Them: ‘Cops Never Take Black Men Alive!’ Also Them: ‘There Are Too Many Black Men In Prison!’

I just heard some racist Democrat on Shannon Bream’s show repeat Jake Tapper, Nancy Pelosi, Lester Holt and Xi Jinping’s favorite talking point (paraphrasing):

Dylan Roof and Kyle Rittenhouse are both alive. They killed people and were armed but the cops didn’t kill them. It is possible to take armed people alive. But the cops only do that for white people.

That’s the argument. They say it all the time. Nobody pushes back. But it’s kinda easy to and I wish more people would.

Because the people making that insanely stupid, bad faith, intentionally divisive and destructive, racially explosive and unfounded allegation, are the same people who also complain that there are too many black men locked up in our prisons.

And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and presume they mean alive in prison.


While we’re here, what happened to “the talk?” Didn’t we all spend a few years not long ago hearing about “the talk” that black parents, and black parents only, must give their kids? It always amazed me because I, too, will teach my children to respect the authority of law enforcement officers, comply with them, not make any movements that might make these already over-stressed heroes’ jobs more difficult, etc.

None of that seemed real earth-shattering to me, even before I had kids of my own. It’s kind of Day 1 Parenting Stuff, but we were told recently that only black parents really have to deal with the weight of that supposedly difficult (it’s not) conversation.

Are we just supposed to forget about “the talk” now that the videos include black people who obviously never got that lesson from their parents, and/or chose to ignore it if they did? If so, let it be another prime example of the Racist Democrat Party lowering bars for black people whom they pity and/or fear too much to be honest with or about.

SIDEBAR NOTE: Shannon Bream oughta be in that 7PM slot as she and Baier together almost completely straighten the news out in a way America desperately needs but never gets.

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