The United Methodist Church Has Been Hijacked By Unitarian Universalists

The United Methodist Church leadership appears to have been infiltrated by Unitarian Universalists who are working to destroy, not build up, religion.

What’s more, the United Methodist Church is now promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking, all under the guise of combating racism.

I’m loosely read on the division that’s happening in the church with regard to gay marriage. The short version: the KKGay came in and demanded everyone celebrate their entirely pro-creationless sexual kinks because some of that sexuality also connects with feelings of love. They demanded that the church host parties for them, and that in response every congregant must cheer, shut up or be “cancelled” in their neighborhoods, communities, places of business, etc.

That’s not how marriage is supposed to work, but it’s how it works now in the United Methodist Church.

Because so many congregations in Africa rejected this new brand of celebrating all sexual desires so long as they package them in love, the church decided to split entirely.

In other words, black people rejected gay marriage and so the gays and Unitarian Universalists pretending to be Methodists decided to tear the church apart.

And the people who liked the old version of celebrating sexuality, wherein it’s wrapped up exclusively in procreation, have to leave and start their own religion.

I knew this was happening and never wrote about it. I have many fish to fry over here and while efforts to dilute the gravity of family is highest on my list, the conflation of men and women, and same-sex marriage, aren’t the most pressing variable by a mile on that list.

Racism is.

The racism of leftists who are too afraid of black people to have honest conversations with or in front of them.


Dear Americans who happen to be black: You already know this, but I’m telling you so that the white liberals who pity and/or fear you can hear me tell you and understand that you’re adult and peaceful and smart enough to hear it. When it comes to parenting, generally speaking, two are better than one. And the disparity that harms Americans who happen to be black more than any other is broken homes. You know this. You know there are way too many black kids who aren’t getting the solid love of an intact family. And you know, statistically speaking, that puts them at tremendous disadvantages as they enter adulthood. What you may not know is that there are many forces out there working to shut people like me up. They desperately don’t want anyone talking about the value of families, because families more than anything else breed accountability and independence. (It’s why I named this site Love Breeds Accountability.) And the people claiming to care about and help you hate both of those things with the fire of a thousand suns.

Americans who happen to be black, contrary to what the legacy news media, Democrats, establishment GOP,  academia, Hollywood, big tech, corporate America, the Unitarian Universalists and now the United Methodist Church too — contrary to what these institutions persistently imply, Americans who happen to be black are not stupid.

They’re not too stupid to get an ID.

They’re not too stupid to find the DMV.

They’re not too stupid for basic math and science.

And they’re not too stupid to handle the truth.

Americans who happen to be of Asian descent statistically out-perform everyone in every meaningful metric: education, employment, income, proximity to good health and separation from crime. 83% of them grow up in two-parent homes.

Americans who happen to be black statistically lag everyone in every meaningful metric, and 28% of them grow up in two-parent homes.

28%! That’s absolutely staggering. Compare it to 47% of Hispanics, 71% of whites and 83% of Asians.

If you want to fight racism, great. Everyone is already doing that and you’re not special and it’s been marginalized to the fringes, where it belongs, for decades now. You might as well be fighting with everything you have to prove that the world is round. But you do you.

If however you refuse to simultaneously look more closely at the disparity and its causes, then all you’re going to do is create more racism while the disparity and destruction also get worse.

Right now the United Methodist Church is overrun by anti-America leftists who teach white children that they must knock themselves down a few pegs and black children that they’re all victims who need the pity and understanding of their white peers if they’re ever to get a fair shot in life…someday.

It’s absolutely mind-blowing to me that this madness has gotten as far as it has, and nobody’s been called out for the flagrantly regressive and counter-productive, racist teachings.

The racists in charge of the United Methodist Church believe, like all Democrats, that all white people are racist and all black people are victims of that racism. Let me be clear: all white people aren’t anything except for white. All black people aren’t anything except for black. Anyone who says otherwise is promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking.

But it’s all they do, all day, every day, because they think black people are stupid and/or they’re too afraid of them to tell the truth out loud.

But Americans who happen to be black already know the truth. They know that way too few black moms and dads stay together. They know that’s become a systemic problem among their race particularly. Some will blame racism for that and carve out a connection to incarceration, but it’s usually white liberals who are too bigoted to say anything else.

Single parent homes are a massive hole in the lives of black children, and anyone who denies it is only making things worse.


Academia has been overrun by social and political agendas that are followed by studies to prove the importance and reliability of those agendas. Sadly, nothing that comes out of academia today regarding some of the most socially visible constructs and goings-on should ever be taken in good faith. They, like big tech, are wannabe communists more committed to authoritarian rule than progress and/or unity. So when the Ivy Leagues send out armies who use studies they conducted to “prove” that America is a systemically racist nation overrun by white supremacy, it’s probably based on the same junk science that promised us climate change would’ve killed us all ten times by now, and that it makes sense for 3-year olds to spend all day breathing their own dirty, recycled carbon dioxide.

A great example: the Obama-era CDC releasing a “study” that proved “fatherhood involvement” is just as good, if not better, than intact 2-parent homes. In their persistent pursuit to swat away the importance of intact families, they actually manufactured a study that said fathers hanging around sometimes is just as good as two parents honoring their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity.

These are not even remotely the same things but the CDC, with help from academia, claims to have used science to prove that they are. It’s long been ridiculous.

Now it’s getting scary.


The United Methodist Church is promoting lies that only create brand new racism, while simultaneously exacerbating racial disparities that already exist by misappropriating blame for them. I’ve written on this endlessly with respect to Democrats and the legacy news media more broadly, and I plan to start speaking about it more plainly, clearly and publicly. But for now, having just revisited the church I grew up in and after looking more closely at what the larger United Methodist Church is up to, I had to write about this. The one I grew up in appears to be Switzerland on everything. It’s actually impressive. But the larger UMC is out there right now, for example, promoting the divisive, destructive and bigoted idea of “white privilege,” while simultaneously opposing free, secure and fair elections.

If you love America, hate racism and consider yourself a Methodist, you need to seriously consider leaving the United Methodist Church right now and telling them why. As for the “new” religion that we’re being forced to start, apparently it’s being called the Global Methodist Church. (And true to form: the legacy news media’s write-up about the division leaves out the part where white American Methodists decided the religion needed to be torn apart so that those black African Methodists couldn’t have a say in what’s going on.) At any rate, the person in charge of the Global Methodist Church is Reverend Keith Boyette out of Virginia. I don’t know him from Adam. He could be a kook. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how they launch this thing, and whether they’re prepared for the attacks — both implicit and explicit — they and their congregants will eventually endure from the same massive institutions who are trying to divide and destroy America: the legacy news media, Hollywood, academia, big tech, the entire Democrat Party, Corporate America, the disappearing establishment GOP wing — they’re all going to work hard to marginalize anyone who doesn’t toe their line. So I’ve reached out to the Global Methodist Church and hope to learn more about what they’re doing, and how supporters can help. In the meantime, I know many Methodists are probably going along for the ride because they’re too afraid to stand up and say anything. They think this little split is okay and they’re allegedly on the right side of history, so it’s no big deal. Every last one of you thinking this way are right now in a vehicle with hijackers headed for the second location. You do have an opportunity to escape the vehicle, safely at that. But if you don’t you have no one to blame but yourself. And while it’s a bit new in the social and political conversation, that “All Democrats Are Racist” is a very real sentiment and one that will emerge more and more in the coming years. That’s who you’re aligned with.

Moreover, the Democrats don’t stand a chance now that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has reaffirmed his commitment to keeping the filibuster fully intact. That’s why the most massive corporations in America are now colluding to meddle in our elections, making them easy for Democrats to steal in perpetuity.

Let me repeat: black people are not stupid at all, let alone too stupid to get an ID. And anyone who says asking them to get an ID is “Jim Crow,” doesn’t think real highly of them to start with. Moreover, the vast majority of all voters already have ID and getting one is easy. (I’ve challenged the entire planet to prove me wrong and am yet to get one credible request.)

You’re goose-stepping along with these people and before long they’ll have your kids in a room convincing them you’re a bad person unless you repeat whatever the mantra of the hour is. And the mantra never has anything to do with health, safety, justice, equality or morality. The mantra every single has time has to do with creating division, uncertainty, fear and subservience.

I’ve written for years. I’ve got some pretty heavy ideas and they’re all 100% organic. I don’t get my stuff from anyone except the leftist media I tend to consume, and my own life experience. The writing itself leaves a lot to be desired but the ideas are pretty big. Right now I’m in the middle of a legitimate effort to convince our most influential right-minded media and political leaders to finish off the legacy news media once and for all, and put the the Democrat Party so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform. (“All Democrats Are Racist.” Spare me your delicate sensibilities and/or liberal fragility. You’ve been saying it about everyone else for years and when I say it I have actual evidence; not some lazy, hurtful, counter-productive accusation that’s designed to do nothing more than inflict pain and create disunity.)

At any rate, that’s what I’m working on now behind the scenes. But I’m also becoming more compelled to speak out more publicly. I don’t mean write. I mean speak. It’s funny, actually. I went to church on Sunday because there’s a lot going on and as I told a few loved ones, “I just think it’s good to fill my head with that stuff. I’ll never be perfect. I don’t want anyone to hold me to that bar. But I want to fill my head with good stuff.” So I went. And before I left I did some quick research and ended up emailing someone from the church telling them that I think they’re promoting racism. It took guts. But I did it. I’ve sent a few other emails to leaders lately, speaking plainly and clearly and from the heart.

It’s time.

I know it’s scary for many. I don’t know what will happen to me. I really don’t. At this point, having hit some of the people I have, someone like me could be hauled off for re-education and even if the media heard about it, they wouldn’t let it be a big story. (As scary as that sounds and is, remember: their psychotically fascist and Nazi-like behavior is a reflection not of their power or America’s vulnerability, but their desperation in the face of America’s resolve. They will hurt some badly in battles right now, but they won’t win the war.)


For that reason we can’t just sit quietly anymore. And if they’re going to hijack my church, I’m going to write about it. And if I can live up to the sermon that I heard in church yesterday, about Peter finding the courage to speak publicly from the heart and in doing so changing many minds that were firmly made up in another direction, terrific. I wouldn’t in a million years presume as much, but the time for being bullied out of simply using our free speech has to be over.

GOP-led state legislatures are doing their jobs to shore up election integrity and security. 2020 was a red wave despite every political expert and analyst promising it’d be a blue one. The only place we lost, amid myriad irregularities that haven’t even been explored let alone explained, was the top of the ticket. But as I wrote back in January, I don’t think the Democrats and their media handlers are going to have any real successes. And if we can stop them from terrorizing our nation into allowing 100,000,000 mail-in ballots to be indiscriminately peppered across it, then we’re going to absolutely crush them in 2022. And 2024. And it probably won’t stop until the Republicans we exiled to make room for Trump completely take over the flailing, failing and Racist Democrat Party. Maybe then, for the first time in their history, the Democrat Party can attach itself to a platform that isn’t dependent on racial disunity and disparity entirely of their own making. In the old days they worked hard to make all of America, including many blacks, hate black people. Today they’re working hard to make all of America, including many whites, hate white people. But it’s always racism and it’s always destructive to everyone involved. Especially, sadly, Americans who happen to be black.

It’s sick and people who are honest, regardless of skin color, know it.

So be not afraid. Help is coming. And even if God’s plan is for America to fall, I’m at this point willing to die on the hill of free speech. We have to be able to speak. I’ve been writing for years and the gravity of this only hit me in recent weeks: we can’t speak. We’re not allowed. We’ve all been bullied out of it. Not one of us has anything hateful or racist to say, but we’re not allowed to speak. We’re not allowed to push back because the people who are driving — the people manipulating leaders in The United Methodist Church, for example — want to cancel and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

But I’m doing something different when I turn the “racism” charge back on them. And while it’s an effective political attack, that’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because there’s a lot of evidence for it, and I’m sick to death of watching the real problem and its solution be ignored while manufactured crises are scapegoated, existing problems get worse, and new problems arise.

If enough of us stand up and speak out, they’ll listen.

But we’re probably not going to do that. Because America First patriots and conservative-minded Americans are the last adults left in this country.

Consider yourselves very lucky that Joe Manchin exists. And pray he stays in existence. Without him, America could very well fall in the coming months. And you were standing there doing nothing because your neighbor has one of those stupid “In This House We Respect Science” signs and you’re too afraid to make them mad.

This is America.

We are allowed to speak.

All the better if we’re speaking out against racism, fascism, book-burning, science-denial and the hatred for this country and its people that’s fomented proudly and in plain sight by so many once-trusted and respected institutions.

It breaks my heart to count The United Methodist Church among those who have gone to the dark side. They are now promoting racism under the guise of fighting it. Given their new bedfellows (the Unitarian Universalists, who were started in 1961 expressly to help destroy organized religion), they’re doing exponentially more today to strip democracy, suppress freedom, enable evil and inspire racism and division than they’ve ever in their history done to combat either one. It’s shameful but those among their ranks are either too dumb to see it, too afraid to speak out, or too committed to this evil to care.

Good people need to do something about this. Stay silent if you must. But for the love of all that’s holy, stop pretending the United Methodist Church has become anything other than a political action arm in service to America-hating leftists who aspire to destroy this nation and rebuild it into something far more racist and fascist than it ever was or would be without them. Use them for their services if you want but don’t give them a dime and when and if the spirit compels you, don’t be afraid to find that pureness and honesty that defines so many of you, and speak from the heart. It might sound like this:

“I’m concerned that you’re more committed to leftist social and political action than spreading the gospel. We all decry racism. I question that it’s as systemic as you say, and it’s a great concern that you don’t talk at all about the value of 2-parent homes. Instead you scapegoat America, and me and my family, thus perpetuating divisions. You’re teaching this stuff to kids. You’re not telling them that it’s good when parents stay together so they set a good example for kids and have more time to help with homework. You’re not telling them that broken homes negatively affect kids as they become adults, and that it’s particularly pervasive among Americans who happen to have black skin. Instead, because you’re lazy or afraid or both, you’re just saying ‘Math is racist.’ How long will that go, how long are you planning to teach kids to be racist, until we’re allowed to ignore race and look instead at character? Many of us were already there. I know you say I’m lying, and that deep down I’m just a closet racist who fears ‘the other,’ but you’re wrong. And if you want to play that game, then I think you’re an out of the closet racist who’s too afraid to say you think black people need more help than white people because you pity them and are incapable of seeing past color. Stop demanding that we look at race first and most. Stop promoting racism as a virtue. You should stay away from the leftist political causes because that’s not what church is supposed to be about. But if you insist on having that conversation, enjoy explaining to the world how it’s not racist to teach kids and demand adults accept that color is more important than character. I’ll wait.”


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