Democrats Demand Poor Immigrants Pimp Their Own Children To Cartels If They Ever Want To Make It In America

Maybe it’s because the nuclear family is now considered “RACIST!” all across academia and throughout the Democrat party’s activist base. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Democrats are just trying to help those lost souls south of the border start off on the right foot.

How silly of those poor brown people not to know that it’s racist for moms, dads and kids to exist as a family unit. Surely they must’ve known that it’s illegal for moms to migrate to our great nation with their own children.

I mean what are they teaching ’em down there, anyway?

They should all be forced to memorize the Democrat Party’s 2021 Guide To Illegal Immigration before they even think about coming:

The right way to come, as everyone knows, is to pay the drug cartels so they can smuggle your kids over here on your behalf. You can’t come with them, idiot. This is what’s best for your family though. So you pay the cartels to get your kids to the border. Then…y’know…it’ll all work out. The rapes and stuff, I mean you want to come to America, right? You want a better life, right? So shut up. This is how it’s done. And after your kids get here and y’know, whatever happens to them along the way…after they get here you’ll be able to come and be with them. And because they’re your kids, we’ll give you money for them. And you can use that to pay the cartels back. But listen, and this is important: no fathers! In America it’s racist to have fathers in the home so as long as you don’t, we’ll give you more money. We’ll explain later. And your child’s dad doesn’t actually have to vacate the home. We know you Latinkses are sensitive about that for some reason. Just say they don’t live with you. Nobody is gonna check. Oh and real quick: America’s great and blah blah blah but it’s actually really racist. So just do us a favor and any time something goes wrong for you, blame racism. Every time. Just think ‘When in doubt, say it’s because America is racist.’ The more you do that, the quicker we can end the racism and get you more of what you deserve. What’s that? No. No trust me. It’s very racist here. Just make sure your kids get to school. They’ll catch you up more. Enjoy!

That’s it.

Many people know, and many more are finding out as it becomes harder for the Democrats to hide and harder for everyone else to ignore.

This is how little the Democrat Party actually care about families, and how eager they are to create failure, chaos, pain and racism in service to their own power. It has nothing — zero, zilch, nada — to do with empathy, compassion, charity or goodness but for in the minds of their sleepy base who live their lives blissfully serenaded every minute of every day by Hollywood, the media, academia and powerful corporate interests. 

And the only reason you want a border is because there are brown people on the other side of it. If there were white people on the other side of it, per the media and Democrats, you wouldn’t care anymore.

That’s their argument. They think border security, pride in our nation, respect for its laws, and the belief that all people regardless of race have the intelligence and integrity to immigrate legally without pimping out their own children to the drug cartels so the U.S. taxpayer can foot the bill — to them, you holding those beliefs means you simply don’t like brown people.

To those of us who can see it clearly, it’s actually an effort by the historically and persistently Racist Democrat Party to import yet another bloc of brown people they hope to segregate, manipulate, control and ultimately exploit. And if they can parlay it to stoke yet more racism and destruction across every aspect of all of our lives, they’ll obviously take that happy accident, too.

They will however continue to be plagued by crisis after crisis, but not the kind they like. This border thing is way beyond anything they hoped for. They wanted a lot and didn’t care if it was sloppy, but they didn’t want something they 100% couldn’t manage. One facility has a max headcount of 250 and there are currently 3900 kids in it. They’ve got 17-year olds stuffed in with 4-year olds. It’s horrific. It’s a true crisis; not the manufactured kind the media spent months pretending to hyperventilate about when Trump actually got things under control down there. This is actually way out of control for them. They went from “Come” to “Don’t come now” to “Don’t come this way, ever. Come legally.” The Democrats and White House team are freaking out.

You might even say “the walls are closing in” haha. (That’s what they always, every hour of every day, said about Trump, peppered with lots of “I know we said it before, but this feels different!” It was hilarious.)

But the “powerful Democrat party” that’s alleged to have just taken over our government is getting punked by China and brained by the border, nobody respects them and fewer people like them and not a single person except roughly half of their own citizens are even slightly afraid of them.

All of that’s bad for them.

And all this is with the media still largely running cover for them!

They’re sidelined by it. And they’re going to keep getting sidelined and humiliated. They got their one big spending package (which they’ll burn and have nothing to show for, like Democrats always do) and their utterly useless proclamations that can all be undone with the stroke of a pen in 2024, including international agreements of all stripes.

And that’s it.

Nothing else is going to happen for them but gummed-up works, humiliations, and before they can even blink they’ll get absolutely flooded with a bright red wave in 2022. In the meantime it was worth taking a minute to point out how their dealings at the border are yet more proof that they’ll gladly break up families, and even fund the cartels, if it means further enriching their own social and political agendas.

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  1. Yep, that’s the leftist immigrant child trafficking policy in a nutshell!! Please add some decent social media share buttons so we can quickly spread your articles around without cut and pasting the links. Hordes of us are bailing from facebooktwitter.


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