Quick Reminder For Sidney Powell Fans That The Media Are Serial Liars

I don’t know much about Sidney Powell except that she was called a hero upon helping earn Mike Flynn’s favorable result, and she led one of the charges to help expose election fraud, irregularities and corruption with respect to the 2020 cycle.

Also, people I care about have cared about what she’s up to.

I won’t pass judgment on the work because I know better than to assume there are lows to which the left will not sink. But it’s not where I think focus needs to be, and some of the twists and turns she and her cohorts have landed on are just too fantastic for me to even begin to try to unpack, let alone sell. I believe bad things happened in the 2020 election and that the virus was used as a trojan horse to enable those bad things. I’m glad the GOP-led State Legislatures now have the evidence to exert their full authority over future elections, and I think the rest of us need to be focused on 1) convincing our elected Republican representatives to stop legitimizing the legacy news media with their engagement, and 2) exposing the myriad plain-sight bigotry that’s gripped America because the Democrat Party and media proudly promote it as a virtue.

That’s where I think the focus needs to be.

But I saw some BuzzfeedViceHuffPoDailyBeastTeenVogueBulwarkPlayboyDisneyESPNCommunistChineseParty Blogger try to poke Sidney Powell’s supporters in the eye, and felt compelled to drop a line about it.

The Buzzfeed Democrat Propagandist tweeted the following:

Sidney Powell has moved to dismiss Dominion’s defamation lawsuit. She argues that when she accused Dominion of being part of an election-rigging scheme with ties to Venezuela, ‘no reasonable person would conclude’ those ‘were truly statements of fact’

Oof. Those poor Sidney Powell supporters sure look stupid now amirite!

The tweet as of this writing has racked up over 9K retweets just in the 2 hours since she posted it:

The media’s Democrat base love it because it’s designed to make Powell’s supporters look and feel like idiots. But it’s just as dishonest as everything else the Democrat propagandists masquerading as impartial journalists do.

The follow-up tweet, adding context that makes moot the implication in the first, and noting that Powell in fact stood by her allegations, is presented as an afterthought.

Powell argues she can’t be liable if the information she based her ‘opinions and legal theories’ on were actually unreliable, comparing herself to reporters who get 1A protection when they cite sources; but she later also makes clear she disputes that her info was ‘false’

And despite negating the entire alleged heft of the initial characterization that went viral, it was treated like an afterthought also, with just over 700 retweets as of this writing.

The reality is that Zoe Tillman and all the media she’ll ensnare with this are sensationalizing a standard legal response to a defamation suit. Powell has very publicly stated her opinion of the facts; facts which she believes to be that Dominion acted nefariously. She stated so determinatively, as so many in her field and others do.

Even politics. And, sadly, as of late, journalism.

And much to their chagrin, Powell stands by effectively all of it.

Should she? Shouldn’t she? Should she have handled things differently? Not my interest to date.

But in response to Dominion’s defamation suit against her, as is often the case with defamation, she argues that reasonable people knew more needed to be done to prove her statements were fact. And that’s what she wanted to do. That’s what she wanted to investigate. And it’s all very fair and legal, and not at all the stick in the eye that the media are hoping Powell’s supporters will take it as.

I just feel terrible for all the people who have to rely on dishonest media for the news, and get chewed up and spit out by sensationalized bs like that — feeling completely duped and taken advantage of based on some millennial reporter’s bad faith framing. Some older “insurrectionist” couple out there right now supported Sidney Powell’s work, and they’re being made to feel about *this big* for it by people who should know better but don’t bother to behave like it because they learn everything they need to know from the legacy news media, Hollywood and Democrats who claim without evidence to be honest and/or inspired by freedom, justice and equality.

There might be reasons to give people grief for their political or other potentially divisive views. Bad faith reporting from dishonest media trying to make people feel bad, will never be any of the good ones.

NOTE ABOUT FEATURED IMAGE: The “featured image” for this post is a screenshot of the current Google search results related to this matter. As you can see, the framing is every bit as purposefully dishonest as the initial tweet that gave them all the bright idea. And that’s exactly and only how “journalism” works today.

Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 8.41.13 PM

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  1. Powell lost my confidence when she involved Venezuela in her theories. With all the evidence, and all the open disregard for law and form, she decided she can score points by accusing a little nation literally on its knees, getting reamed by Uncle Shamwell and his fellow Israeli passport holders?
    If she stuck to the facts, maybe something would have come of her efforts to prosecute the crooks that perverted the 2020 election, but no, like every other person involved, they made sure nothing serious happens.
    Trump was libelled, defrauded and threatened, and he did not even bother to lay a simple charge at the nearest police station?
    This whole thing was set up to destroy the last bit of trust The People still had in their government. Now all is lost, and like sheep we go to the abattoir, because, hell, look, not even the president and all his fancy lawyers can get the Independent Judiciary to so much as open a complaint letter. By destroying our last hope, they have destroyed our will to survive, simple as that.


  2. David may live in the same land as Sidney. Conservatives have lost Media, Senate, House, Presidency, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Social Media and were left with a handful of maybe uncorrupt Republicans! But Miracles do happen but it won’t be from the GOP!


  3. To the condescending author who doesn’t “know much about Sidney Powell”:

    Sidney Powell single-handedly exposed Andrew Weissmann, et al, in “Licensed to Lie”, with her own money – because all of the cookie-cutter conservatives like this author (including publishers) could not be bothered to know or care… or take any personal risks as she did.

    She avoided any libel or defamation suits because she painstakingly got the facts on those evil people – all by herself.


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