Hard Truth: Anthony Fauci Helped China Create COVID-19 To Kill Americans & Blame Trump

Since we can no longer trust anything “the experts” say, I’m going to just say clearly and plainly what I honestly think happened based on the evidence I’ve seen.

I think the Wuhan lab works on creating viruses that can be weaponized under the guise of studying them. They probably do other work as well. But I’m frankly pretty confident at this point that they created a virus that would affect fat people more than anyone else (that’s us, America), and released it just in time to derail Trump’s presidency by putting America effectively under attack with zero regard for other collateral consequences.

I mean what could be more important than unseating the most powerful person in the world, who has all of their backs against the wall and no plans of letting off the gas until the job is finished?

I think virtually the entire healthcare and scientific community is either bought in, or keeps their mouths shut, because sociopaths like Anthony Fauci are at the helm of everything.

We all know “science” means nothing anymore to these people. They now traffic solely in pseudoscience wherein they’ve already drawn their conclusion and now all they do is bump up evidence that supports it and ostracize any who share evidence to the contrary.

(The image below is from an important thread highlighting the how media, academia, corporate America and the rest of the left’s institutional props once used “science” to promote eugenics, only to be “outdone” by Hitler and the Nazis. Then when the Nazis lost, the American left who promoted the exact same stuff — all the same people I rail against today — they all buried the evidence. I digress but man that’s really something to think about, especially with everything going on today.)


To the fascist, racist and increasingly desperate and thus sociopathic modern American left, “science” is now just a placeholder for “whatever my social or political agendas demand.”

We all know they hated Trump and there was no low they wouldn’t stoop to a) punish our nation for electing him and b) ensure we never get that opportunity again.

Not to mention, they hated our nation to start with. (I’ve elaborated on that before, examples here and here).

They hate our nation, and they hate anyone in it who doesn’t have a sign in their front yard celebrating them.

Who are “they?”

The modern American left and all of their anti-America allies around the planet. In our country they’ve “taken over” the legacy news media, corporate America, academia, Hollywood and the public education system along with many other increasingly wasteful and useless taxpayer-funded bureaucracies.

They’re planted all over the place exacting their will not in accordance with their jobs, but in accordance with the “values” that they think matter more than anything they get paid to do.

And nobody’s gonna fire them anyway.

If that DMV worker wants to make your life hell because you’re wearing a MAGA hat, they’ll get promoted for it instead of reprimanded.

If the small clique of sleepy “woke” liberals in your office decide your personal opinions on social media make you a “threat to their safety,” they’ll stop everything else they’re doing to get you fired and make it harder to feed your family. And they’ll keep following you even after they got you fired to make sure nobody else hires you, either. (Here’s a good piece to keep bookmarked about how to beat the woke mob. Short version: never, ever submit or apologize to these psychopaths.)

The people in your office, or at the store, or in your neighborhood who work to destroy you for defying them are just the foot soldiers. But they’re doing it all day every day to great people who no longer are even allowed to speak freely without having their lives destroyed for it.

These foot soldiers in the grassroots who are picking fights they don’t actually want to finish but will have to someday, didn’t learn their bad behavior out of the blue.

The media have been coaching and goading them for decades, with exponentially increased severity since 2016 when we defied them and their precious swamp by electing an outsider who started the process of successfully draining it.

The healthcare community we’re supposed to trust to be above the political fray (but who aren’t as evidenced by their support of the racist and terroristic BLM organization) stood by and let all of this happen. Worse, most of them did it not because they were too afraid to go against the media’s preferred narrative — but because they’ve long enjoyed the rotten fruits of bad faith labor afforded them in great supply by that same media’s constant politics-over-science positioning of the national conversation(s).

How can anyone trust any of these people anymore?

The only thing we know for sure about the number of COVID-19 deaths in America is that it’s wildly inflated because a) COVID-19 is one of the most transmissible viruses we’ve ever seen and b) they’re counting everyone who died with COVID-19 as definitely having died from COVID-19.

That’s a vitally important distinction but the media won’t let anyone talk about it because it exposes the nefariousness they protect amid the medical community’s bureaucracies, and diminishes the threat of COVID-19 that we now know from the horse’s mouth they wanted to do everything they could to stoke fear around.

The masks. The masks do nothing except make everyone who wears one a walking advertisement for fear. That’s the purpose. “Control” is a distant second. They want our nation in pain, disconnected, depressed, divided, unhappy, at-odds, anxious, desperate and afraid. And the more people they can get in masks, the more each of those unhealthy and unnecessary afflictions take hold in every person who goes out into the world and sees them.

They stripped of us our right to free speech, and replaced it with compulsory speech (that mask on your face is absolutely a form of speech/expression) that runs counter to the values and principles of those on whom they’re forcing it.

That’s what the masks are about. Nothing more. They’re designed to make everyone who wears one a walking advertisement for fear. And someone should sue them for it. (Seriously. It’s one thing to bully me out of my own speech. It’s another thing entirely to force me by law to express yours.) But if they got to the Supreme Court they probably can’t expect much because Chief Justice John Roberts — like Jim Comey, Anthony Fauci, and the lady at the DMV — they all celebrate abusing their authority to exact what they personally want based on their social and political interests. (I once described it as The 13th Disciple Complex.)

They lie to, exploit, abuse and sacrifice us constantly, and I just can’t think of an even marginally good reason to beat around the bush anymore over what we all know likely happened with COVID-19.

Robert Redfield (CDC Director under Trump, who obligingly fed the media fodder almost daily to help them bludgeon Trump) recently shocked the world by telling the truth. He said, paraphrasing, that viruses take a long time to learn how to transmit in humans. A long time. When one is transferred from an animal to a human, it’s almost an anomaly in that the virus has a lot of learning to do so it can figure out how to start effectively infecting people instead of animals. That never, ever happens quickly, per Redfield. And certainly not to the degree that we saw with COVID-19. Far more likely, COVID-19 was actually developed in the lab that sits like 5 feet away from the wet market that’s been scapegoated. And it was developed expressly to transmit extremely quickly between humans, and really hurt fat people more than anyone else. The worst and most terrifying part: I have no doubt they knew damn well that the American legacy news media and academic/scientific communities, already hijacked by leftists eager to hurt Trump and the nation they’ve long hated that elected him, would play along.

So they got their ducks in a row, released the virus, and set all the wheels in motion to get where we are now.

That’s what I believe happened and I have no reason, based on the evidence I’ve seen, not to. To the contrary, all the evidence I’ve seen makes this the most plausible explanation. Because they lie about everything and they do it solely to support their social and political agendas. (They’re actually trying to create vaccine hesitancy with the J&J pause. They’re doing everything they can to drag this out.) The media have become nothing short of terrorists with their flagrant disregard for the truth and strong affinity for perpetuating fear and division. That sociopath Anthony Fauci, who can’t throw a baseball to save his pathetic life, is out there fully vaccinated but in 2 masks with little beakers on them saying even though they’re deflating (lying about) the number of infected cases so they can hype (lie about) the death rate while inflating (lying about) the number who have died, we should still believe him that vaccinated peoples’ lives can’t really change and children still need to be sacrificed to save all those seniors who have already been vaccinated and now stand a greater chance of being struck by lightning than killed by COVID-19 or its variants.

We can’t trust these people. And their flagrant lying and abuse of power now, hurting us all and helping themselves (7 tech companies gained $4.2T in wealth in 2020 while thousands of small businesses closed), is just more evidence of how evil and untrustworthy they are.

So yes, I think Communist China created the virus in order to hurt Trump. I think Fauci played a role since his fingerprints are apparently all over that lab, as revealed recently by a Washington Post guy who’s wishing today he was someone else and will likely soon walk back his comments. I think they all knew that the media and academic and scientific communities along with Hollywood, corporate America and the rest would all fall in line. Because they’re all shameless and predictable, and think they’re better than us, and hate our country, and have no qualms lying and abusing their power and hurting us and our children to help themselves.

I have no reason to believe anything else at this point and because they’ve all long since shredded any semblance of trust they deserve from me, I don’t see a scenario where anyone will ever convince me otherwise. The virus is real but it was manufactured by China and with the help of people like Fauci and our legacy news media, they weaponized it to hurt Trump and enrich themselves.

November 2022 and the payback they get for all of this can’t get here fast enough.

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    • It’s something I’m thinking about. But I’m curious from someone as confident as you are about this: what do you think they’re going to do to cancel or otherwise disrupt the midterms? I already know they’re capable of anything. I just don’t know what they might be able to drum up. Their “variants” track seems to already be failing them as the vaccines prove effective against the variants. I just don’t know what else they could do short of China releasing another virus on their behalf. Then again I’m not as creative as they are when it comes to carrying out evils to get what I want.

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  1. They have never shown the virus to be real ,its all been heresy, TRUST ME is their MOTTO due to Status, but since they lied they have no Status to offer, now he pushes the time limit, always moving the goal post to fit their agenda which is CCP control over our unelected and destruction of our economy.


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