BlueAnon Science: Punish 100% Of Innocent Children So .0001% Of Idiot Adults Feel Better

Maybe the title or rest of it was too long in yesterday’s piece, so I’m trying again today.

Why do we all appear to be nodding along as literally every child in America is punished so that the tiny population of America’s spectacularly stupid and useless anti-vaxxers and hypochondriacs can feel better about themselves?

Because that’s all we’re doing at this point.

The vaccines are out there.

They’re safe.

They’re effective.

They’re effective against the variants.

Kids were never in danger.

Kids were never a danger.

Kids were never meaningful spreaders.

Every adult in America, including and especially the already exceedingly tiny population of truly vulnerable, can now get the vaccine if they want it.

And all who want it should have already gotten it.

There are no excuses left.

If you insist on forcing adults to continue expressing your speech and fear by making us wear two masks at home alone while fully vaccinated, fine. Whatever. We’ll keep indulging you psychotic, emotional trainwrecks just like most of us have been doing our entire lives.

But you’re entirely indistinguishable from Nazi doctors at this point as you continue using innocent children as pawns for your charade, and stunting their development in every way as a consequence: socially, psychologically and physiologically. 

Any adult in America who wants the vaccine can and should have gotten one by now.

Every single one.

And yet, still, every single child in America is being punished in order to protect a very small number of idiot adults who are either anti-vaxxers or hypochondriacs.

It’s insanity and it feels like this is the last question we need to ask about this utterly disgraceful display of wanton indifference for the well-being of the most innocent among us. (Worse still, that wanton difference is in service to what most of us know by now was never anything but a “good crisis” not going to waste for Democrats and their friends all across our least trusted institutions: media, big government, academia, Hollywood, big tech, etc.)

We’re punishing fully 100% of innocent kids in America because significantly less than 1% of adults choose to be idiots and/or are afflicted with a staggering depth of idiocy that the kids didn’t cause and punishing them for won’t fix.

Stop creating and exploiting suffering among 100% of America’s innocent children to enable yet more psychosis from a tiny population of idiot adults.

And for those of you who can’t be reasoned with because you know exactly what you’re doing but are more interested in promoting fear than anything else…you’re disgusting, psychotic monsters.

And we see you.

And history will write about you.

You’ll be remembered for what you’ve done.

You disgusting, psychotic monsters.

Stop it.

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  1. Are you for real? There is not a vaccine against C-19, there are gene therapies that, unlike vaccines, do not contain C-19 and which are experimental (do you know what that word means?). There are over 3000 deaths which have resulted from these injectable therapies, most recently shown issue is blood clots (thrombosis). Women’s menstrual cycles are reportedly being disrupted, miscarriages mysteriously occurring more frequently. Numerous countries have stopped use of some of these suspected problematic therapies. The recovery rate if one contracts the virus is apx. 99%. That means apx. 1% of people will suffer serious consequences. Why would you inject potential problems and unknown long-term consequences into your body when a. you probably will not get the virus and b. if you do, your body’s existing immune systems will likely handle it as it was designed to do. I can only imagine that your presentation in this article is intended to show the absurdity of those intent on putting themselves and their neighbors at risk by accepting the status of guinea pig. This scenario is why there is a “Nuremberg code” to prevent people from being experimented upon without their fully informed consent. Why are alternative therapeutics being suppressed? In part this is happening because an “emergency use” authorization for these experiments would be illegal. Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Vitamin D are known to be effective against C-19. Simple; cheap NOT in the interest of Big Pharma. Sadly, the “lab rats” who are coerced, bullied and foolhardily taking this gene therapy may become the pariahs of society as others fear to be near them in the event they are shedding the virus or worse, incubating variants.

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  2. Why vaccinate when recovery is 99.9 plus.
    Deaths are likely of people who would have died anyway. Total deaths are about the same.
    We are wasting billions on supposed health care that is apparently making people fatter and sicker instead of healthier and happier.
    I’m sure as hell not one bit happier after several trillions have been wasted on covid “relief”.

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    • Exactly.

      I used to live in Portland Oregon just prior to the scamdemic being declared. In October of 2019 I came down with a respiratory infection. I would cough and cough, Sometimes a little flehm, This went on for over a year. Doctor tried several different antibiotics. Nothing worked. None of my coworkers got it. Then it went away.

      I had just finished a almost 8 months of chemo and radiation therapy for colorectal cancer. I am 63 years old.

      I live my life fearlessly. I beat cancer, I beat whatever the chicoms foisted on us. My wife and I are not living our lives in fear. And nobody else should.

      Live free folks. I hate FDR but he was right about one thing, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

      God be with you.

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  3. I have been asking the questions too.

    If you got the vaccine, why are you wearing a mask?
    If you aren’t capable of carrying the disease and spreading the disease, why are you wearing a mask?
    If the disease were so bad why isn’t the death count in the hundreds of millions?
    Why didn’t we do this for SARS, Ebola, West Nile Virus, the swine flu?

    And all I get is conmunist echo chamber propaganda mill talking points.

    The sad truth is that approximately 50% of the adult population in the US and around the world have brainwashed by the media and the education system. until these two dynamics change, the battle is going to be hard and frustrating.

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