Their ‘Attack Families & Create Racism’ Plan Backfired: Dems Destroying Themselves From Within Instead Of America

Everything the Democrat Party and its activist base push in 2021 is designed to a) create racism and/or b) destroy families.

That’s it.

They don’t care about your healthcare.

They don’t care about your rights.

They don’t care about compassion, empathy, charity, goodness, science, substance, fairness, honesty or progress.

They care about power, they’ve had to become horrible people who do horrible things to hang onto theirs, and now as that’s increasingly revealed to the world despite the best efforts of their allies in big tech and the media, they’re using what little they have left on a gaffe-laden clownshow attempt to destroy America.

But as I theorized on January 8th, it was bound to all come crashing down on them.

On Tucker Carlson’s show last night he and Abigail Shrier discussed the Equality Act. Shrier noted, as she had earlier in her testimony before Congress, that the legislation enables men to just decide at a moment’s notice they’re actually women, and then by law not be denied anything that real women get, including entry to women’s sports and showers.

It’s wild. A bearded 500-pound man could decide he’s a woman and just walk in the women’s bathroom, and then walk out and decide he’s a man again.

And under the Democrat Party’s so-called “Equality Act” there’s nothing anyone can do about it. In fact here’s where it can get really fun: anyone who says anything, let alone tries to stop the man, may be prosecuted for a hate crime.

Carlson and Shrier were trying to unpack what could possibly be the purpose for efforts to codify such insanity into U.S. law.

The answer is pretty simple.

The further we get from one man and one woman, the further we get from solid families. And if “Love” is all it’s cracked up to be per guys like John Lennon and Jesus Christ, that’s a real problem for America because those solid families are our country’s single greatest source of it. You can’t do love without a good family and if you end up pulling it off then it was an extremely happy accident. Because no matter how much you pour into community centers or re-education for people who self-identify as unhappy, none of what you provide will ever be better than what even the most dysfunctional 2-parent family in America could still pull off without you. Any exceptions would be extreme outliers and anybody who still has the capacity to be intellectually honest knows it.

That’s why Democrats hate promoting solid families as much as they hate promoting America. They all think our country is an evil empire that needs to be toppled and rebuilt, and, in service to that belief, they’re now saying that the mere mention of 2-parent families is an expression of white supremacy.

Just saying the words “2-parent homes” as a healthy aspiration for young people and a responsible agenda for adults with children, is considered “racist” all across academia and increasingly amid the Democrat base. 

Let that sink in.

So, to steer society broadly away from nuclear families, the more they can do to distort and corrupt “normal sexuality,” the better.

They worked hard to make you a bigot if you said that you prefer heterosexuality and are uninterested in learning about gay culture.

Gay men are allowed to be repulsed by heterosexuality, but you keep your straight whore mouth shut and eyes wide open while those two dudes kiss and show you what real love looks like, you hate-mongering bigot. #LoveWins!

All they wanted to do was dilute the gravity of family while creating as much hatred, animosity, pain, resentment, disunity and destruction as possible along the way. It had absolutely nothing to do with love and everything to do with exploiting gay people to attack independence-enabling norms.

Wanna know why the Democrats pretend that “gay rights” and “trans rights” are things they care about?

That’s why.

Same with abortion. Started by Democrats in 1916 to “solve the negro problem,” it supports the Democrat agenda today by normalizing young mothers casually murdering their own babies. And they value that because it dilutes the gravity of even making a baby, let alone starting a family.

Families breed love.

Love breeds accountability.

Accountability breeds independence, then happiness, then productivity.

Democrats hate all of it because your personal independence and happiness both weaken their party, and your productivity helps America. So this is essentially all we now get from them:

We need fewer man/woman relationships. In fact any talk of “man” or “woman” at all should be a hate crime. Abortions are positive and healthy. Every young girl should try it at least once. People who talk about 2-parent homes are racist. That’s the problem in America. Too much bigotry and racism. So how do we fix it? We need to destroy the idea that male/female relationships are “healthy,” prosecute any science deniers who claim gender is determined at conception, and make it racist to even talk about 2-parent homes. Want to make America a better, happier, safer place? Start there.

And they’re dead serious. They’re pushing it all with a straight face, helped as usual by the hardest working, most outraged and most panicked marketing team you’ll ever find: the legacy news media.

But that’s it. There’s your Democrat Party “empathy” and “progress” in 2021 America. It’s literally all built on dishonesty, destruction, hatred and a dedicated aspiration for ubiquitous division. Which is why their “dream” about racism in America is literally the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr’s:

The Democrat Party in 2021 has a dream for a better America. We dream that one day our children will be judged not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. Because in the Democrat Party, we know that skin color in America affects character more than anything else. Certainly far more than racist concepts like “individual drive” and/or “family.” And so it’s more important we focus on skin color, before and above all else, if we are to move forward from racism. Some of you might be told that thinking doesn’t make much sense. And that it would lead to more racial division and disparity. The racist Republicans who promoted slavery and segregation will probably tell you those lies. All the news stations and papers will tell you we’re right. Those who disagree are the science deniers. We have studies from Harvard now that prove it. Find the deniers. Find their children. Help us all help us each other to get this important work done, “good trouble” and all.

And that’s pretty much it. That’s their plan to take down America.

Destroy families, create racism, assert fascism, enable mass dependence, cancel any who resist, indoctrinate children in schools with their social and political agendas and teach them to hate their parents if they don’t toe the line.

They will fail.

They continue to be plagued by myriad setbacks and humiliations, the clock continues to tick, the filibuster is still intact, and if we can make it to 2022 then it’s a Red Flood and I think we all know at this point: we’re gonna press the gas even harder after that, not less. Because our party is growing across all demographics while theirs is shrinking. Our party has been honest and forthright, while they along with their corrupt intelligence community and media allies, have lied, cheated and stolen every step of the way.

The conservative and conservatarian right has been the dominant mainstream American force in perpetuity despite the legacy news media’s decades-long effort to convince us otherwise, and now we’re comin’ in hot as the dominant force in the counterculture, too. It’s stunning and I never in a million years thought I’d see it in my lifetime. As the world watches Democrats reveal their fascism, racism, bigotry, science denial, weakness, fear and overall sickness, their house of pain, foist on America for so many decades, appears on course for its own devastation.

What they hoped to do to our country, is about to happen to their party.

They’re destroying themselves from within.

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  1. It really feels like the Democrat party has been taken over by a cadre of hard-core man-hating females. I don’t know how else I can explain the insanity that is obvious to anyone who cares to look


  2. I lived with neighbors like this I was respectful even during their “sexy parties”, all genders and styles of living were practiced. It seemed that the weirder the strangest people were the more deformity and depravity were practiced. They were mostly respectful but they also believed that they were “special people” deserving of priviledged. It was ok until they started spilling out into the living room then kitchen.
    Oft time I wish that these outlier people who go back into their rooms and stay there not to be seen or heard.


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