Abolish The Police? Okay. You First Chicago, NYC & San Francisco!

I’m struggling to understand why the America First movement aren’t first in line supporting this incredibly useful plan.

Yes, by all means, go right ahead and abolish the police.

You first, Chicago.

You first, NYC.

You first, San Francisco.

Go right ahead.

You be the litmus.

Show us how it works out.

Every elected Republican and their mainstream American base oughta be standing up and supporting this idea as loudly and proudly as possible.

The legacy news media and their Democrat Party towel boys hate America. (I’ve elaborated on that hatred before, examples here and here).

They hate the police.

They love racism.

They not only attack and prosecute you for defending yourself or your home, but they also attack black victims while defending their black tormentors.

They have one agenda and it has nothing to do with public health, safety, justice, equality, equity, fighting racism or enabling America and its people.

Their agenda is to destroy this nation.

Their weapon of choice is racism.

They’re doing everything they can to create as much of it as possible.

It doesn’t matter that they’re white and as “guilty” as all the others on whom they’re unleashing their war. The Racist Democrat Party leadership never worries about that because they know they’ll always protect themselves. But they always have and apparently always will use racism of their own making in order to amass power. It’s as true today as it was in 1863 and 1964. Only in the old days they tried to get all of America, including black people, to hate blacks and pity whites. Today they’re trying to get all of America, including white people, to hate whites and pity blacks. But it’s always racism and everyone — even the people they’re purporting to “help” — are always worse off for it, poisoned from the inside out by the racism Democrats work so hard to “teach” us all.

Mark my words: “critical race theory” will be viewed by history as the exact same evil that they promoted with slavery, eugenics and segregation. Only this time it will ensnare not just the Racist Democrat Party but all of their fascist, billionaire enablers like the legacy news media, corrupt academia, evil corporate America and the entire entertainment world with sports leading the way. The stories that will be told and the books that will be written about the insanely racist and fascist modern American left’s commitment to promoting racism by codifying “critical race theory,” all while eagerly licking Communist China’s virus-infected boot heel, will be the last and most humiliating blow to the entirely useless, evil, pathetic Democrat Party that we’ve all had to suffer with for most of our lives.

The Republican Party, as more people continue to get their heads around this (and they are at a pace that has me standing up and cheering), will again save America from the Racist Democrat Party, and the GOP won’t have a meaningful electoral competition again until the moderate Democrats emerge from their humiliation closets and from out behind their shame masks, and find a way to be honest with themselves and our country again.

But in the meantime, yes, by all means, Abolish The Police.

Do it.

Let your cities burn. Let your innocent citizens be assaulted, robbed, beaten, raped and murdered. Give your clear-thinking, important, rational, progress-minded, justice-inspired base exactly what they’re “literally crying” for.

Go ahead.

This is how “desperate” you are? This is “how much pain” the supposedly racist police and criminal justice systems are causing you? You want us to take you seriously? You really mean it this time? You can’t be expected to behave yourselves like civilized people in our society because <checks notes> “white silence = white violence?”

Okay. Well I’m ready to speak up on your behalf and give you spoiled, racist Democrat children what you want.

You sold me.

Abolish The Police.

What are you waiting for, Democrat Party leadership in these cities?

Why aren’t you listening to the “very real” cries and pain of your base who know, because you and the media keep telling them, that “black men can’t walk down the street without being killed by racist cops!”?

Why aren’t you respecting their station and ceding your power to create equity in our streets by abolishing the police?

If you really cared about your desperately hurting, literally shaking, unable to cope base — then help them. Let them all decide they’re a different gender. Wait. Wrong post. Ban math and science. Sorry. Wrong post. Give them tons of drugs. Darn it. Wrong post. Convince us all they’re too stupid to get an ID. My bad. Wrong post. Raise children to pity brown skin and hate white skin. Shoot. Wrong post. Teach them that abortion is the best answer but if you must have kids, it’s best to do it without a father in the home. Dangit, man. Wrong post!

Abolish the police!

There we go.

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