Signing Off. Pulling For ‘Trump 2024: Make America United Again’

I’ve said all I wanted to say and it reached enough high places that I feel my race, for the time being, is run. All that would be left is commentary on the ugliness.

Ugliness that I’ve assured will be relatively short-lived, however excruciating for some in the meantime.

I’ve in recent months put forward two potentially game-changing approaches.


The first recognizes that the legacy news media — more than anyone or anything else in the world — divide, manipulate and exploit our citizens. They are the greatest domestic enemies of both progress and unity that our nation has ever known, and they won’t change until the job is finished. The job is to destroy our nation, rewrite its historical record and rebuild it on the unsteady pillars of fascism and racism that many leftists believe in their hearts to be a more moral and just way forward.

No single entity in the world does more to aid and abet those who seek to destroy America than our own legacy news media that works hard all day, every day, to misinform and divide our citizens in service to leftism.

And it won’t change unless we do something about it. I’ve written a dozen pieces on this but the bottom line: the only thing we have that the media still care about are our elected Republican representatives. Why do the media care about them? Because it’s engagement with the elected Republicans that afford the legacy news media fully half of their perceived credibility. Our nation is hard-wired to trust the media because they’re the ones who are allegedly getting both sides of the story.

But it’s been decades since they’ve done so in good faith, and/or without inserting their own political or corporate interests.

You and I have already boycotted them. They don’t care. We write and talk about their bias. They don’t care.

We have one weapon left they still care about: engagement with our elected Republicans.

If we’re serious about actually defeating the media’s stranglehold on our national conversation, we have to think seriously about how to damage their credibility. And if we’re serious about that, then we’re talking seriously about getting our elected Republicans to boycott a select group of specific legacy news media outlets on our behalf; to pick the fight with them, deservedly and once and for all. The media will be forced to cover it. They’ll spin it, but so too will the GOP.

It’s the same thing we always do only this time we’ll be doing it directly with the media instead of having them be intermediaries for the Democrats, and “media bias” will be the issue we use to win instead of the bludgeon they use to perpetuate the lie that they defeated us.

The base will appreciate it if the GOP can get the messaging right, which shouldn’t be real hard since every news “story” they print or run is peppered with myriad examples.

Pick the fight. Call them out. It’s long past time.


The second is actually taking it to the entire Democrat party. I know people recoil at this because they think it’s too harsh, but keep in mind: the Democrats, media, Hollywood and academia have all been falsely accusing us of racism for decades. What’s more they say most of us don’t even realize we’re racist, but we’re all still racists, all the same.

Well, what’s so terrible about us saying the exact same thing about them?

And let me ask you something else: what about the part where when we say it, it’s actually true?

The Democrat Party has never once in its history derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated entirely on racial disunity and disparity of their own making. In the old days they got a lot of America, including many black people, to hate black people and pity whites. Today they’re trying to get a lot of America, including many white people, to hate white people and pity blacks. But it’s always racial disunity and it conveniently never affects the Democrats in power because they always protect themselves from the toxic environments of hate they create for everyone else.

While we’ve been falsely accused of it for decades, the Democrat Party has made racists out of every one of their card-carrying members. Every Democrat in America at this point believes that a) all white people are racist, and b) all black people are victims of that racism. They believe it so much that they’re teaching it to children in schools.

To be very clear: all white people aren’t anything but white. And all black people aren’t anything but black. And anyone who says otherwise is promoting racism and conditioning racist thinking. 

But they all, nevertheless, believe it. Moreover, they believe it makes them just and good.

And that, too, is destroying our nation. So we can either talk about it out loud — as some, increasingly, thank goodness, are — or just keep burying our heads in the sand and letting them get away with it.

If the America First movement were to get “All Democrats Are Racist” trending nationally, the Democrat Party would be immediately exposed and quickly have to repackage their entire platform. Because it’s the absolute truth, which is one reason they lean so heavily on accusing everyone else of it. It’s backfiring. I saw it more than 10 years ago because they assert so much of their bigotry in plain sight. It’s only gotten worse and more people are seeing it. But we haven’t built any kind of platform around combating it, and these problems in America have never solved themselves unless they had a name and were taken head on by We The People.


The longer we continue ceding credibility to the media that allows them to shape the national conversation and narrative(s), and the longer we hide from the ugly reality in front of us with respect to the Democrat Party’s historically-consistent commitment to racial disunity as a means of deriving power, the more pain we’ll all have to watch unfold.

The faster we force the media to confront their own bias as a national issue, and the faster we expose the division and destruction that emanates from the Democrat Party’s persistent commitment to racial disunity, the less pain we’ll have to watch unfold.

We’re going to win either way, but I just don’t want to sit around here writing about watching pain unfold en route to a slow victory. I don’t know that that will help me be a better husband and father; two roles wherein the only thing greater than the emerging responsibility is the personal satisfaction I get from meeting it.

As I look around at the story I’ve left behind here, I’m okay with it. And I’ll end it where I started in 2015 when I first started supporting Trump.

Make America United Again

I begged and pleaded up one side and down the other, even getting a one-on-one with Corey Lewandowski in Trump Tower when he was still Campaign Manager. It’s written all over these pages from those years and many since.

I just think that’s the most important work that the Republican party has to do. And I knew back in 2015 that much of our work needed to be about combating the racial and other identity-based division, disparity and destruction that the Democrat Party thrives off of and the legacy news media thus help manufacture.

So when I say “All Democrats Are Racist” and “Make America United Again” in the same breath, I’m not even walking and chewing gum. I’m just walking. It’s the same pursuit. And the “All Democrats Are Racist” meme will wound to the core those who need it desperately because they’ve never once in their well-conditioned lives even considered it. It’s a wake up call more than an attack, and a warning shot that Republicans are coming to again defy the Democrat Party’s racist threats to our United States of America.

Whatever the tact ends up being, the media need to be dealt with, the racism fomented by the Democrats from which they derive power must be addressed, and our 2024 message should be around Make America United Again.

We’re the Republican Party.

This is our business.

Hold the line. Keep your faith. Ping me if you ever want to say hello! I reserve the right to pop other pieces out if I change my mind, but I’ve thought about this for a while and my family has some life-changing events going on…and it just feels like a good time to put it away for a while. With that I’m gonna sign off until November 6, 2024; the day after the next presidential election. Because all that remains for American politics of actual import in the coming years, are the absolute trouncings the Democrat Party will endure in both 2022 and 2024.

I’ll be praying that by then we’re talking more about these important issues, or possibly will have already brought them to the fore. But I’ve done what I can for a bit. I’m proud of the heart and work I put into this. And I’ll be back at least once more before it’s just an archive of one former D student from Cleveland, OH who was born in 1977 and had a few things to say about that which truly unites and empowers, versus that which divides and destroys. I’d like to think it was, for the most part, original, substantive and intellectually honest. Those were always the gauges I used to judge others, and standards I tried to hold myself to. As for the GOP, apart from so much of the important leadership Trump has brought: 1) Sustain a united right, 2) Attract disaffected or recreationally-engaged Democrat voters, 3) Disarm the biased media, and 4) Put the Democrat Party so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform.

Those are the goals. They always have been. They’re the only goals. They’re all the goals. Stop focusing on just the first one. 

God bless, and Godspeed.

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