Most Blacks, Like Most Trump Supporters, Are Not Represented By The Media’s Lies

I’ve never actually thought about being one of the Americans who happens to be black and knows better than to believe the legacy news media’s lies but, like so many of us, has also has been bullied out of using their free speech and speaking truth to power.

Think about it. The media have created a “black community” and within it are probably far more people than we realize who have been bullied out of speaking freely and are now hostages, just like the rest of us. They see what the media says, and does, and how they spin things, and they know it’s all lies.

But, just like us, they’re helpless to actually do anything about it or change anything.

Joe Biden told the entire world less than one year ago that he believes the Racist Democrat Party still owns black people. That’s what “You ain’t black” meant. That’s all it meant. And he got away with it because, sadly, he’s not entirely wrong. Any black person who speaks out against the Racist Democrat Party’s dogma is ostracized by the media’s well-organized, grassroots acolytes. I’ve engaged with many of these grassroots activists who insist “I’m Independent!”, and that’s a start. They’re humiliated by calling themselves Democrats, which is good. They should be. But when it comes to the black activist base, there isn’t a bone in their bodies that would ever support anything or anyone even remotely Republican. Because that would mean “you ain’t black.” And if you show them a black Republican then they’ll show you an Uncle Tom. That’s the thinking that emanates through the media and into everyone’s homes. That’s all most of them are allowed to say without getting cancelled in the segregated “community” that the media and Racist Democrat Party have worked hard to create and reinforce.

But I guarantee you the vast majority of black people are not planning to riot if Chauvin is found innocent. To the contrary, the vast majority of black people, I’m quite certain and f**k the polling if there is any, the vast majority of Americans who happen to be black are probably praying there aren’t riots and looting, regardless of the verdict.

The vast majority of Americans who happen to be black have to get a pit in their stomachs when they hear the media and Democrats say their skin color means they can’t do something simple, like get an ID. The vast majority of black people must know that’s bullshit. There’s no way they don’t. Yet they’re not allowed to speak out against it, and any who do I guess must get censored immediately because the rest of the world never hears them.

The vast majority of black people have to know that the breakdown of the black family more than anything else contributes to black kids doing poorly, and then becoming adults who continue to do poorly. It’s not an acceptable reality. The vast majority of Americans who happen to be black, just like everyone else, must know that we have to do something to level that off because in America — where we’re all created equal — such wild disparities shouldn’t exist and should be addressed honestly if they do. But the vast majority of Americans who happen to be black must know that the breakdown of the 2-parent black family, more than anything else, contributes to the disparities that black kids endure and then tragically take with them into adulthood.

The vast majority of Americans who happen to be black have to get ice cold feet and wish they were somewhere else when they hear the media and others throughout politics and academia insist that 2-parent families aren’t that important, and that anyone who says they are important is probably just a racist. That’s gotta make the vast majority of black people, who are smart and honest and can handle the truth, feel kinda sick; like they’re hanging with the wrong people.

It’s got to. How can it not?!

Moms and dads staying together isn’t really that important for kids? It’s racist to suggest otherwise?? Are you kidding me!? How could anyone believe that and/or not see the bad faith, bigotry and outright evil of those who promote it?

The vast majority of black people probably don’t actually think that banning Dr. Seuss books or making the Cleveland Indians change their name helps anything or anyone.

The vast majority of black people most likely love America. And Thanksgiving. And the vast majority of black people, I have to think, are not real worked up over Christopher Columbus no matter how many “woke” activists tell them “You ain’t black” unless you’re outraged.

The vast majority of black people can’t possibly believe that “math and science are racist.” Again, I have to think most — if they’re being honest and think about it — know statements like that are prime examples of the media and Democrats  putting them in a dishonestly negative light, and then exploiting them from that dishonestly negative light for political gain. It’s gross and for most Americans who happen to be black, if they think about it and are being honest, it’s probably humiliating and they wish these assholes would knock it off already and stop acting like they need lower bars than everyone else.

I legitimately believe that the vast majority of Americans who happen to be black, if they’re being honest, already know all of this even if they haven’t and don’t plan anytime soon to say so out loud.

The vast majority of black people have to know that teaching kids to judge each other by skin color instead of character will only create more racial division and resentment.

Right? Don’t all thinking people understand that? I have to think they do.

And black people are no different than any other people. They think, just like everyone else. They must know these things.

Americans who happen to be black must at this point know that the Racist Democrat Party has always gotten its power from racial disunity and disparity that they created. If they look at history honestly, and look at what’s happening today, the vast majority of black people must know that the Democrat Party actually thrives off of the failure, pain, hopelessness and grievance that they create among anyone they can segregate: black, brown, gay, female, Muslim, Asian…anyone they can segregate and metaphorically enslave, they do. And Americans who happen to be black must be able to see that by now, even if they’re not yet talking much about it.

Americans who happen to be black must know that “America Is Racist!” is far more of a desperate marketing pitch than a reality. It’s a seductive one to be sure, but not the all-consuming roadblock that the legacy news media and Racist Democrat Party work so hard to portray.

The vast majority of black people are, like the vast majority of white and Hispanic and Asian and Native American and Arab and Indian and other peoples, good and honest and hard-working and independent and law-abiding and happy and whole and better off without all the drama they’re constantly being used and exploited to stoke.

Americans who happen to be black must know by now that the media, including its purportedly “blackest” voices from journalism to entertainment, aren’t really speaking for them anymore.

Because they must know by now — just like the America First movement and Trump’s earliest supporters — that the media spend all day lying to and about them.

Americans who happen to be black, if they’re not already, soon will be pissed off not at “racist America,” but at “racist Democrats and media” who have spent generations profiting off their pain while doing everything in their massive power to create more of it.

So the obvious question is, if Americans who happen to be black know all these things, then why do they still so persistently vote for Democrats?

The answer, I believe, is pretty simple.

Because Americans who happen to be Republican haven’t yet even tried to tell them that we see and know these painfully obvious realities.

It’s time to start telling everyone the truth.

America suffered unduly from COVID-19 because we’re fat, and the virus was designed by a lab in China to hurt fat people more than anyone else. America: you’ve gotta lose weight because the Chinese are now manufacturing bioweapons that target us specifically. The so-called “experts” don’t care about you and can’t be trusted because, forget about the China angle, they won’t even tell you in explicit terms that the single most health-conscious and personally-responsible thing you can do is lose weight. They don’t tell people that because they’re weak, and they’re afraid to tell people the truth, and they get to exploit their power more by lying to us and keeping us afraid and in the dark. But COVID hit our nation harder because we’re fat. “Experts” who actually care about your health and/or that of our nation more broadly, “experts” who are giddily destroying business and children in service to promoting fear and nothing else, won’t focus on our nation being fat because they think we’re too delicate to hear it and they enjoy exploiting our fear too much to stop the gravy train. If they cared and had our best interests in mind, health-related or otherwise, we’d all know the truth by now. COVID hit us harder because we’re fat. Think about their aversion to having that honest, science-based, productive and helpful conversation. Internalize what they must think of you, and the whole country, by leaving that part out but still doing so much to create so much new damage without ever actually even touching the truth. Think about the implications. (Calls to mind one of my earliest but sturdiest observations: what most Democrats describe as “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless anyone whose experiences are diverse from their own.)

The same goes for our nation’s current health crisis: just about every card-carrying Democrat in America is now pretending to be a hypochondriac. They’re probably just ashamed to show their faces. They should be. Like the Americans who happen to be black that I wrote about above, they know what’s going on. They know what the media is showing us is a facade, with respect to Biden et al actually winning power and now using it. They know it’s all gonna end in November 2022. They want to pretend none of the last 6 years happened and just gorge on whatever scraps of power they pretend to wield now, hide behind their masks, and then emerge with a casual “Wow wasn’t that crazy!?” These people are now pretending that they have to perpetually be in masks, and afraid, because this is the world they want to live in. They’re terrified of coming back out and facing reality. Because they’re ashamed, and afraid, and weak. And the so-called “experts” should be talking to and about them. They should be bringing awareness to the cold, wet blankets of hypochondriacism, Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen syndrome by proxy that these people are spreading all over America. But they’re not because the so-called “experts” don’t actually care. And they thrive off of our fear and pain. And they’re happy to get help from all the grassroots Democrats they’ve convinced, consciously or not, to play along now in perpetuity.

And finally, the so-called “experts” should be talking about single-parent homes with respect to the disparity that Americans who happen to be black endure. If they truly cared about mitigating disparity and bigotry and allowing for a more equitably-manifest statistical result across all races, they’d be pointing out that 72% of black kids grow up in single parent homes compared to 53% of Hispanics, 28% of whites and 17% of Asians. They’d be just saying the words, “Parents honoring their commitments to each other and their family would go a long way toward helping Americans who are black stem the disparity that too often follows kids into adulthood.” But the so-called “experts” won’t talk about that because they don’t respect or trust black people enough to have conversations like that. Instead they talk down to them, make up excuses for them that nobody buys (inability to get an ID, for example), and then lie to the rest of the nation about what Americans who happen to be black are capable and aware of.

Black people know better. White people know better. Americans know better.

More people have to start telling the truth.

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  1. I am going to be 64 this December. My mother, bless he souls, raised all five of us to not look at somebodies skin color, but the person. Not to judge others by their skin color. Not to assume that just because you don’t look like that you’re bad.

    But the demoncrats and their propaganda media allies have done a good job of brainwashing a lot of public indoctrinated sheeple into believing otherwise.

    May all of them burn in hell. They deserve nothing less for causing all the suffering and damage of the last year.


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