‘Deceptively Editing In An Attempt To Stoke Race Riots Is Now Standard Procedure In The Media’

The biggest name in American news media, NBC News, is now blatantly manipulating videos and content to tell the world a dishonest story that will only inflame racial hatred across America.


So a black teenager was trying to kill another black teenager by stabbing her with a knife. Officers respond and shoot the knife-wielding teen, who dies as a result. The news here is the tragic loss of life that so obviously occurred long before police arrived, because teens aren’t running around trying to kill people with knives unless their parents already threw them in the trash. The news here, beyond that, is a police officer saving the life of a young woman before another young woman could take it.

But those aren’t the honest, reality-based stories that NBC News wants to spread.

Instead they want portray this story in a way that will only incite more racial hatred and violence. What’s more, they’re willing to deceptively edit and manipulate the evidence they’re presenting in order to meet that nefarious and evil objective.

It’s not sloppy. It’s not lazy. It’s not merely “sensational.”

Given their size, their reach, the trust they’re abusing and the hatred and violence they’re creating, this is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

It’s a blatant lie, blast into the homes of millions of Americans, in a naked attempt to stoke racial unrest.


Because they love racism.


Because All Democrats Are Racist.

We must say the words and understand the truth within them.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Forget about the Racist Democrat Party being the party of slavery.

Forget about the Racist Democrat Party being the party of eugenics.

Forget about the Racist Democrat Party being the party of segregation.

All that matters today is that the Racist Democrat Party is the party of critical race theory.

That’s all you need to know, and that’s all the GOP should be focused on. Because it will go down in infamy right alongside slavery, eugenics and segregation.

All Democrats Are Racist.

Every last one of them, however unwittingly for most, at this point has been taught to believe that it’s good to judge people by skin color before anything else, that all white people are racist, and that all black and brown people are perpetual victims of that racism. To be clear: all white people aren’t anything except for white, and all black people aren’t anything except for black, and anyone who says otherwise is promoting racism and grooming racist followers.

The media and Democrats’ love of racism is evident in their commitment to stoking it.

It’s evident in their casual dismissal of black and brown people as somehow uniquely incapable compared to their white, yellow and red peers.

And it’s evident in their subsequent exploitation of those black and brown people. As soon as they finish lying about how uniquely incapable some black and brown people are, they move straight into implying that all black and brown people are in at least some way uniquely incapable, unqualified, or otherwise unfit to exist on a level playing field without their lily-white liberal life coaches helping the rest of us understand how pitiful they are.

I reject it. I reject it aggressively. I don’t apologize for rejecting it. I’m that America First, Trump-supporting Republican who knows that racism in America is still very real, and that black people do get the worst of it, and that a sense of systemic racism and/or bigotry is already likely very palpable for Americans who happen to be black. But I reject the powerful media, big business, big tech, academic and entertainment forces who create that racism and work so diligently alongside the Racist Democrat Party to keep black people down and our nation divided. I reject those powerful forces because they’re the ones stoking all the racial division and destruction.

They say they’re the ones fixing things, but it’s painfully obvious to every intellectually honest person watching that their only real goal is to actually make things worse. And I’m starting to believe that a lot more black people see that, too.

Because the Democrat Party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making. It’s their mode of operation, always has been and, apparently, always will be until or unless we can stop them.

And if you want to stop them, then the time has come to speak plainly, clearly, honestly and without any fear of their entirely impotent blowback.

What could they possibly take from you or your family that’s more important than your right as an American to speak freely against racism and evil? Think about that question very carefully. Because it’s one many are at this point being forced to reckon with.

The correct answer is “not a single fucking thing.”

Now is the time to fight for free speech. We don’t have to fire a single shot but we’re in the middle of a war and you win when you realize there’s nothing they can take that’s more important than your right to speak out against their obvious evil.

It’s surreal — it’s terrifying — watching NBC News work so obviously, so carelessly, so recklessly like domestic terrorists who want to bring more bloodshed, violence, murder and hatred to our streets, lives and eventually homes.

They know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly the narrative they’re crafting and the buttons they’re pushing. It has nothing to do with ratings.

This is their war against America.

What are the rest of them up to while NBC News is leaving out the most exculpatory context in the officer’s defense? They’re claiming, with straight faces, that knife fights aren’t really a big deal among teenagers.

“Who would say such a stupid thing,” the Democrat Party’s most naive members would ask.

Let’s start with prominent Democrat activist, Bree Newsome:

Yes. “Y’all need help.” She means that.

Ask and you shall receive.

Next LeBron James got in on the action, effectively putting a target on the officer who saved the black teen’s life and declaring the man guilty. Miss James (I self-identify right now as someone who knows LeBron is a little girl trapped in a really ugly, gracelessly-balding man’s body) deleted her tweet but the officer’s face is already out there because of LeBron, circulating among a badly informed public — courtesy of NBC News and Lester Holt.

Add all that up, and now this is happening.

And it’s all based on a stack of lies that had their intended effect.

You couldn’t script a more disgusting, dishonest, dangerous and doomed means of gaining power and control.

You couldn’t ask for more clear evidence that they don’t care one bit about black lives, and that cops will be deemed “guilty” even when they’re saving those lives.

The media lie about and create racism because the Racist Democrat Party thrives off of it.

Celebrities help spread the lie to the geniuses who get their news from celebrities.

Grassroots activists seize on the lie and then, both armed with and protected by the media’s lies, they go out and demand actual policy changes that will negatively affect very real lives and create very real danger for entire communities of innocent people who want nothing to do with this madness.

Stephen Miller encapsulated the tragedy unfolding before us this way:

“The question became, ‘whose life matters more to our media and this White House?’ The black life swinging the knife in attempt to murder, or the black life being saved by the police officer? Sadly, we appear to have our answer.”

A cop shot and killed a black teenager who was in the process of trying to stab another black teenager to death. The media and Racist Democrat Party have, in just the latest example of their commitment to stoking racial hatred and violence, decided to lie about the most important context of the story in order to get more people mad, more people hurt, and our nation more divided.

That’s not okay and we need more people speaking more clearly and forcefully against it.

All Democrats Are Racist.

You must become tough, smart and brave enough to say those words.

And until you get there, I’ll be right here saying them for you. But I’m not your mommy. I’m not your daddy. This is your job, America. Speak up. Speak out. Stop being bullied into silence over threats by people who have zero bearing on your life, liberty and/or pursuit of happiness. And if you think you need Amazon, Google, Facebook and/or Apple in order to be happy — if you think you need to sit quietly while your employer and your child’s school work hard to make you both as racist as the Democrats are — if you don’t trust that God will provide and that you, your family and your nation will be in the long run be better for the courage you show today — then frankly you don’t deserve the help. I realize it may take some of you a minute to get there. I’ve been at this for close to 20 years now, and it’s been the reality the whole time, and even I only woke up to the gravity of this in the last several weeks.

But if you can get to a place where you realize there’s nothing they can take from you that’s more important than your right to speak freely against their racism and evil, you’ll find you’re much better suited for this fight and much more liberated in your own life. This is important work at this point. Your voice, even more than your vote, is the weapon they fear most right now. They’ve bullied you out of using it. They’ve left you thinking there’s nothing you can say that they won’t “cancel” you for. Meanwhile, they’re stoking and promoting racism, violence and hatred.

There’s nothing they can take from your or your family that’s more important than your right to speak out against them and their evils. And the time has come for people to take that right back.

Hat tip to this guy for the headline to this piece:

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One comment

  1. MSM edits everything to spin it their way. Yes, they are more racist than anyone out there. Now they are calling for accountability? LeBron James calling for the cop to be hunted down? How about accountability from the girl with the knife, her parents, her teachers, her friends, that all think it’s acceptable to settle an argument with a weapon or a murder. This behavior starts at home.


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