Dear Legacy News Media: You’re Not Cool, Won’t Write History & Are Right To Be Afraid

What if you’re not “the cool kids?”

I know you think you are.

But have you ever considered that you might not be?

That you might actually be the douchebags?

Seriously. Your bubble is so airtight and you’re all so bought-in. How would you even know it if, in fact, there were people much cooler than you with much cooler ideas who were set to accomplish much cooler things?

You don’t listen. You don’t investigate. You sure as hell don’t care.

You only propagandize, and only in promotion of the America-hating, often racist and increasingly fascist left.

And what if, despite your best efforts, that’s exactly how history records it?

Few people today really know that Democrats, academia, Hollywood, corporate America and the legacy news media all used “science” to justify their Nazi-era support for eugenics. It was only after the Nazis lost that your “liberal” ancestors buried all traces of their genocidal celebration.

They were able to bury it because, back then, the media still firmly ran the show.

That’s changing at a pace everyone in your world knows can’t be stopped. The formal beginning of the end is November 2022, and you all know it.

But do you know why it changed, over all these years? Why you no longer have the ability to cover up your part in the ugliness you work so hard to produce?

It’s because everyone except your tiny army of Twitter bots and city looters has become acutely aware that you are in fact the douchebags.

You’re nowhere near cool.

You’re lying, angry, hateful scolds perpetuating nothing but division and disinformation.

And as a result, now we’re coming in hot as the counter-culture too!

I mean — you guys really f**ked yourselves.

You spent your careers lying to America, trying to tell us we’re something we’re not, denying the entire time that the conservative right is what’s truly “mainstream” in America.

And so visible are your myriad psychoses today and so not-even-kinda-cool is your violence, book-burning, racism and fascism, that we’re also now the dominant “Truth To Power” force reverberating increasingly authoritatively all throughout the social and cultural undercurrents.

My point is, charitably: you should at least move around a little and check out a few other scenes before history captures you permanently right where you are. Heck you might even learn something.

Because you’re not cool. And the reality is, you never were.

The lie you’ve been telling us all these years is no different than the one you’ve been telling yourselves.

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  1. Two things, dude:
    1) Germany’s eugenics legislation lasted for less than six months, before Hitler cancelled it after massive public outcry, America ran their official eugenics programme into the late fifties. Therefor your “Nazi-era eugenics” is just Bolshevik propaganda, while ignoring the Bolshevik eugenics programme that NEVER STOPPED, from killing the Russian Tzar, to the current enforced injections of unproven, untested, unlicensed genetic treatments masquerading as cividiot vaccines.
    2) Fascism, like Nazism, came into being as a counter to the Bolshevik domination of European politics and industry. Fascists hunted Bolsheviks, now you blame the excesses of the Bolsheviks (communism/ Antifa/ BLM/ racism/ globalism) on the Fascists? That’s exactly what the Bolsheviks want you to do, because it takes the heat off them, while they are busy actively undermining the culture, religion and democracy you think you defend by calling the Bolshevik puppets, “Fascists”.
    Be careful of using words and terms taught to you by your enemy, the Globalist Kakastocracy who are teaching your children to hate their own genitals.
    Your heart seems to be in the right place, but your mind really should eat some proper, non-Bolshevik history.

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  2. They’re complicit in the Dems march to destroy the country. Absolute control of the ashes is what they all seek. Maduro style


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