Democrats Now Punishing Literally Every Child In America To Protect Tiny Population Of Anti-Vaxxers & Hypochondriacs

“Sociopathic” doesn’t even begin to describe it because the intent at this point, clearly, is far more nefarious than merely careless.

There has never been a shred of good science suggesting that masks make a difference for anyone, let alone kids. But our nation played along because, as noted often, we — the mainstream of America, the conservative right — we tend to behave like what we are: the last adults left in this country.

So we went along.

It got particularly stomach-turning when we started seeing kids in masks, especially since they were in no danger whatsoever and we knew early on that they and their asymptomatic states made for reliably inefficient spreaders.

But it got even grosser still when you began seeing the liberal parents proudly forcing their kids into masks, while some of these poor children actually enjoyed it and thought it was cool.

There was never any good science around it. None. It was always nothing more than a prop, designed to make everyone who wears one a walking advertisement for fear.

That was it. That’s all the masks ever were. The droplets breeze right through the masks and the small hope is that maybe it’ll bump into some fibers and at least slow down a little bit when you breathe it out. But droplets and spread aren’t anywhere near that simple and the theater of the masks is proven by any chart you see that shows the spread versus the mask mandates. There’s never even the slightest correlation between the two. Ever. In other words, every time you see a chart that shows how quickly COVID spread compared to when the mask mandates went into place, there’s never any semblance of relationship between the two. And that’s the metric and litmus that matters most. They’ve obviously manufactured a slew of “studies” that say otherwise and ask us to avert our eyes from this obvious reality, but they’ve hijacked academia in such a way that their “studies” mean nothing anymore. We are left using our own judgment and common sense. And if you look at the onset of the largely adhered-to mandates versus the spread, it’s obvious that the masks don’t do anything. Add to it the decline in states where masks mandates were lifted versus the (alleged) continue spread in states where the mandates remain, and it’s all pretty obvious and simple…

The masks were never intended to do anything except promote fear and act as a wet blanket over our entire nation to keep us depressed, divided, afraid and subservient.

They’re exactly what the so-called “experts” promised us they weren’t from the start: a political statement. And that’s all they ever have been. They stripped you of your right to express yourself freely, and forced you to start expressing their speech in perpetuity:

“We are right to be afraid. And I’m just as afraid as you are”

You could put any symbol or message you want on your mask. But just by putting one on, the message above — the speech and expression “I’m just as afraid as you are, and we’re right to be afraid” — is the first and most pronounced you’re sending.

And it’s by force.

And it’s the only one they wanted you to send. And the only reason they made and are continuing to make you wear them.

I increasingly think half of these leftists are just too ashamed to show their faces at this point and would much rather spend the rest of their days behind masks, in as much seclusion as possible, afraid and alone and unbothered by freedom and those who enjoy it.

Let them.

But a medical community and “experts” who truly cared about this country would be talking about this new class of hypochondriacs who just bubbled up in the last year. They’d be talking about these wildly afraid Americans who literally have nothing to fear except fear itself, but nevertheless are wearing two masks and terrified to leave the house despite getting vaccinated two months ago. Because I’ll tell you what: as much as I like to dismiss the media as nothing but propagandists who no one believes anymore, plenty of lost souls still eat up every word they say. And they’re not all full-throated Racist Democrat Party activists who are in on the gag and doing their part to play along.

Some of them are just good people who got duped into being afraid of everything now.

And just like the racism they purposefully foment, the legacy news media and their Democrat Party underlings love that. They love blanketing our nation and its people in fear. Right now, thanks to China and COVID-19, it’s their greatest and most important mission and they’re going to do all they can to drag it out as long as possible.

But Trump put something in motion they simply couldn’t stop. The vaccines and their rollouts were just as unimpeachable as Trump said they’d be. And now vaccines are available to literally any adult in the country who wants one.

Still not tired of winning!

That means a lot of the things but here’s the most obvious and important: it’s time to stop holding literally every child in America hostage when the only people you’re still protecting are hypochondriacs and anti-vaxxers.

There’s no excuse anymore. None. The vaccines are out there. If a handful of people don’t want to take them, that’s their problem. You’re not allowed to stunt literally every aspect of literally every child in America’s life because you’re worried about an exceedingly small population of irresponsible adults who refuse to take personal responsibility for themselves.

Knock it the fuck off already.

You’re sick, twisted, evil, and we see you. We know you don’t care. We know you’re perfectly happy to keep torturing children; to keep using them as pawns in your war against America. We know you’re proud when your own weird, over-medicated kids tell you how much they enjoy breathing their own recycled carbon dioxide all day from behind their preferred pronouns mask.

But every last one of you is a fucking psychopath. And you deserve to hear that truth at this point.

The vaccines are out there. Anyone who wants one has already gotten one. Anyone who’s gonna die at this point, is gonna die. That was part of life before all of this and it will remain a part of life after. But it’s a ridiculous lie that after all we’ve learned and all that’s happened, literally every child in America needs to be punished in order to protect a tiny population of adults who either a) won’t get vaccinated, b) can’t be helped even if they do, or c) are merely pretending to harbor deep feelings of fear because that’s their job as political activists right now. Those are the people you’re pretending to protect and the entire population of them combined don’t matter nearly as much as any one innocent child in America.

Open the playgrounds. Remove the mask mandates. Get rid of any and all social distancing and lockdown bullshit. I’m not even talking about schools because there’s no reasoning with the entirely evil, corrupt teacher’s union. They’re too far gone. They’re an enemy of America and its families at this point. Use them how and when you can. But it’s not a fight worth having from my seat on days like today. Today I’m just talking to the sociopaths in the media, medical community and Democrat Party who are insanely claiming that literally every child in America must still suffer — must still be deprived museums, friendships, must be forced into masks, no playing outside with other kids and just having fun because you’re still pushing the lies about them needing to wear masks and confusing and angering parents — you’re pushing all these lies, stunting the growth of literally every child in America both physiologically and psychologically — even though there’s a vaccine now and anyone who wants one, can get one.

You’re evil. We see you. You will be remembered not unlike the Nazi doctors, completely indifferent to the inhumanity you’re engaged in because you’re too blinded by evil political ambitions.

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  1. Um. You do know that the vast majority of those reading this have no interest in getting the vaccine, right? Maybe don’t insult your target audience. I’m refusing the vaccine because I’m not a brainwashed retard (;


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