Media & Democrats Have Devolved Into Domestic Terrorists Who Are Stoking A Race War

Want proof?

Here’s proof:

Every step they take is intended to create racial hostility, violence and destruction.

Every single one.

It’s not real. It’s not mainstream. It’s very destructive at various micro levels but hasn’t yet consumed the entire American body or, frankly, anything close to it.

The sense that it has become mainstream is a lie told by the legacy news media because that’s the impression they want to create.

But freedom and equality and opportunity and competition and goodness and personal responsibility and independence and liberty are too deeply embedded in our collective DNA.

They can teach us all to become as racist and hateful as they are. It’s certainly possible and they’re working hard and smart to do just that. Racism is, after all, taught.

But they’re not there yet. And while the mainstream of America and the GOP, conservative as it may be, has proven incapable of speaking plainly and in a way that puts the Racist Democrat Party in its deservedly defensive posture, then it must I guess be left to the counter-culture to get this done.

And we have to speak truth to power. And we have to use words like “domestic terrorists.” And we have to tell the truth about who the racists are, what the evidence is, and the damage they’re doing.

It’s terrifying that people can now plainly see the domestic terrorism that the legacy news media and Democrats are fomenting. It’s terrifying that people can now see up close and personal just how badly the media and Democrat party want to stoke racial hatred and disunity. It’s painful to see how little they think of Americans who happen to be black, as they inflame their most desperate and hopeless to commit violence while claiming without evidence that “all the rest” feel the same way. I have a new theory: they don’t!

David Harsanyi’s observations in the tweet above are just the tip of what the media hope will be a massively devastating iceberg. But on every issue, at every turn, the legacy news media — most egregiously NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, AP, NPR, PBS — these America-hating, far left propagandists do everything they can to inspire and incite very real racial hatred and violence.

We all sat right there and watched them spend hours hoping it was a Trump supporter who killed a Capitol police officer recently with a car attack. We all saw them stop everything they were doing to put all eyes on that story. We all knew that if it was a Trump supporter, it was going to be a months-long story or even a catalyst to push actual policy changes. But when it turned out to be a Nation of Islam idiot, we were all there watching as the media quickly pivoted and then never mentioned that story ever again. We watched it happen. The media had their editorial Molotov cocktails all ready to throw all over the country. But when the story didn’t fit their narrative, they memory-holed it entirely. We watched them do it. We know how flagrantly and dangerously they’re operating in bad faith.

We were all there when the media spent a solid week or so trying to convince the world that Trump supporters were out there attacking Asian people in the streets. We sat there and watched them tell every lie they could in an effort to drum up that entirely dishonest and destructive narrative. And we all watched them again pivot quickly when it became clear that most of the attacks they were going to report on were not being carried out by Trump supporters.

They were being carried out by black people.

Black people whom the Democrat party, legacy news media, Hollywood, academia, big tech, professional sports and corporate America are all targeting to control, exploit and use.

Black people who are being targeted by these massively powerful and reckless forces to be as desperate, enraged, hopeless and racist as possible.

It’s the same reason the media aren’t real interested in covering violence against Jews in America.

The legacy news media and Racist Democrat Party are trying to make black people as racist and violent as possible, and they don’t want to tell any story that a) gets in their way or b) shows them succeeding.

The legacy news media want a race war. And it has nothing to do with ratings. I wish it was just about ratings. Frankly that’s a much less evil and more surmountable fight for us to win. If it were just about ratings, they’d care that you stopped watching them decades ago.

This, for the legacy news media, is about destroying America. It’s about doing what the feckless Democrat Party didn’t have the power, “smarts” or guts to do. The media and institutional left have been dragging the Democrat Party along by its ear for decades and now, in what I believe are their pathetic last gasps, are sitting here right out in plain sight doing everything they can to start a race war.

If a jury, especially in this environment, find Chauvin not guilty or not sufficiently guilty to satisfy Maxine Waters and Antifa/BLM, then that should be the end of it. But it wouldn’t be.

Instead, because the domestic terrorists in the media have created an army that they advertise as being bigger and more dangerous than it really is: businesses will burn, innocent people will be killed, guilty people will be emboldened to commit more crime, and the nation will become more divided, and angrier, and less safe.

And it’s all because that’s exactly what the legacy news media and Democrat party want.

And literally everything they’re doing and saying, right out there in plain sight at this point, is evidence of that. What’s more, literally nothing they’re doing or saying serves in any way to refute it.

Quite a sick, sad, dangerous display they’re giving the entire world, including those who will eventually write the history.

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