LeBron James Is A Slave Owner Of Asians On Communist Plantations

I understand that slavery and slave ownership are treated with the utmost sensitivity in America. As well they should be. But LeBron James right now is making millions of dollars off of slave labor in China. It’s a fact. He’s invested in, promoting, protecting and profiting off of a communist regime that’s committing genocide and has long been widely known to enrich itself on the backs of slaves.

Communist China is, for its “lowest forms,” nothing more than a network of manufacturing plantations.

Some for little fingers. Some for big fingers.

So, yes: LeBron James is a slave owner who profits from plantations built for him in China. And nobody will be bullied out of saying so just because he happens to be profiting off of slavery today that we all, I’m told, know was so evil so many centuries ago.

Or is it less evil because it’s happening to yellow people, right this minute, somewhere else?

That LeBron James in the United States promotes racism, fascism, violence, division and hatred for America, is merely a byproduct of his worst sin.

He’s a slave owner. And he’s proud of it. And he’s joined by much of corporate America.

And the world knows it. And it’s time people start talking about it a little more clearly, plainly and frequently

LeBron James is a slave owner who profits from plantations built for him in China.

It’s far more imperative at this point to speak that ugly truth, than it is to sit quietly on the sidelines for fear of offending someone or getting “cancelled” yourself. We have to be able to speak freely, and the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is good people doing nothing.

Do something. Tell the truth. Speak plainly and honestly. Stop being afraid.

You have right on your side.

Use your words honestly and without fear, and the might you already have will reveal itself more readily.

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