing that so many of you seem to believe the dishonest one being told by the media, and that you might even think all hope is lost (my lord, wake up, people!), I figured I’d give you the good news myself. You’re more powerful than you’ve ever been. You crushed it in 2020. Unless they can hijack the election in 2022, it’s all over for them until douchebags like Adam Kinzinger take over their party. And Trump will be out here pretty soon telling you the exact same thing. Get your ears on because our winning streak didn’t even end. It was merely slowed down. But we’re about to finish what we started. And all the ugliness you’re seeing right now, and the bad behavior from the other side, it’s just evidence of how desperate they are will be fodder for our side to bludgeon them with in the midterms.

It’s coming. Hold the line. And start acting like winners again because your tormentors are going to have to reckon with this reality soon, and it would be great if you had your game faces on for it.


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