They Bullied You Out Of Free Speech; Your Job Now Is To Reclaim & Punish Them With It

When it hit me a week or so ago that we’ve literally lost our right to free speech, I got pissed. And I decided it’s time to start telling the truth more plainly, publicly and without fear.

God called me to church that week for the first time in I don’t know how long, without a special occasion.

The sermon, as it turned out, was about rejecting fear, and specifically the courage Peter enveloped when he changed 3,000 stubborn minds by speaking truthfully, from his heart and without fear.

Truthfully and from the heart.

That’s the only way the vast majority of us speak, but we’ve now been terrorized out of doing so thanks entirely to the legacy news media who cultivate our nation’s every social and political whim.


They’re liars, of course. The America First, conservative right always have been and in fact remain today the truly dominant mainstream force. What’s even more interesting, by hijacking all the institutions they thought actually owned us, they’ve ceded the counter-culture too and now we’re occupying that critical, cultural ground as well complete with righteous indignation, civil disobedience and speaking truth to power.

It’s the “speaking truth to power” part that I’m recently finding increasingly fascinating.

Because nothing I have to say should be deemed inadmissible in any public square, let alone every public square and most of the private ones now, too.

Let me start with this: All Democrats Are Racist.

I believe it in my heart of hearts and have written endlessly on it so just go find those pieces yourself if you’re interested. I back it up with slam dunk evidence that they leaving sitting around in plain sight. It makes for an important conversation.

But just for saying those words — All Democrats Are Racist the powers-that-be would have me entirely silenced whenever they get far enough down their list.

The stuff the media is pulling now is so flagrantly bad…

Banning James O’Keefe without explanation for getting a CNN Technical Director on video admitting that the network is 100% biased, worked hard and were all proud to “defeat” Trump, bury stories about blacks attacking Asians and hype stories about white supremacy to support the BLM movement, etc etc. Total and complete admission from the horse’s mouth, and Twitter banned both O’Keefe and his Project Veritas just for revealing it. The rest of the media who claim to care about free speech, accountability, etc? Worse than silent: supportive.

How about the CNN employee who got crushed in the head with a frozen water bottle, nearly lost consciousness, and was mocked by BLM protesters for not being able to handle it as he and the rest of the CNN crew were run off? The network to my knowledge hasn’t even addressed this on-air. Certainly not to the extent that the American people deserve to know, and their employees deserve to have told. None of the media have. Can you imagine if it were a Trump rally where that happened?

How about the dude who rammed the Capitol gates and killed a cop in the process? That was like a week ago. The media were all teed up for hours when the news first to broke to make it a months-long story., until they found out the assailant wasn’t white and/or a Trump supporter. Had the assailant been either one, they’d have dragged it out for months and used it as a weapon to continue lobbying to have us excised from every corner of American life.

The 60 Minutes crap with DeSantis? And no accountability or even apology for it? It’s not them trying to cover their tracks or even a strategic “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Counter-accuse.” strategy. It’s just audacity because they know they can get away with it and there’s nothing anyone they care about is going to say or do.

The Russia Bounty story: the media spent months saying Trump was an idiot for not believing the intelligence community’s report about Russia allegedly putting bounties on American soldiers’ heads. Trump claimed, and was proven right today, that the information was planted by bad actors in the IC just to give the media fodder to hurt him in the wake of his decision to pull out of Afghanistan. Trump was proven right because today, to help Biden in the wake of his own announcement, the IC retracted that story and the media massaged and ran cover for the disastrously nefarious chain of events.

Pulling out of Afghanistan? When Trump said it was time and put the wheels in motion, every headline was about how stupid he is and how dangerous it is. When Biden does it, only because Trump boxed him in, the media hail it as a great move that’s long overdue.

They’re so wildly and unapologetically flagrant in their partisanship. They simply don’t care that we see them anymore. They don’t care that we complain. Their tech allies have already created a social universe in which our conservative news and messaging can’t escape the ecosystem they’ve built for us, while further making it next to impossible to reach people not already in that ecosystem.

This is the environment, right now, where they could literally do anything they want and no one can stop them. The media have built that environment for all the other bad actors who participate in it, most notably the deeply-problematic and demonstrably corrupt intelligence community, pansies in corporate America who wouldn’t know what’s truly “woke” if it hit them in their lily-white faces, and the violent activist base (BLM/Antifa). The United States government could start rounding us up from our homes while piloting freshly-minted hate or terror “charges,” and a lot of the country would be bullied into nodding along because the media would coach them on the importance of “respecting the justice system’s process” and “appreciating how many people in this country are in so much pain because of [our] actions.”

They can lie about and do whatever they want at this point.

And they are.

Did you see the Newsweek cover about Silicon Valley billionaires thinking they can reverse aging by drinking blood harvested from young people? Now think back to the media’s “Trump said inject bleach in your veins and people are just dumb enough to try it!” narrative. Trump never said “inject bleach in your veins.” And nobody would be stupid enough to try it. But leftists are absolutely evil enough to drink baby blood if they think it’ll help them in any way, shape or form. And if they won’t do it now, they can be easily convinced within a few weeks by Jake Tapper and Lester Holt.

Because the people who don’t know any of this is happening — the people who don’t know Hunter Biden is not only a pedophile but an incestuous one too, and that Joe knew all about it and kept the gravy train going with their Ukraine and China deals — the people who don’t know any of this are trained seals and will do whatever the media tell them to at this point. They’ll swallow whatever the media tell them to. They’ll sacrifice whatever principles or morals they thought meant something, in service to not stepping out of line or showing any cracks in their resolve.

“This whole ‘America is terrible’ and ‘Free speech was stupid’ and ‘White people are a disease’ and ‘It’s good to burn books’ and ‘Science isn’t about debate’ and ‘Fascism works’ and ‘I’m not racist because I know blacks can’t keep up and so I treat them that way and try to remember how guilty I am as a white person and how important it is to always look at the world that way’ — I really like all those things. So I’m gonna sit here and not say anything when I see things getting maybe what I would’ve thought was a little out of control before the media showed me just how necessary it truly is for America to start treating conservatives like vermin for whom a final solution is likely the only one.”

Whether they’re afraid, stupid, or committed to the evils they’re doing, is moot.

They, along with so many other generations of Democrat Party carnage, are casualties. I don’t know what we can do for them and I don’t care. If 1,000 came to my house and said I changed their lives and they agree with me now, I’d tell every last one to get the fuck off my lawn. Because they’ve lost me. If they want to join up on our side, great. But I’m not gonna slow down to thank them or pretend to be real moved that they finally came around. We just don’t have time for any of that anymore.

Yes I’m still confident that their largely impotent reign of terror comes to a grinding halt in November 2022.

But that’s 18 months away and given what we’re seeing from the media, I’ll just tell you guys: I’m definitely praying hard that God stops them from drumming up some other faux crisis, or a bolt-on to the current one, enabling them to meddle in the 2022 election like they did in 2020. I don’t see it happening. I don’t know what it would be or how they’d do it. I think they’re all getting very desperate now, and that’s why we’re seeing the absolutely astonishingly bad behavior that we are. We couldn’t even begin to keep track of it all if we tried.

Did you know that 7 tech companies gained $4.2T in value in 2020 while thousands of small businesses folded?

As one person noted, they’re consolidating their power. This is all intentional. And they’ve got about half the country nodding along with them, like sheep. Even that sociopath Fauci still has sway with these newly-hypochondriac headcases.

Scary, I know. But I think the person who posted is wrong. This isn’t “America now.” These bad actors are still all just, at worst, fascist/communist wannabes. They’re simply not that powerful. Can they upset our creature comforts? Sure. Can they hurt us as individuals? Yep, and they’re doing it every day. But they can truly stop us? I say no. I say they’re still no match for America. We crushed them up and down the ballot in 2020, against the media’s hype and promises and wishes, except “mysteriously” the top of the ticket. Our GOP-led state legislatures are doing their part to take the mystery out of it next time and make sure there aren’t 100,000,000 mail-in ballots floating around the country. If we can hold that line then we’re gonna just absolutely curbstomp them in 2022 and then again in 2024 and we probably won’t stop until the people we exiled from the GOP to make room for Trump take over the Democrat Party and give us a real fight again.


That’s what I see happening and have for months now. But in the meantime, I’m still pissed about being silenced. I’m still pissed about not being allowed to speak. I’m still pissed about their stranglehold on our national conversation, and it all comes from the media. I’ve got thoughts on how to defeat the media. I’ve written about it endlessly and I continue to lobby the plan behind-the-scenes with the small group of influencers I know. It’s taking hold. As they see more clearly just how dishonest, unaccountable and in fact dangerous the legacy news media are — as they realize that the Democrat Party is and has long been a joke that would cease to exist without the media doing all the heavy lifting for them — as more people see that, more people realize that it’s the media, far more than anyone or anything else, that we need to defeat. And I have a plan for it. It’s basically just having our elected Republican leaders do what we’ve already done: pick a select group of the worst offenders, and boycott them. Tell the world why you’re doing it. “Hello ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, AP, WaPo and NYT: My constituents are concerned that you’ve become a propaganda shop for Democrats, instead of a news organization for America. And there’s good evidence suggesting they’re right. Here’s a stack of examples for you to leaf through. Get back to us with explanations for each, and information about what you’re doing to ensure better in the future. Until then, we can’t engage with you on any other matter because we can’t be confident you’d be doing so in good faith.” That’s it. They can drag that out for months and go on Fox News or talk to USA Today or whoever or whatever about it. They can come up with challenges like “Show me a single example where it went the other direction, in the GOP’s favor instead of Democrats.” They could keep it going for months or longer if necessary: “This day in history: One year ago today this was the story that NBC News was running with. It turned out to be fake news. Add it to the list, NBC News.” There are several excellent reasons this is the best course to go. And I’m hoping it happens.


But in the meantime, back to the point of this post!, I’m just compelled to start speaking up more. Not writing here. This is kind of sidebar for me at this point because I don’t just want to do the commentary on the ugliness for the next 18 months, and I also don’t want to keep investing time in beating the same dead horse day in and day out. (See above about defeating the media!) But every now and then I’ll want to share something here. Today it’s a script for pushing back on critical race theory crap in an honest but effectively contrarian way. I went on and on about the media because if it weren’t for them, we would still be allowed to speak freely.

Guys I’ve been writing for years. I’ve been politically active to the right for decades now. I’ve always known we were the ones who largely had to just shut up and take it from the other side, including the media, Hollywood, academia, the liberals in corporate America who got to fly their flags proudly while you couldn’t even have a Trump bumper sticker and keep your job, and the rest.

We’ve all known all of that for a long time. We’re used to it.

That. Is. Not. Okay.

We. Have. To. Be. Allowed. To. Speak.

But as it stands today, I have to be afraid when telling a Democrat that character matters more than color because if that Democrat gets mad at me for it, then the media will gladly portray a story wherein I’m the bad guy and the whole world is better because I got “cancelled.”

That’s not okay.

And I’m not okay with it anymore. I was for a while. We all were. We let it happen. We watched it. We accepted it. We were okay with it.

And this is where we are now.

So it’s time to take it back. And I saw some usually very smart guy say recently (paraphrasing), “You can’t really push back on the Democrats’ racist critical race theory stuff at work because they’re just gonna shoot you down: ‘Why are you so hung up on being able to say the word ‘master?””

There’s an answer for that. It takes guts. It takes “truth to power.” But it’s the same one I had for articulating my problem with the NFL players kneeling, and in fact the Black Lives Matter movement more broadly.

The problem is that these movements and this thinking all perpetuate a myth that not only fails to stem disparity and division, but ensures much more of both.

That is a good reason to reject their garbage. It’s not about hanging on to Dr. Seuss books or needing to use the word “master.” It’s not about dismissing the disparity that Americans who happen to be black statistically endure, or the disproportionate bigotry that accompanies that statistical disparity. It’s about misappropriating blame for a very real problem and, in doing so, only exacerbating that problem instead of quelling it.

Because fighting back is new to most of you and you won’t find the weapons I use really anywhere other than these pages, I’ll give you what I wrote off the top of my head that prompted me to start this post:

I reject this critical race theory stuff because I believe you’ve identified a real problem — racial disparity across virtually all meaningful metrics that affects blacks most negatively — but if you don’t aim very carefully at the source of that problem, you’re liable to miss the mark, hurt innocents and do nothing to actually help our nation move forward in a positive, united and progress-inspired way. I also think you’ve identified a very real problem in newly emerging racism. But I think your bad aim in targeting the disparity is more responsible than anything else for those newly emerging racial hostilities. I believe most of you are doing what you believe is truly right. But free speech has to be okay. And I understand the problems you’ve identified with respect to anti-black disparity and bigotry are very real, but I disagree with the causes you’re citing. If you really care about this then instead of trying to silence me you’ll engage on this a bit and help me understand how your promotion of identity-over-character posturing is actually a good thing. If however you want to worsen the disparity and division or don’t care if you do, then just ignore this sincere suggestion and go back to silencing and dismissing anyone who challenges your racist thinking.

I don’t expect anyone to read or hear that and be bowled over.

But I have to be allowed to say it, and right now I feel like I’m not.

I’m going to say it anyway.

Because for the first time in my life, I now truly know what “speaking truth to power” means and feels like, and why it’s important. And frankly it feels good. These assholes deserve to hear the truth. America deserves to receive it. And I deserve the right to speak it.

So I’m going to as often and in as many places as I can.

So let me repeat, for example and starters: All Democrats Are Racist, and I greatly look forward to having that conversation in front of the entire planet with increased frequency and volume.

You should, too.


Narrative-Correcting Shock & Awe: Crush The Media, Tell The Truth

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  1. You have every right to speak, but when you speak too much almost nobody reads it. Make it short and to the point. You will have a greater impact.


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